The Heart of Veterinary Practice

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Well, I’ve been practicing in the new office (The East Meadow Veterinary Clinic) for a little over a month now, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress. I have been blessed throughout my career. Not only was I given an opportunity to continue the legacies of my grandfather and father, but I also had the honor and pleasure of working with so many great people through the years. Both my co-workers and my clients have served as a source of pride and education for me, and have been able to work and grow with one of my closest friends, Dr. Foley. ┬áIt was with mixed emotions, that after almost sixteen years at the North Shore Animal Hospital, I made the transition to working full-time on Long Island at the new office. This has been a big change for me in so many ways. The most striking for me has been the fact that, because this is a newly established practice, the pace is slower than that of the other offices. For now it is only myself and my receptionist/nurse/office manager (all rolled into one) Francine. I have to admit that through the years I’ve been spoiled with a large, excellent support staff at both of the other offices. I performed the examinations, diagnostics, and surgeries, but had enough support to not need to do much else. This arrangement is common in todays busy veterinary practice. This enables the veterinarian to be more “efficient”, seeing more cases and performing more surgeries in a shorter amount of time. If the vet has a good support staff – as I’ve always had – good care and attention is given to both the patient and their families. However, for now, it’s just Fran and I , and our new clients (and some old ones too!). In this new office because I have to perform some of the duties that others have done for me through the years, we’ve chosen to allot more time for exams/consultations. This has allowed us to spend more time with each, and I think works well. The other major change is that the new location is very close to where I live. To live and work in the same neighborhood, especially as a veterinarian, is a very special thing, as I see many of my clients around town in settings other than in the office. To me it fosters a bond greater than can be attained in the clinical setting alone. In my opinion, it is this bond between client, patient, and veterinarian that is the heart of veterinary medicine.

I do want to express my deepest gratitude to my clients from the Bayside office, who, along with their pets, have been part of my life for so many years. For those that have been making the drive out to see me in East Meadow, I thank you so much for the vote of confidence and the opportunity to see some familiar faces. For those who cannot, I will miss you.

Sorry for the rambling….I’ll get together some info on some interesting topics soon.


Dr. Mike



  1. Christine says:

    what is your new address? We’re interested in a dental cleaning this February for our rescued boston terrier.

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