Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Sue

1/6/12 Dr. Rob   Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Sue:   Part 2 with Dr Sue:   Question: Many of the goals of an oncologist are to treat (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy etc.) cancer.  Is there any research being done with regards to cancer prevention?  Has diet been looked at?  Has supplementation been looked into [...]

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For the Good of the Herd

Dr. Rob 12/27/12   An Angryvet follower on our Facebook page made an interesting comment during a discussion the other day.  We were discussing an article  where a recent mumps outbreak was traced back to an un-vaccinated student.  The Angryvet follower asked the following question,  “If the vaccine works, then how did one unvaxxed kid [...]

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Dr. Sue Cancer Vet Interview Part One

12/9/12 Dr. Rob Dr. Sue Cancer Vet Interview Part One: One of the things that gives me pleasure  is that Angryvet gives me the opportunity to provide the public direct access to some of the brightest and most progressive veterinarians and scientists in the field of veterinary medicine today.   What really freaks me out (I [...]

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Those Pesky “Ear Infections” Part 1

Chronic ear problems are some of the most common conditions seen in dogs, and amongst the most mishandled by veterinarians.  These problems are probably the most common chronic conditions that we see at South Bellmore Veterinary Group and now East Meadow Veterinary Clinic (yes we are open!!!).  Many clients have either preconceived notions of the [...]

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Stop Scratching Please!

11/26 Dr. Rob   Stop Scratching! Sometimes I like to surprise people by telling them as soon as they walk in the room, before they have even had a chance to introduce themselves, something like, “What’s Max here for today an ear infection ? The nice thing about dermatology is that dogs are literally coming [...]

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Passing time

Dr. Rob 11/13/12   Passing Time One aspect of veterinary medicine is that it is a profession that is very linear and forward in time.  Certain professions, let’s take a schoolteacher for example, may not follow a student from childhood through adulthood.  A teacher has a different class each year.  Sure a teacher may have [...]

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