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  1. Lesley Lowry says:

    My 14 month old male Mastiff suddenly got really sick, he had the runs, vomiting, not eating, a bad cough and really lethargic. We went to the vet who immediately took blood and put him on antibiotics. When the blood work came back all was normal with the only exception being that it showed he may have worms. My vet gave him a strong dewormer, he took 5 pills that day and then 5 more 2 weeks later.
    After he took the first 5 he got better, quickly. By the time I was to give him the 2nd set of pills all he had was a slight and infrequent cough.
    Once I gave him the 2nd dose his cough quickly got way worse and more frequent. Now he is coughing every morning, when he’s out in the cold, when he plays with the other dogs and every night at bed time. He also was wheezing while sleeping last night.
    We are of course going back to the vet but I’m wondering why all the other symptoms went away but this one got worse after the 2nd dose? I wasn’t aware that worms could cause a cough.

    • Angry Vet says:

      The only treatment as far as you are telling me is the dewormer so that would do nothing to improve the cough. It is no wonder that it got worse. Hopefully just bad kennel cough but yyou better get xray to rule out pneumonia

      • tonia says:

        my rabbit has a runny nose with white discharge is there anything that I can give them over the counter he weighs 10 pounds

        • Angry Vet says:

          needs abs…that’s pasteurella which can become a really big problem

          • Whitney B says:

            I have a bridle Pitt bull mounTAIN curr mixed and he had worms. He’s 2 months old and I was wondering if there’s medicine I can but to give him because I can’t really afford to go to the vet right now

          • Charlotte says:

            My 5 year old yorkie is not right he just could not walk then he go up shaking he won’t put his tail up and has just been sick and keeps dribbling what do I do I am really worried

      • emely says:

        Many pet owner are either concerned or afraid of the action or phases that their pet will have after getting spayed or neutered. PLEASE EXPLAIN

      • Jade says:


        I have a 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier, she has broken a tooth and they are going to remove it on Friday, while we were at the vets they suggested spaying her whilst she was under. I have researched it and most sites are pro (they want to spay her using keyhole surgery) I’m so unsure shes never going to have a litter and when shes in season she will be on a tight lead and not walked in the park. I think I should let her develop, please help!

      • Sammi says:

        Hi angry vet ive got a 21 week old pup shes keeps being sick and shacking and going hot and cold she is losing weight fast the vet has gave her stomgly 10 but its not working plus she everytime she walks she gets white stuff on the corners of her nose im so worried about her vet has told me if she dont get better soon she could die im trying everything please help me my contact number is 07934030643 please call im so worried about my little girl I need some help I cant sleep with being up with her every night and I had to get time off work please HELP

      • Roni says:

        My dog is a Maltese, he’s a not one yet. But his poop is really runny, and he doesn’t really have energy to do anything. He won’t eat, he’ll just drink water. We try to get him to move around but he will just lay down. We are bringing him to the vet tomorrow, but I want to know what’s wrong with him now to see if we can just take care of it ourselfs. Please help. Thank you.

        • angry vet says:

          bring it for a long long walk!!!!!!!

        • You should probably go ahead and take your fur baby to the vet. The runny poop could be a number of things. Is there any bloody discharge in it? If so, definitely go to the vet ASAP. That’s one symptom of parvovirus. It could be a parasite problem, so the vet will need to take a culture to see what’s in the dogs poop. It could be that the food the pup is eating is disagreeing with it. Do you feed it the same food every day or do you switch brands often? Dogs need to be slowly introduced to new food, such as mixing a little of the new food in with their older food to get them accustomed to it. And last, but not least….do you feed your pup any table scraps, any human food T all? If so, that is a big no no. There are so many things that could be causing the diarrhea if funny poop that it’s Lways best to let your vet check and diagnose a problem like this. Good luck with your baby!!

      • Jesse says:

        My dog has worms he’s about 17 weeks he is a lab I went and bought 2 dewormer pills and fed them to him and 3 weeks later he still has them ?

      • Libby says:

        My 4 year old rescued Chihuahua had to have teeth extracted. It is now 14 days post op. He was gagging and spitting this morning. Is it possible the dissolving stitches are getting caught in his throat? He is otherwise fine. I thought it might be kennel cough but he had a bordatela (sp?) shot and the coughing is not constant. I also worry about how trachea since I don’t know his history of care. He has seen the vet many times who said he is fine. He breathes very well with no wheezing. I just want him to have a good life. When I got him he was skinny, scared, and flea infested. He s now a happy, healthy and wonderful member of the family. Thank you.

        p.S. I do not believe that all shelters tell the truth about the dogs. I was told mine was a stray, yet they gave me his birthdate! How would they know? I think shelters need to be honest for the sale of the animal. They also told me his teeth were fine, but a trip to a doggie dentist (full deep cleaning with X-rays) showed serious periodontal infection, for which he received treatment.

      • sophie says:

        hi, I have a 9yr old staffie, he has started getting very angry and he will stare directly at you, stiffen his body and pin his ears back and he will shake, can you give me any advice on what I can do ? I have had him from being 6weeks old we also own a 2 year old jack Russell and a 5 year old bichon fries cross that he loves and protects so much, he has never ever been like this before but he has recently started doing this and also nipping my hands as I walk he will jump up slightly and catch my hands with his teeth, he is upto date with his vaccines and everything else he is a fit and healthy dog I just don’t know what is going on with him, please give me any advice you can

        • Penny says:

          I hope all is well at your house. 10 years ago I had a brindle pit named Jazzyaged 4 raised since 4 1/2 weeks and a dachshund named Marina age 8 raised since 6 weeks. I am a dog lover and spoil my babies and never hit them only scolding when needed. My pit Jazzy behaved as you are saying yours is by nipping my hands and I didn’t feel it was friendly she also would sit next to me stiff and tall acting nervous and I noticed the whites of her eyes would show from around the brown eye color, I later researched and found this to be called whale eye. I started to become leary of her for the first time. Things are a bit blurry still to this day but within weeks to a few months we had been on our daily walk to the back property playing in the creek and ball chasing, oh how my Jazzy loved those yellow balls and I found a tired pit bull was a good pit bull for she had boundless energy. As we came into the house and I reached to lock the door I heard a commotion in the other room and ran to find Jazzy had Marina by the back of her neck and was shaking her as loud as I screamed for her to let go but she never acknowledged me then I grabbed a vacuum attachment and popped her with it more than once but I don’t remember how many times, I was terrified and to this day I cry over this, my screams were so loud that my neighbors came running and it was when they entered the house that Jazzy released Marina I believe, it was to late and my son wouldn’t allow me to keep Jazzy as he said she could not be trusted and he was afraid it could be me next. I lost both my girls the afternoon of October 25, 2005 and it haunts me to this very day . Please be cautious, I didn’t think it would happen either.

      • Jess says:

        My pomeranian puppy started to choke after being dewormed? He’s still sounding like hespecially choking.

      • Well I have a 5yr old female pitbull, every yr about this time she rips the hair off her butt, well she did a number this time, her skin is dry and scabby and the top part is green and clear puse, I live in Western N.Y., right now it’s below freezing so I’m trying to figure if this is a parasite or what? Please help, I’m a single mother of 2 teenage boys, she’s my only girl and her name is Baby Girl, please help momma’s lil girl….

    • hannah says:

      Hi I gave my dog the total of dewormer tablets and about 2 hours after he wasnsick and there were 2 worms they were pink with bit of brownish colour on tail can I have some advice please iv kept a sample just in case

    • neadone says:

      Why do my dog doesn’t want to eat after I give him a dewormer pills.

    • Laurie says:

      Dear Angry Vet,

      I have a 2 year old Siamese cat that was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was having nocturnal seizures and peeing all over everything. They became more frequent and advanced to day time seizures. My vet put him on Phenabarbitrol two weeks ago and now he is having what seems to be an intense allergic reaction to the meds but his reaction is not one of the listed reactions. Do you have any thoughts? I am so frustrated and feel so bad for my cat.


    • Dora Darnes says:

      Help! I have an Un-neurted 2 yr old Pom and a 16 year old Chiuahua/Terrier. Neither spayed. The 16 year old is a house dog and never outside on her own. I thought about neutering the Pom until I read some of your posts. Is there any medicine or anything that will cool him down? He won’t stop humping her and when I push him off he sometimes growls. Is there anything that can be done besides neutering the male?

    • Julie says:

      K i never thoght my doog had wjulie

    • Julie says:

      K i never thoght my doog had wjulie

    • Josh says:

      Why can’t I askcmy own question? I’m just gonna say it in here cuz I really need help. My 9 year old rottie has a large mass on her front paw that is straight full of blood and puss. I can barley touch it and it will come out of 4 or 5 spots at a time. I fill a napkin with blood pretty quick. I have no funds for a vet unfortunately. But my mom said I should drain it my self. Is that a good idea should I do it?

      • jaime says:

        Take a hot cloth (not too hot but enough to open pores on paw, you can add a bit of doggy shampoo to clean the area. Invest in two essential oils (100% pure) Lavender and Oregano. Have them, a few cotton balls, some coconut oil and some hydrogen peroxide on hand.
        After washing with the warm towel, use just hot water on a section of the towel where no soap has been, apply to wound to assure soap deposit removal. Pour hydrogen peroxide onto the cyst…then take the warmed wet towel to wipe area again. Using a cotton ball, add two-three drops of Oregano oil and apply gently to cyst/growth – this should warm things up a bit with your rotty, sooth her while doing this – even a second person to hold her would help keep her still. After applying the Oregano oil (do not let her lick the oil), apply the warm/hot compress again to encourage the pores to receive the oil. Hold it there for up to 30 seconds, then apply 3 drops of lavender oil to skin where oregano was applied. cover with warm compress again for about 5-10 seconds. Add coconut oil to area to sooth the burn of the oregano oil applied. Add moringa flakes – just about a 1/2 teaspoonful to her meals for a couple days – no more than 3 days – this should help whatever it is to simply go away… the lavender, oregano, coconut and moringa(if stored in a cool place) should last a long time and works with cuts, scrapes, bites and cysts. The hydrogen peroxide is antibacterial as well and will help to clean the area (lavender can do the same thing, just add drops directly to paws after warm/hot compress has been applied) Should this not work – a visit to the vet may be warranted. Lavender is a natural anti-septic, Oregano a natural anti-viral and coconut oil a natural anti-bacterial (also good for coat and coughs) I’ve used it with success every time for the above issues. Let us know how you came out. #princesshomerememdiesforpets


    • Jessica Brimhall says:

      My cat Gracie 2 yrs old has these episodes where she s laying on her side, is kicking and has no control of her body, she starts drooling too and after she gets out of it her pupils are dialated and she s still breathing heavily

      Is this some kind of seizure or neurological disorder???

  2. LauraGr says:

    I have a 5 month old standard dachshund puppy that I co-own with the breeder. Pup lives with me and I take care of all routine care. Breeder vaccinates every dog for lepto since we spend a lot of time outside with these dogs in conditioning, competing and training. We compete in field trials and earth dog as well as conformation shows. We live in the very rainy Pacific Northwest near Portland Oregon. We spend a lot of time in the field on a daily basis. I have this pup outside for well over an hour a day in areas that wilds animals live. Pup mostly is running off puppy energy, working on recall and starting to use his nose. There is running and standing water around most of the year.

    How do I find out how prevalent lepto is in our area? Or isn’t? Or which serovars are most likely to cause us problems?

    I tend to be of the minimal vaccine mindset and have had two dogs in the past have vaccine reactions. I don’t want to be at odds with the co-owner and neither do I wish to put my pup at higher risk.

    What are the initial signs a dog has contracted lepto? I think my pup is perfectly healthy but I don’t even know what to keep an eye out for and I know getting meds in them quickly is helpful.

    Do you have any advice?

  3. Tricia says:

    Dear Angry Vets,

    First a comment: This is the best site for ‘the real deal” on veterinary practices that I’ve seen to date. I’m a persickety human critical care nurse which either elicts an “ah-ha, that makes taking medicine easy” or eye rolls from vets…I chose the former for the care of my pets. I may be biased but I love my vets!!

    The question: I have a Newfie, I’ve had Newfies since I was a kid. Part of the ownership of a big, sweet natured dog who may drool like a leaky faucet is learning to embrace the drool. It becomes the stuff that creates humor and horror depending on who and what it lands upon. Most of us understand that it has a purpose in the development of a water dog that must breathe while carrying objects it’s mouth such as fishing nets and drowning victims.

    Recently, a fellow has begun marketing a spandex hood lined with bamboo and hemp as a ‘mouth diaper’ to prevent drool from being flung about his pristine home and spotless children. With this ‘hood’ his dog is allowed in his home, without it he’s banished to the dog house outside. Newfs love their people, I’m sure he’s not happy about this arrangement.

    This man is aggressively marketing his prototype via his website “The Original Dog Slobber Stopper” ( and a few Youtube video demonstrations on his blog at and

    He’s been busy spamming the Newfie FB pages and other online Newfie social media boards with his product. His testimonials are sure to raise the hackles of dog lovers anywhere.

    The coummunity of Newf Owners have reacted with concern for the mask interferring with the dog’s ability to pant, overheating and potential for deveopment of lip pyodermas.

    The inventor has sent a case of sample Slobber Stoppers to the Newfoundland Club of America for review. To date the response from members has been overwhelmingly negative with regards to this product. Missing from the picture is an opinion from the veterinary community. Would you take a look at the product and it’s application and express an opinion either publically here or privately in an email.

    Thank you for a whole legion of Newf lovers who see this as akin to creating a Hannibal Lector’s countenance in the Silence of the Lambs. The product gives the impression of a muzzle, not a good image for these sweet dogs.


    • Angry Vet says:

      Boy…this is a little out of my realm but sure…if you send it to my office I’ll take a look (i have a presa who is not too drooly but drooly nonetheless). Send it to the bellmore office clearly marked to my attention

      South Bellmore Veterinary Group
      2506 Merrick Rd
      Bellmore Ny 11710

      I also have some GREAT Newfie clients who would definitely try it out

      Rob Foley

  4. Jana Rade says:

    If you have a moment, please see

    This is something that’s been eluding everybody, including a number of vets, for years. Theories considered and thrown out, our vet has his money on allergies. But Jasmine IS NOT an itchy dog! She’s the least itchy member of our household!

    Here it is explained why we’re presently back on the allergies dilemma

    What do you think? What would you do?

  5. Kelly Forehand says:

    My do takes Denamarin 425 mg once a day for liver issues. It is an expensive medicatione. I have found other medications that contain the same amount of S-Adenosylmethionine but do not contain Silybin A+B (which is in the Denamarin) at a lower price….I believe silybin is the same as thistle milk? anyways can I swithc to a cheaper medicine with 425 mg of S-Adenosylmethionone and also give him over the counter thistle milk? and if so how much thistle milk?

    • Angry Vet says:

      What specifically is the liver problem? The odds are there is not a lot of research but I’ll look into it.

      • Kelly Forehand says:

        He (Fido) starten taking thyroid medicine (levothyroxine sodium) and developed a breathing issue- rapid like panting allot. Not sure if it was a side effect we did blood work – low levels of Albumin was found and his liver was slightly enlarged so he was put on the demamarin. His levo intake was rduce to .8 mg a day, he still has breathing issues that seem to come and go. Sometimes it seems to come with stress- and sometimes maybe pain- arthritis in his feet. If I give him a tramodal (50mg) he seems to settle down… He is 14.

        • kelly says:

          I had blood work done on my Fido and he has Cushings disease. Have you found this to be treatable with success?
          Thank you,

          • Angry Vet says:

            cushings can be a horrible disease. Life expectancy is reported to be two years after diagnosis. I would argue heavily that this is not really the case. In my experience they usually live a lot longer than that. With that said, the treatment options are also dangerous. In essence, Lysodren is controlled poisoning ….we aim to destroy enough of the Adrenal Gland to control symptoms but not enough to make the dog sick. Typically, this involves loading the dog with lysodren over a week or two period and then treating once or twice a week for life with maintenance doses. Repeat bloodwork and monitoring is necessary and expensive. Another approach is to intentionally give the dog too much Lysodren to permanently eliminate Cushings disease and to induce the animal to become a more manageable Addison’s patient. Loading with Lysodren requires very very close monitoring, usually by the veterinarian in a hospital setting. A lot can go wrong. Trilostane is a newer option to treat with fewer side effects (not without side effects….my partner had a dog die from Trilostane) but is expensive and not quite as successful in managing disease in my experience. With all of that said if your dog is SYMPTOMATIC from the Cushings …overall treatment is your best option . Without treatment side effects like diabetes, infections, and/or stroke usually occur. Just understand that treatment can be costly, requires frequent monitoring, can have side effects and complications. You must weigh the positives and negatives and must have a veterinarian who is knowledgeable and experienced in treating the disease. I have treated MANY cushingoid dogs over the years. Also, it is sometimes possible to give the dog a little Lysodren and not to obsess about the numbers of getting into the “acceptable” range on the ACTH stim test. Sometimes I have not fully loaded the dog and have gradually given the dog higher maintenance doses to gradually approach these levels of blood cortisol.

          • Nora Barber says:

            I took my 9 yr old Bichon to the vet. I wanted to de worm him with “drontal plus”… I suspected he had tapeworms. They refused to give me de wormer without doing a fecal first. Fecal came back negative! So I was not given meds to deworm however, upon examination of my Bichon the vet became insistent that my dog should be tested for Cushings disease. Appt. was set to do dexamethasone suppression test.
            Just to mention when I went to pick my dog up after the this test I was handed some meds with instructions. The tech had taken my dog out to do his business and noticed a tape segment…I got my drontal plus! So much for the fecal results!!! I might ad I objected to a fecal in the first place. I was called back to vets office to go over dexamethasone test results and was determined my boy had cushings. I was explained starting treatment it was critical to know my dogs water intake over the coarse of a week. I had several other animals so measuring Zac’s water intake was not possible. An ultra sound was recommended (why was that not suggested in the 1st place?) So we proceed with ultrasound…fast forward to results…vet surprised, confused were his explanations of results. Zac did NOT have Cushings! What he did have were serious liver issues. My question and “GRAVE” concern is now…how many dogs have BEEN misdiagnosed!! by dexamethasone testing and is determined by results to treat dog for Cushings…then given a poison with serious side effects. If I had been able to measure Zac’s water intake I would have proceeded to do as my vet instructed… The ultrasound would never been done. I would have given my dog a dangerous treatment trusting the results of the test…and he DID NOT have Cushing’s. Zac was given a very short time (months) to live with the advanced liver disease. He survived another 3 yrs with alternative care. He would not have survived very long given a poison to treat a disease he did not have. Think of the assault on his already failing liver.

          • Erin Campbell DVM says:

            You might also check his blood pressure.

    • Kimber Stange says:

      Took cat in for examine. Got revolution treatment. Now he is getting black marks on his face. It is increasing by the day. He also got something for the itching. We laid down flea buster and then let him back In the area about 1 hr later. What could this be?

      • Angry Vet says:

        send pic

        • Heather says:

          Hello. I dont know how else to ask a vet. But today after a fishing trip i found a baby kitten, id i didnt even look to see what was wrong with it I just picked her up and took her home. When. Got home I gave her bath and realized she had maggotd ALL over her lower body. I rinsed a majorty off and noticed she had a huge gash above her tail and down to her left hip. I rinsed the maggots out as best i could and turned her over and noticed two big gapping holes on the insides of her legs where here genitles should be. She still has her lady parts but I can see her tendons and bone and being a CNA in training I know the flesh is dead. I also noticed her hips were broke. I dont know what to do with her. She is so lively and energetic but its breaking my heart to see her this way. There is no possible chance of skin to grow back and I can not get all the maggots out, the more I rinse the more appear. I cant afford to take her to the vet and have them put her down. I flushed the wounds out with alchohol and peroxide and put antibiotic cream in the wounds and fed her a little and now she is asleep. She is the most high spirited cat ive ever seen and yet shes only maybe 2 months old. I cant bring my self to put her down. What can I do?

  6. Hi Vets!

    I own a pet service company here in Manhattan and have a doozy for ya. Why do so many vets tell new puppy owners not to go outside until they have had 4 rounds of vaccinations? Parvo isn’t really in our area so taking a pup outside is pretty low-risk if you keep pup away from licking pee/poop/standing water, don’t let them greet other dogs, and make sure to wipe their muzzles and paws when returning home. They could sit outside on a towel and take it all in very safely! Keeping a pup indoors during its socialization window causes so much harm! Dogs kept inside grow up to be fearful which can lead to aggression, a much bigger problem than Giardia which is easily treated. In a city with so much unnatural stimulation it is especially important that pups be exposed to the human world early (and with lots of positive associations!) Can you speak to this?

    Thank you!
    Lauren Wojcik
    Laurens Leash

    • Angry Vet says:

      i agree wholeheartedly (other than to say parvo is in your area…you just don’t know it b/c most animals vaccinated…a testimony to the fact that the vaccine is a good one). However, if the puppy has received mother’s milk and is boostered for parvo I tell people all the time to take their pets out right away. Keep away from dog’s you don’t know and dog poop and you should be fine. I have never had a problem with that approach . We don’t keep our babies in the house for goodness sake until they are two and done with their shots…

  7. KA Hanna says:

    I have a 10 yr old bunny that was diagnosed with kidney failure a few months ago. There doesn’t seem to be any treatment available for him. Dogs and cats in my area can get dialysis, but it is not available to rabbits. Cats in my town can also get ultrasound to break up kidney stones, but they won’t treat my rabbit. There is apparently only 1 pain med for rabbits (that do not tax the kidneys) but this med, an opiate, does not always seem to work for my bunny.There seems to be lots of pain med options for dogs and cats. I guess my question is simply why? Why so many medical options for dogs and cats, but very few for rabbits? We sacrifice rabbits in the name of human medical research, but there is little research to improve the lives of pet rabbits. This seems wrong. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, so why hasn’t the research benefitted them? The vet suggested euthanasia for my bunny, but my bunny still eats with gusto, still enjoys running in the garden, still hops up on the couch to watch tv, and still seems happy most days. I truly believe that he would live a long time with dialysis, if only it were available to us as an option.

    • Angry Vet says:

      There is not even enough research (sadly) for dogs and cats. Research is driven primarily through profit margin and funding from drug corporations (not entirely) so diseases that are not common or animals that are not common as pets (even if rabbits are popular in Europe the majority of people will not pay for expensive diagnostics and treatments) so they are not researched that much. The demand is just not there. In 15 years of practice I have had only 2 cat owners that agreed to take their pets for dialysis and no dog owners.

  8. alice morison says:

    My dog has had Frontline for fleas and it does not work. He gets fleas and has an allergy to them. He also gets Iverheart Plus for his heart worm treatment. My vet has prescribed Advantage Multi. it has effectively eliminated the fleas. What is the efficacy of the heart worm aspect of the medication.. It is applied to the skin.

  9. Rebecca Halw says:

    At this time sadly i cant afford to go to the vet. W hat can i do for a cat that has runny eyes and runny nose? Are there any natural or home remedies? Is there any thing over the counter i can buy? Please, anything will be of great help.

    • Angry Vet says:

      try l-lysine if discharges clear and no congestion. Can get online

      • Rebecca Hale says:

        A few questions if you dont mind? My cat was given Mometamax for ear bacteria, it says clearly on the label for dogs only. Is this safe? How often is it safe to give my cats oral wormer “Pyrantel Pandate? I ask this because i give my kitten and cat revolution every month they are up to date on shots and ive given them this oral wormer 2 months ago.My male cat doesnt gain weight and the 7mo. old kitten acts like shes starving to death all the time, and thirsty. Does this mean she could still have worms? Also my 17 month old neutered Orange Tabby is getting black dots on his lip and lower gums looks like a pen mark.I heard this was common for Orange cats, is this true? What is the best product i can give my little friends to keep them parasite free and healthy? Lots of questions sorry its just that your the only Vets that have ever been helpful to me.Thank You!!

  10. Dear Drs Foley and Ferber, Angry Vet came to me through a friend’s FB post. I admire your strength in challenging the status quo for our animal friends. Like human medicine, we have become so focused on treatment rather than prevention, patients health has suffered. Thank you for speaking up to question outdated and at times, mistaken protocol.
    I’m certain you’ll be interested in looking at the product ASEA. The only redox signaling molecule replenishment product successfully stabilized for consumption offers humans and animals a return to self-healing once cellular integrity and signaling is bettered. Non-toxic, no Ld50, sprayable as well as consumable, I’ve had results with my dogs on everything from skin conditions and wound healing to restoring energy.
    Older animals are especially good ASEA candidates, as diseases and frailties of aging, just as in humans, have been found to be related to the natural and unavoidable age-related loss of redox molecules. Once you’ve had a chance to review the basic information on ASEA, I’d be happy to connect you with an MD or Vet already advocating for ASEA. Looking forward to hearing back, be well, Liz D. 410-960-5340

  11. Rebecca Hale says:

    First i want to thank you for just caring enough to do this. I have yet to find any vet that would, so you are very much appreciated! A few questions if you dont mind? I have a male Orange Tabby who is 17 months old he has developed a few black spots on his lower lip and gum area.I heard that this is common for tabbys? I also have a female mix of siamese and who knows? I have had her shots gave her revolution and wormer Pyrantel Pandate from the vet if thats the correct spelling? My female is 7 months and has been spayed as well, heres the issue she acts like she’s starving all the time. Mabe she has worms still? How often can you give the oral wormer i just described to a cat is it safe? She eats likes shes starving and drinks alot of water. My male cat is thin and never gains weight. Any suggestions on these matters? Thank You! Rebecca Hale.

    • Angry Vet says:

      spots are normal. In terms of other cat the spay does increase appetite…If the cat was properly dewormed as a kitten and is indoor unlikely to be worms again. If has an increased appetite and is losing weight then you better check for diabetes as well.

  12. Kamini says:


    My husband and I have a 9 1/2 month old yellow lab and he has a close (I mean really close – they go into raptures when they see each other) friend, also a yellow lab (13 months) who has just been neutered (castrated). I have two questions:

    - How will the two dogs react to each other till such time as our dog remains un-neutered? Incidentally, we are unsure we want to do that to our dog.

    - Is there a formal independent study of Ark’s Zinc Gluconate process that presents empirical evidence of its success rate and all relevant consequences of the procedure?

    Many thanks

    • Angry Vet says:

      they are young enough and unless you have a dog aggressive animal you should be alright…introduce them outside the house at a park or something and let them have their space to get to know each other (no toys or food to fight over either). Yes there are studies if you want I can put you in touch with Ark Sciences for any literature you are looiking for.

  13. Sandy says:

    I have 2 austrialian shepherds and a catahoula, all are females. My oldest austrialian shepherd was urinating blood 11 days ago and I took her to the vet and got anibiotics. at that time, she had some really bad breath. She is doing better but she still has the really bad breath. should I be worried??
    Please advise.

    • Angry Vet says:

      is the bad breath new??? could be unrelated like periodontal disease, oral tumor , abscess foreign body etc. but if smell new could be related…..for example were bloods and urine run ..kidney disease and diabetes ruled out ???

  14. Rebecca Hale says:

    My Aunt doesnt have internet, so im doing this on her behalf. Her Chihuahua Petie is 9 years old and hes been acting very strange today.He came back indoors after going “potty” and was shaking. Not like a cold shake, but a inner body shake.Im aware this type of dog does this but it wasnt the same. He was stuck like he couldnt even move like his brain wouldnt let his limbs move, like a ‘Robot’ in slow motion.I was worried he was having some kind of seizure. My Aunt said, this has happened a couple of times prior to this but Petie has always come back to earth in a few minutes. Its like he couldnt move his body to do anything he would just stand there staring at the ground.Any ideas?

  15. Bonita J Kulzer says:

    I have a 3 year old female Rotweiler. She has developed a hot spot and the side of her face. what causes Hot Spots? How i the best way to treat this?

    • Angry Vet says:

      hot spots are acute allergic reactions which cause ulcerations and superficial infections from the animal scratching incessantly. Often times hot spots are from fleas but not always. Particular attention should be paid to the ear and whether otitis is present if the hot spot is on the face. in the short term your pet needs steroid (topical and possibly injectable) and the area needs to be shaved and disinfected. If there is any underlying ear disease needs to be treated. Make sure flea control is on board. If hot spots become recurrent you need to look into what underlying allergies are present and address

  16. Jasmin Stacey says:

    Dear Dr.
    I had a Germ ShepxRott, he was not in tact as he was a mixed breed. when he was 5 we a a cancerous tumor removed, the vet had to perform 2 surgeries to get all the tissue, it was a carsenoma, over the years he had 5 other tumors of the same type removed at 15 he had leukemia with chemo he lived well till 17 1/2. I had his chest x rayed about every 9 months and internal organs scanned the same. + blood work but I still couldn’t prevent the cancers. I now have a 2 year old leonberger so far he is vry healthy. is there any onther preventive measures I can take to help find tumores ealiers. thank you for any help you can offer any of us pet lovers. jasmin E&OE

  17. Kim Risley says:

    I will be getting a puppy any where from Jan to June 2013. Looking at zuetering (zinc nuetering). Do you know of any vets that are doing this in Centeral Florida?

    Kim Risley

  18. Amie says:

    Hi there,
    I have a 6 month old male chihuahua who was neutered about 1 month ago. Up until his neuter, he was very friendly and cuddly with people. Now, he frequently growls at me and other people, especially when I am trying to move him from a place where he is comfortable. He otherwise seemed to heal well from the neuter and has good energy, eats well, etc. It seems that being neutered turned him into a very grumpy dog and i’m wondering if there is anything that I can do? We discipline him when he growls but it does not seem to phase him. He also gets extremely scared in the car (vomits and poops) whenever we take him anywhere. Please help!

    • Angry Vet says:

      Neutering can definitely contribute to behavior problems including fear and anxiety disorders. There is nothing you can do to put back the testicles once they are gone! This does not mean that you can’t work through behavior problems but you should find a qualified behaviorist in your area to help you. Where are you located? I recommend go to the angryvet facebook page and see if you can find a behaviorist there.. there are a lot on the site

  19. Lea Dill says:

    My Shih Tzu who is suppose to be around 7 years old but I do believe she is much older as I just had her teeth cleaned, she needed two teeth pulled and is missing others. Early this spring she was chasing kitties – going up and down stairs perfectly fine. One morning in bed she made strange noises and wet herself. But no other signs of anything wrong. Then slowly she was progressing to having a balance problem, when she walked she would throw her front feet out like she was marching. Now her front feet just fold under neat her. At one point when she started losing balance, I took her to the vet –blood work was normal. The vet put her on 5 mg of predisone , she improved a bit and now it has no effect on her. She is to the point of of not being able to walk. She is alert, eats and drinks well with my help. Lets me know when she has to go out…. Barks to me if she ends up in an uncomfortable position when trying to move. I looked up Wobblers disease — she does display a crouching stance. She is not dragging her toes in the rear legs but in the front legs. This is the only contradiction with her symptoms. My question is: Have you ever seen a dog with Wobblers with the front toes folding over and not the back feet?
    Thank you

    • Lexie girl says:

      Did you ever find out what was wrong with your Shih Tzu? I have a 6 year old Yorkie that has the same symptoms where her front feet fold over. I took her to the vet and they said I needed to take her to one of the vet hospitals for a MRI and Cat scan and maybe surgery. Last winter she was bad then the summer she seemed to improve now it’s winter again and she seems worse again. I tried prednisone last year and it didn’t help, but my Yorkie does not hold her head down like dogs with Wobblers and she doesn’t walk slow, she spins in circles all the time then looses her balance and falls.

  20. Janie says:

    My dog shakes his head when he barks; he also scratches at his ears several times a week. I have had his ears checked by the vet about 4 times over the past year. Each time the vet says his ears look good; they are perfectly clean. He has even shown me on his monitor and I agree the dogs ears look clean. Also, I do not smell any odor in his ears. However, I play with both dogs morning & night; each time when the one dog barks, he shakes his head and acts like his ears bother him. I have read both part 1 & now part 2 of our ear articles. After part one I tried changing his food; unfortunately, that has not improved the problem. Any other suggestions?

  21. Coleen says:

    Can you recommend a vet in the Rancho Cucamonga area of southern California who does zinc neuter. I just don’t like the idea of invasive surgery for convenience sake. My beagle is 3 years old, has a great disposition, does not hump or mark, and I just can’t see major surgery (any time anyone or any animal is put under – it is major surgery) to neuter an animal that does not show behavioral issues. He’s a sweet beagle. When I had some female surgery on myself, I told the gynecologist to leave my inners intact unless diseased, so I feel about my Buster baby’s balls. Thank you.

  22. Jen says:

    I was trying to send you an email (got the address from FB) but it was rejected. Is there another way I can contact you?

  23. Hello Dr. Foley, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for advocating true health when others will not. Hope you don’t mind me adding Angry Vet links to my DogFather page and feel free to offer insights anytime. It would be soo nice to have another Vet on board with an open mind. Thank You !!

  24. Tara says:

    I guess my question is about nutrition and weight gain for a one year old American Pitbull Terrier. There are a lot of conversations about over weight dogs but none about dogs who are on the complete opposite side of the great weight debate. Our dog eats 6 cups of Blue Buffalo large puppy split into two feedings per day,he weighs 45 pounds as of last month,he is very active as most puppies are,very smart BUT when you look at him he looks like we are starving him! We have taken him to two veterinarians,one is our regular vet who did blood work and several fecal samples and the other was a second opinion.Both actually said that while he looks very skinny that hes in perfect health and neither recommended any changes to his diet,exercise routine. My problem is that you can see his backbone in places and you can count 4 ribs just by looking at him! Is this normal for some dogs? Or could there be a problem that isn’t showing up for some reason?
    Thank You for your time,

    • Angry Vet says:


      If he is very thin and having diarrhea I would think about checking his pancreatic enzyme levels with a test called a cTLI. It is a simple blood test. If the levels are low, the diagnosis is made and treatment is usually straight forward. If that doesn’t give the answer, endoscopy of the GI tract may be needed, as well as additional diet trials. If there is no diarrhea this can be tricky. Personally, in this case I would try just increasing his caloric intake and monitor him over time. For some dogs this is their body type, and they will gain weight as the growth phase slows. If you choose to pursue diagnostics in that case, you may be looking for a needle in a haystack, and may find nothing at all. If there are no other signs whatsoever, I would usually be conservative, choosing to increase daily caloric intake, and monitor the growth at least on a monthly basis.

  25. Dianna says:

    Dr. Can you tell me how long a female dotson stay in heat? This is her 1st time. After the 1st heat, how soon after can I get her fix?

    • Angry Vet says:

      Heat can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the dog. Usually best to wait a couple of months after that to spay to let everything settle down a bit before surgery

  26. Hello Dr. Foley, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for advocating true health when others will not. Hope you don’t mind me adding Angry Vet links to my DogFather page and feel free to offer insights anytime. It would be soo nice to have another Vet on board with an open mind. Thank You !!

  27. Rebecca Hale says:

    I have a 9 month old kitten, who is becomming a fat kitten. If i dont feed her on her demands, she cries and cries. Shes healthy updated on all shots, and has been wormed. She is becomming a fat demanding little monster. Any suggestions on routines in feeding, or what to do, or diet for a kitten? I feed her Iams dry, and fancy feast wet, twice a day. Thank you!

    • Bonnie Brown says:

      Rebecca, Iams dry and Fancy Feast wet are not a healthy diet for your kitten. Cats don’t do well on dry food because they don’t need grains at all, and Fancy Feast wet is not a good brand of wet cat food. Angry Vet’s website has some great information on feeding healthy food and you can look up holistic feeding of cats. People who have changed their cat’s diet from unhealthy commercial food to a more healthier brand or start feeding raw food, have seen behavioral as well as positive physical changes in their cats.

  28. Lori says:

    Hi Dr Foley, For years My 13 yr old, Hienz 57 lab mix sweetheart, had issues with skin/itching/hotspots with a terrible coat in the summer & somewhat alleviated in the winter. She suffered for 10 years with this with minimal releif with products, over the counter & prescription and flea/pest control. Otherwise she was very healthy. Then I got a GSD pup and that is when I started educating myself on the quality of food. I thought I was feeding my girl quality kibble but found out it was of the lowest quality.
    I switched her food to good quality (not even the highest quality but good solid quality) and within 3 months, her coat came in as plush and soft and shiney as any I have seen and the only change was the food.
    In all these years, not once did vets (there were several) ask me about her food nor consider that food could be the root of the problem and I can’t understand why. I suspect that my story is not uncommon and that had any vet made mention of nutrition, I could have saved my girl from a lot of discomfort and protected my pocketbook from empty money syndrome. Could you address this even if you have discussed it before.

    I just found your sight and have been reading it for over an hour.
    I love your honesty and integrity.

    • Ok so we live in sc and it warm here most of time our dogs have fleas and we have tried every remedy on how to get rid of fleas even the vets and other dog people have said if you find a real cure to get rid of fleas please let us know

      • Angry Vet says:

        the best seems to be a combination of trifexis and some other topical like activyl etc. By no means are they a CURE. Fleas are evolving very quickly to our treatments. They were here a million years before us and will be here a million years after us!

  29. Susan says:

    Hi Dr. Foley, I love your site! Tiffany is my 21 month old female Rottweiler and she is raw fed with primarily raw chicken and eggs since she was 9 weeks old. Her teeth appear to be sparkly clean and bright white with no visible staining or tartar at the gumline. She is also lean and very healthy. However, I recently noticed the tiny point at the top of one of her bottom canines has chipped off. I know that February is dental health awareness month. What are your thoughts about bringing Tiffany to her vet for a dental checkup and cleaning? Are there any concerns about exposing her to anesthesia and being in a hospital environment?

  30. Abby says:

    Hey, I just discovered your blog, I am very intrigued with your topics. I have a question for you two…a little situational history, I perform in a stunt dog show, I have mostly herding breeds adopted from rescues and shelters. In October I was performing a month long event in AZ (4days on, 3 days off a week) within the first 2 weeks I was there one of my dogs developed a spontaneous pneumothorax. The dog that got it is a five year old Aussie mix, in excellent shape, dog loves to work, has never had any health issues the past four years I have had him. They put a stint in his chest and he was at the clinic for around four days, his lung did heal up eventually and filled back up completely. Now my question is, I have been extremely paranoid about doing much physical activity with this dog for fear of it happening again. I have had his blood work done and 2 more X-rays to make sure the lung is still looking good. I feel like neither vet has given me a straight forward answer on if this dog will still be able to play frisbee and be active, I don’t want to have this very expensive incident happen again for my wallets sake and my dogs health. Is it common for a spontaneous pneumothorax to happen again? Is the dogs lung weaker now or is the scar tissue just as normal has the regular lung tissue? Am I being too paranoid? I watch this dog breathe at night and count his breathes, just too make sure. This dog LIVES to work and I would hate to take that away from him. Thank you for your time and your blog!

    • Angry Vet says:

      Hi Abby,

      Spontaneous pneumothorax is not a very common condition, so my personal experience is very limited. In dogs it has been associated with lung tumors and also with the rupture of bullae. I would think that your dog had the latter since a lung tumor bad enough to cause a pneumothorax would likely have been seen on the radiographs. A bulla is an abnormally dilated area of the lung – on an x-ray it looks like a little balloon in the lung. If the bulla is big enough and it ruptures, a spontaneous pneumothorax results. Sometimes it’s very minor and may not even be noted, and other times it will result in difficulty breathing. Now there’s two different approaches that can be taken in this case. The first is that we could say that your dog formed a bulla before and he is at a greater risk to form one in the future, so strenuous exercise should be avoided. That is the conservative approach. The next would be to get very aggressive with serial radiographs, or even CT scans to check for additional bulla. In this way if his lungs are clear, we can feel better about working him. Of course, there are still no guarantees. An additional approach could be to say that the first bulla was a fluke, and it won’t likely happen again, and continue working him as before. Personally I’d be a little nervous with that last approach. I’m sorry if that was still a little vague, but this problem is not black and white.

      Dr. Mike

  31. Kelly says:

    I have a 1-1/2 year old French Bulldog. Yesterday he was shaking, which I learned is a pain reaction from him. Upon inspection I found that he had a huge lump between his toes on his back leg. After doing some online research and comparing pictures on the internet, I believe that this is an interdigital furunculosis. Many blogs say that anit-biotics do not always work and have suggested many home treatments. I began soaking his foot in epson salt and applying topical coconut oil. In the 24 hours that I have treated the foot, it appears to have gone down some and he is not shaking anymore. I did call my vet for advice but did not get a response until today which they left on the answering machine. They suggested that I come in and get him put on antibiotics. So at this point I was looking for your advice on treatment. I do not want to put him on antibiotics that may not work when a home treatment may do the trick. Thoughts?

    • Angry Vet says:


      If this is interdigital furunculosis, it will likely do best with antibiotics. This is not to say that the foot soaks that you’ve started won’t help, but normally we need a 4-8 week course of a cephalosporin for these. In some cases I will have to go to a fluroquinolone antibiotic as a second choice. If these fail – which is rare – surgical excision of the infected tissue with fusion of the digits would be recommended. This is rarely needed. The biggest cause of treatment failure with antibiotics would be that the course given is too short. At Cornell, the dermatologists recommended two months. I have found that one month will do the job in most cases.

      Dr. Mike

  32. Bonnie Brown says:

    We have an intact 4 year old female Chihuahua/Pug mix who is very nervous in general, and has situational epilepsy brought on by extreme stress or fear. During heat she seems more anxious. I am reluctant to spay her knowing how it effects behavior, but I’m wondering whether because of her epilepsy it may be better to do it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  33. mark platt says:

    I have a 5 year old retriever mix who partially tore her cruciate ligament about 8 months ago. We didn’t consider any surgery at the time because we thought it might heal itself if we reduced her activity. We reduced her activity and she seemed to recover, then about two months ago she was playing and tore her ligament again, this time
    much worse, she has been lame on her back left leg all this time.
    Our vet recommended a surgeon , who recommended a TPLO procedure because of her size 60lbs. After doing some research
    on TPLO surgery it just seems that it is very invasive as compared to
    some other surgical repair techniques that don’t require cutting into the bone and screwing on a surgical steel plate. I would just like another opinion on the different surgeries that might be less invasive
    and give the same results

    • Angry Vet says:

      I would agree..I think that in most cases TPLO is too aggressive and they do fine with traditional parafabellar suture. The main issue is to visualize the meniscus and address injury to the meniscus

      • mark platt says:

        Thank you for your reply
        Can you visualize the meniscus prior to surgery with a x-ray?
        and are you saying that one would determine the type of technique
        to use according to the state of the miniscus if the ligament is fully
        Thanks again

        • Angry Vet says:


          You cannot visualize the meniscus with an X-ray, only with an MRI (which isn’t the standard in vet medicine currently). Xrays are done in order to rule out any other abnormalities that may be causing lameness. Generally we don’t know with 100% certainty what’s going on with the meniscus until the joint is explored surgically. The type of surgery for the ACL is chosen based on the surgeons preference and experience more than the meniscal pathology.

          Dr. Mike

    • Kenny says:

      Mark i have an 8 yr old rottweiller and when she was 3 she severed her acl,couldnt put any weight on it.had the surgery with the titanium plates with no problems at advised that usually when one acl gors theres like an 85% chance the other will go as well..cost me 3800$$ each leg.good luck!

  34. Natalie says:

    we got a 10 week old Beagle mix puppy on Sunday – he is a rescue dog. Today I took him to the vet to get checked out and I was concerned because his front legs are kind of bowed and he was holding his paws kind of funny and shaking – the vet took x rays and it seems there is an issue with his growth plates and they recommended that he see an orthopedic vet – I made the appointment but I’m concerned about the cost and the quality of life – we wanted a family dog that could play and go on long walks etc. – I hate to give him back – I’d feel awful – can you give any advice for what we should do? Thank you.

  35. Rebecca Hale says:

    What home remedy can i give my dog whos constipated?

    • Angry Vet says:

      dogs rarely get constipated…cats are another story. What are you feeding? Are you confident that there are no anal gland issues?

  36. Natalie says:

    our puppy was diagnosed with bilateral carpal flexion – can you comment on his prognosis? he has casts now. (see earlier post). Thanks.

  37. My vet has been telling me about Boehringer Ingelheim’s (new) product Ultra Duramune DAP+C4L whichi is LEGALLY 1/2 the dose for lepto/parvo/flu/distemper – - – that’s RIGHT 1/2 cc to do what 1 cc has done in the past! I’d be interested in hearing your opinoin on this particular product. Also – My vet will only give ONE vaccine at a time – something I’ve insisted upon for years – now it seems the AVMA has decided that as well?

  38. In addition to my first “question” How/what do you feel about Jean Dobbs theory on vaccinations?

  39. Jessica says:

    Hi Angry Vet,
    Just wanted to see what you know about follicular dysplasia. I am not finding much of anything on it beyond it happens, can be seasonal, and happens to a few breeds more often than others. We have a 7 year old springer that has started losing hair, both the black and the white, along a line from one flank to the other over his hips. No where else. Just there. Initially, I thought it was a grooming goof and it would grow back, but it has just spread. I doubt Cushings or diabetes (he has zero other symptoms, no increased thirst/urination/scratching/etc) but because he’s in the age range for those, I want to have his levels checked anyways (good point to get our yearly in as well which we do in March/April normally).

  40. carol kreighbaum says:

    Hello, Just a quick question, I have a 8 year old yorkie doxie mix and about 16 months ago she had a mast cell tumor on her belly, the vet removed it and classed it as a low 2. Last week she had another mast cell tumor on her side and he removed it. I am still waiting for pathology results to come back. I guess I am wondering if I am doing more harm than good putting her through these surgeries. I am sick over this. Any adice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Angry Vet says:

      no absolutely not you are doing the right thing to aggressively remove them . very rare that they will die with grade 2 if you catch them early

  41. Mark Strauss says:

    what is zinc neutering and how is this done?

  42. Adrienne says:

    A question. I am considering getting my new dog microchipped. I did not have the option with my first three as they came through rescue.

    I am concerned about cancer, side effects etc. I was hoping to find a blog entry discussing this on your site.

    • Angry Vet says:

      there’s no blog but my two cents is that I have never seen cncer or any major problems. A couple of abscessed and infected sites and a couple that migrated out but we have found a lot of owners with those chips. mine are done

  43. Dawn says:

    I need help. My female tort cat is having urinary tract issues. We went through something similar 3-4 years ago…. Did the anti-biotics & then the prescribed food. Everything was fine till last month.
    We have been to the vet, but I feel like I am being shystered……
    We were there 4 weeks ago & had to go back yesterday. Last time, we were given clavamox (?). Yesterday I opted for a shot. Was told it would be better immediately, it’s not. Upon calling today, I was asked to allow another 24 hrs. to go by before I have to bring her in for $300-$400 x-rays. She is fixed & kept indoors for safety. Started giving her Wellness dry Cranberry food last month… Am I doing something wrong? Are they just taking advantage of me by mis-diagnosing or treating her incorrectly so I keep coming back. I need help. My girls are my world but I am unemployed. I would still do anything for her. Please help!!!!

    • Angry Vet says:

      difficult to say but if young cat antibiotics of any sort are almost certainly not warranted. Usually the condition is FUS which passes on its own in a week or so with or without treatment. Occassionally signs are persistent and things like amitryptilline , PsGAGS, Nsaids have all been anectdotally suggested to help I have had the most success anectdotally with amitryptilline. If you are having persistent blood …past a week or so with no treatment then a culture could be wqrranted to r/o infection (unlikely unless an older cat ) and xrays to rule out stones (3-400$ is definitely excessive for xrays so find another vet if this is the fee for xrays alone…I don’t like to comment on other vets fees because you may be misquoting prices but if this is the case too much) and even bloodwork if it’s an older cat to rule out kidney problems, diabetes with 2 uti etc). Hope this helps but you didn’t give enough info. What is age of cat? How frequently is problem recurring? Do signs resolve and then return or never resolve? Are there any other signs excessive thirst, vomitting, etc

      • Dawn says:

        She is an older cat, (8-9 y.o, not sure as I rescued her when I saw she was pregnant 5 or 6 years ago). I didn’t see blood the first time, even at the vet, but was told that it was present. But there definitely was blood the 2nd time we were at the vet & she had her bladder squeezed.
        Every time I asked for a price on anything, the vet always had to go & check…The price for the x-ray could certainly be off, I am not sure.
        The issue subsided after the first visit & antibiotics given for a few days. The course was completed (ran out of the med’s) & things seemed fine. Then, as I said before, the symptoms returned & we went back to the vet. I will do EVERYTHING for my cat, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being taken advantage of because of it. If she does need x-rays, I will find the way to make that happen. I just wanted to make sure that what I was quoted, was indeed excessive. Thank you!

        • Angry Vet says:

          Most times with cat’s under 10 years of age, the cause of blood in the urine is sterile/idiopathic cystitis, so she may have gotten better with no meds in a week or two anyway. However, for cat’s with recurrent signs, a UA, urine culture, and x-rays are very reasonable tests. Your vet isn’t taking advantage of you in this case. I’d also give your vet some latitude on having to check with the front desk for fees. I own my own practice and still double check when quoting fees, and generally have my receptionist’s give written estimates.

          Dr Mike

          • Dawn says:

            Thank you! I appreciate all of your helpful advice!!

          • We have a rescue dog name molly she is a cockapoo about four yes old she is about 30 lbs which we know is over weight we have cut back on her food but she acts like she starving all the time been wormed regulary but in past four months has had really bad breath and has lost two back teeth we brush her theeth about 3xa week and use mouthwash spray 2x a week not helping now we have noticed she peeing blood every time she goes very concerned but live on fixed income and vet wants to much money we don’t have very attached like we can’t do without her need help to figure it out could make small payments if could get vet to work with us but have not found one

  44. Lyssa says:

    I work at an independent retailer and got into a debate with one of our reps today. He has a 4 year old healthy JRT who is 29# of pure muscle. He is a Rep for Royal Canin and feeds the Mini Weight care food. I argued that a healthy dog should not be on a weight care formula without a weight issue. He said that he feeds it because the dog feels fuller longer. I said that fat and protein trigger the body to feel full. He says that protein does play a role, but that a specific fiber balance is the bigger factor. I said he should just feed the regular adult food but feed to the ideal weight. My question is, what is the biggest factor in satiety in carnivores: protein, fat, or fiber? Thank you!

    • Angry Vet says:

      From Dr. Meg Smart

      Satiety is the inhibition of eating following a meal produced by signals arising from different stages of the digestive and absorptive process.Saitiety is associated with a pleasant sensation of fullness and satisfaction. The satiety centre in the brain is found in the ventromedial hypothalamus Sensory specific satiety explains why after eating a meal we still have room for dessert.

      Satiety is a complex process involving physical, behavioural, biochemical and physiological responses. The role that the gut micrbiome plays in satiety is primarily unexplored. The main area of research by the pet food industry involves fibre both soluable and insoluble, as it is a filling ingredient which distends the stomach, and slows the rate of passage. On the down side it can negatively impact on nutrient digestability. Another plus is that it is a cheap ingredient.

      This is a simplistic answer to a complex process and really does not answer the question.

  45. Lincoln's Mom says:

    We have a 5 year old male pitbull that is currently on his second month of Atopica. I’ll try to be brief but we have been through so much with him that I’m concerned we might be missing an underlying problem. His lesions always start on his back and we never see him itch-the lesions are dry scaly spots that cause baldness. Right now, his back is covered in these spots and new spots seem to be popping up daily. The lesions sometimes pop up on his abdomen and/or paws. When his paws are involved, we do see him tending to them and an infection will quickly follow. He’s an inside dog, we keep all of his bedding extremely clean, he’s on Comfortis for flea prevention and ProHeart for heartworm prevention. We have strictly adhered to a food trial (royal canin dry PR vetinary prescription diet food) for the past year, we use the medicated shampoo that has been prescribed, etc. We always follow our vet’s instructions and the Atopica treatment seems to be our last treatment option (we’ve been through the antihistamines, the steroid injections and the oral steroids). I’ve tried to research lesion distribution patterns but can’t really find anything about the back being the primary flair zone. Is there anything that our vet could be missing??

    • Angry Vet says:

      Lincoln’s mom

      Without seeing your dog, it sounds like there may be collarettes forming on the back and belly. If this is what’s happening, they are usually due to bacterial infection and need at least a 3 week course of cephalexin along with regular antibacterial shampoos. Itching and hair loss along the back is most frequently associated with flea allergy – but this is itchy – so if there’s no itching that would be less likely. Also, in most cases fleas are easy to diagnose. If the lesions are from something other than infection, a skin scraping, fungal culture, and possibly a skin biopsy may be needed.

      Dr. Mike

  46. Jana Rade says:

    What are you reading from this urinalysis?

    collected sample via Free Flow @ 7:00am
    Odor: Urinoid
    Color: Yellow
    Clarity: Clear

    Leukocytes: 1+
    Nitrite: Positive
    pH: 6 pH
    Protein: 2+
    Glucose: Negative
    Ketones: Negative
    Urobilinogen: Negative
    Bilirubin: Negative
    Blood: 3+

    Specific Gravity: 1.024
    WBC: 1-2 per HPF.
    RBC: 3-4 per HPF.
    Bacteria: None seen
    Casts: None seen
    Epithelial cells: 2 per HPF.
    Crystals: None seen
    Other: Granular debris 1+

  47. Jane McLaren says:

    My friend’s 3 year old pug became ill Monday morning – vomited one time, pacing, indicating pain, shaking then refused to eat or drink. Local vet did bloodwork and X rays and referred to a clinic in a larger city. They did more bloodwork and ultrasound and dx with pancreatitis bordering on severe. The dog has been there now since Monday (four days) on IV and pain meds. It has also had a blood transfusion. Yesterday they were told it was doing well, pain meds decreased, dog had a normal bowel movement. Today they were told a second ultrasound was done, the vet did not see as much progress as he hoped, he feels it is too soon to re introduce food, so they will continue on IV for another few days. They will do another ultrasound in a few days and hopefully be able to look at discharge by Monday – maybe Sunday if things progress well. The vet has opted to not do further bloodwork to keep costs down but is doing ultrasounds. They were told the bill will be around $5000. The family is upset that ultrasound is the diagnostic tool over bloodwork especially when all they’ve been told is ‘we don’t see as much progress as we’d like.’ Is this typical of pancreatitis treatment? Are there any specific questions they can ask for clarification? Thank you.

    • Angry Vet says:

      Can be very frustrating and slow disease from which they sometimes don’t recover. I don’t really feel that you have to keep repeating ultrsounds…either the dog will improve or he will not. Just need fluids, abs, colloids like blood are good too, and rest the gut. When the dog turns the corner he will just one day be better and have a voracious appetite (or he won’t turn the corner). Can be long drawn out process and even require feeding tubes or intravenous nutrition…The disease can be very expensive to treat because takes so much time…there is nothing to do about that and there are no guarantees

      • Jane McLaren says:

        How do you know if they will eat? Do they try to feed the dog and see if it will eat / keep food down or keep it on IV until X level or Y ultrasound something is seen? That seems to be what this clinic is looking for and my friend is a bit lost with it all (and thank you for responding too!)

  48. Carolyn says:

    Do you recommend de-worming a dog and if so, how often?

    My wee chi gets periodic episodes of foamy bile and diaharrea. Recently had tests for pancreatitis, did complete blood panel – negative, all looks great and a fecal – no worms.

    She (as are all my Chi’s, on a homecooked diet – have been for 3 years now)


    • Angry Vet says:

      We generally recommend deworming 3-4x during the puppy visits. Most of the dogs we see are placed on heartworm prevention seasonally. The preventatives that we use have medications that eliminate most of the common intestinal parasites as well. However, the travel history and environment in which the dog is kept is taken into consideration as well. For example, if I am treating a dog that lives in an apartment in NYC that develops diarrhea, parasites will be much lower on the list of causes than if I am treating a dog from Long Island that is out in the parks and fields dining on goose droppings! There are many causes for diarrhea, parasites are but one. As far as heartworm prevention goes, it too depends. In the southeast, I think that all dogs should be tested annually and put on prevention. In areas that have less heartworm, it’s a judgement call. I do not practice in an endemic area, but I did diagnose two dogs last year from our area that were positive and had clinical illness. Prevention is easier than treatment, so I prefer to test annually in the springtime, an generally will recommend prevention June-November. The parasitologists recommend year round prevention.

      Dr. Mike

  49. Barbara says:

    My cocker spaniel of 9 years old recently is very itchy and has lots of scales and red skin on his back . He is some time on steroids for lungmeta’s. Is his skin problem the result of the medication? Or what other diagnosis would there be?
    Thank you

    • Angry Vet says:

      i don’t know what lungmetas is (lung mets? from cancer???)
      I don’t know what the skin problem is without seeing it but playing the odds it is probably primary seborrhea of the cocker spaniel which can be controlled but not cured with various topicals

  50. lauren cuff says:

    Thank you for creating this site- My dog is an 11 yr old mixed breed who has been on Hills canned W/D following a bout of pancreatitis and giardia few years ago- She was on Wellness dry before – suffered stomach upsets and full anal glands regularly so vet recommended I keep her on this food. She was very sick after eating the dry a year ago and wont touch it so just eats wet. Since then her weight has been at it lowest, she has periods of bloody colitis and stomach gurgling. I want to get her on different food bc she is so skinny but I am afraid to pick one that is too high in fat bc she is so sensitive. She has always been thin and was emaciated first year of life with diarrhea but finally stabilized at the age of 2- she weighed around 40-45 she weighs 35 now- – Past 6 months also has awful breath no. Im wondering if its related- Her blood work/ stool sample/ all test show normal results. My vets recommended nutritionalist who recommended more Hills foods. Do have any diet/ specific commercial food recommendations? I am so worried but traumatized from how many times she has been sick stomach wise. I feel like I am failing my dog.
    Thank you

  51. Jules says:

    Hello, my border collie/lab mix had a luxating patellar and torn ACL…the vet went in surgically and seated the patellar and placed an implant…4 months later, I’m still hearing pops and clicks and he’s still not putting full pressure on that same rear left leg. The vet now says he might have torn his meniscus and wants to perform another surgery possibly removing it…are there any other options/causes/treatments?! He just turned 2 yrs old and is 75lbs

    • Angry Vet says:

      no that sounds about right

      • Nadabahs says:

        I have a 2months old persian cat, he had diarrhea so i took him to my vet and he gave me antibiotics its been almost a week but i am still worried he still have a bad breath. Thank you

  52. Jules says:

    Thank you for your site and quick reply…really though? Another surgery? No other options?

  53. Kirsten Doyle says:

    I was wondering how you feel about heart worm pills (interceptor).
    Do you think they are necessary or rather harmful.
    Thank you,

    • Angry Vet says:


      I don’t think they are harmful, but the decision to use heartworm prevention or not depends on the area in which you live. In highly endemic areas such as the southeast, using heartworm prevention makes good sense. In other areas where it is not as common, it depends on your risk tolerance. The medication is generally safe so even in areas where the disease is rare I would consider it’s use since the disease can be bad if contracted.

  54. Morgan says:

    I just had a really bad experience with a Vet that was substituting for my regular vet – left me confused … I took my 2 year old standard poodle in for his annual check up a few days ago – we went directly from the off leash park where he had banged his leg jumping over benches etc – He was limping – he had a very hot paw as confirmed by Vet Tech (who conducted the exam) The vet came in saw him limping and immediately jumped to CCL rupture/needs a TPLO when I questioned the diagnosis I was quickly reminded that I’m not a vet- 2 days later he’s walking around like nothing happened – would he be fine in 2 days if it’s a rupture? I have to go back for a follow up exam in a few days – will be going for a second opinion – yours is a third

    • Angry Vet says:

      Whether or not it’s a torn ACL doesn’t really matter to me. If your dog isn’t lame no additional treatment is needed, whatever the cause. As far as the Vet Tech making a diagnosis, he/she is not a Vet either so I wouldn’t consider that in your decision making. If the lameness occurs again it may be best to at least have a consultation with another vet to determine the cause.

  55. Kelly says:

    Hi There,

    Dr. Foley, you diagnosed my dog Mac with anxiety issues last year, related to his incessant paw biting, and said there is medication for that. While I was not interested at the time, it is now starting to drive me crazy and I would like to pursue medication if I can afford it. What is the best medicine you recommend, and are there side effects I should look out for?

    Thanks so much,

    • Angry Vet says:

      Since it’s been a year, it’s best to come back in for a recheck or call me at the office so I can have your record in front of me while we are speaking.

  56. Kelsi says:

    What is your take on dewclaw removal? I prefer not to have them removed, but is there any evidence showing adverse effects to having these “extra” digits removed?

    • Angry Vet says:

      There is some evidence…Dr. Chris Zink feels and has demonstrated in some papers that the dewclaw is vital for pivoting and traction during athletic performance.. Can’t say that I personally have ever seen any problems from doing it. I generally remove only if they are pendulous

  57. Jane says:

    I was given a sample of trifexis for heart worm precaution for my 4 mo pup. I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback all over the web concerning this drug. Do you have any info regarding any adverse reactions. Thank you.

    • Angry Vet says:


      I have not used this product myself. It is fairly new. I don’t normally try new products until they’ve been on the market for a few years. As you may have found in some of our writing, the benefit of using these products needs to be weighed against the risk of any side effects they may have. To be sure….there are NO medications without their problems/side effects. There are now literally dozens of products to prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease, and it is a daunting task to determine which to use – if any! If you must use a product due to the real risk of contracting the disease, such as heartworm in Florida, and you are not comfortable with Trifexis, you may want to choose another product that has been on the market longer.

      • Jane says:

        Thank you very much for your reply. I didn’t realize the drug was that new. I will certainly ask my vet for something that has been around longer. We are located in NY and pup hasn’t been tested for parasites yet. Appreciate your help and reading through your very educational blogs (as new pet owner)! Best regards,

  58. joan vecsey says:

    I saw your reply on Cushings. Why isn’t it as easy to treat on dogs as is in horses?

  59. joan vecsey says:

    I live on Long Island (Shelter Island). Once my dogs reach the age of 6 or 7, I have only been giving rabies. Unfortunately, the dogs who I have adopted as seniors, were vaccinated because of unknown history, and over vaccinated because of rescue or travel requirements. Now my pack of 7 dogs are nearly all over age 8. I am worried about rabies and worried about the rabies vaccine. When I have had terminally ill dogs, I did not vaccinate. Now I have one with liver enzyme issues (10 yrs) and others healthy, but old. Raccoons don’t scare me because my dogs are in yard with me or on leash. But I worry about bats. Then again, humans are not vaccinated against rabies. I know I could get a medical exemption for Molly but I do worry about the bats and don’t know what to do. My barn cats (like most barn cats) have had nothing beyond the age 5 or 6.

  60. jody says:

    1 1/2 yr pit mix post double luxating patella surgery 5 months notice small bubble bulge on one kneecap could this be migrating screw or absess what needs to be done

  61. KJ says:

    My three year old cat has recently been diagnosed with Chylothorax. I am heartbroken because I know the outcome is not good. My vet is treating her conservatively — with chest pumps and Rutin. Our cat is home now and seems to be doing pretty well — eating and moving and resting. Is there anything else we should do?

    • Angry Vet says:

      In some cases these cats can be handled with a surgery where a lymphatic duct can be ligated. This should be done by a surgical specialist.

  62. Amy says:

    We recently got ourselves a landseer pup. We are hearing a lot of different opinions on what type of chow to give him. Do you have a chow suggestion?

  63. jody says:

    Migrated screw surgery to remove Thursday

  64. Dear Angry Vet,

    I neutered my dog before I knew any better, and I was wondering if there are any treatments or options to try and ameliorate the negative effects of low testosterone available for dogs.



  65. Amanda says:

    Dear Angry Vet
    I have recently found your thought-provoking blog after going to pick out a newborn Australian Shepherd from a breeder last Saturday. I am from the UK and wanted a dog with a tail, since docking is banned there, so had to pick and pay upfront.
    Whilst wanting to keep my dog totally intact, I have some concerns about the neutering issue. My main concerns are the health of the dog, and potential aggression around my two young children (5 & 7 yrs, whom I am planning to train extensively to be respectful of the dog, as well as vice versa). I have also heard about neutered males being more aggressive to intact males.
    I am a developmental biologist and have tried to research this issue, being conscious of the importance of the correct signals at times of development and also their effects on aging. However, despite some anecdotal evidence of improved health and behavior on both sides of the argument, and a few scientific studies that do not really control for variables other than neutering (eg. early life history, genetics, environment, diet), I feel like there is not enough information to make an informed decision.
    I heard about the zinc gluconate injection, which sounds promising because it retains some ~50% of testosterone levels, but I would not like to try it since there have been no long-term studies published.

    So, my question: since I know it is an issue close to your heart, in your opinion does having an intact male affect the likelihood of aggression in that male to humans and to other dogs? Are other dogs more likely to be aggressive with him?

    Many thanks for your comments.

    • Angry Vet says:

      depends upon the breed. Dogs with aggression problems have at best a 50-60% improvement with the problem with neutering. More to do with genetics and breed and training. Certain types of aggression like fear aggression are actually increased with neutering

  66. Paula says:

    My now 4-year-old cattle dog/lab mix (40 lbs) had a tplo done a year ago. She didn’t recover well–that is, her leg just never gained strength and she continued to limp. The first surgeon kept telling me to exercise her more. So I went to a different surgeon who did an arthroscopy last August and found that the meniscus was damaged and she has some damage to her caudal cruciate ligament. He trimmed the meniscus and sutured the ccl. My dog has recovered to an extent. She has pretty good muscle tone in the leg, but she still avoids using the bad leg. When she jumps off the couch, she always lands on her good leg, for example. Playing ball, tug, swimming, or doing anything with quick movements makes her limp and hop for at least 24 hours. So obviously she is still in some pain.

    The second surgeon is suggesting a surgery to reverse the tplo. He thinks that something is wrong mechanically. He would rotate the bone back to almost the original position to take pressure off the caudal cruciate ligament, but not enough to put pressure on the cranial cruciate. He says the cranial is “healed.”

    I can’t find any information about this type of surgery. I hate to put my little girl through another surgery. But she is a very active dog and lives to play ball, tug, and especially play agility. She was the kind of agility dog you dream of having. Right now her activity level is limited, but I’m not sure I would feel confident having her do any more activity after a third surgery either.

    I’ve been offered expensive treatments like stem cell therapy and laser treatments, but I feel like I don’t have a clear diagnosis of what is causing the pain, so how can I be sure that focused treatments like these will help? It is questionable whether there was any damage to her CrCL in the first place (the arthroscopy in August showed no damage), and we don’t know for sure what caused the damage to her CaCl. What if her original symptoms were due to something else?

    Anyway, what do you know about tplo reversal surgery? Can you think of any diagnostic tests or treatments that might be worth trying?

    • Angry Vet says:

      That is beyond my pay grade! sorry…

      I would think that exploring the knee and removing the whole meniscus may do the trick as that is usually the problem but reversing the procedure…never heard of that and sounds very risky. I am not a big fan of TPLO anyway

      • Paula says:

        I am not a fan of tplo either. The effing surgeon went ahead and did it without explaining the procedure or any options to me. I assumed my dog was getting lateral suture.
        Sign me–
        Angry Client

  67. Kate McLachlin says:

    Our 8 year old female lab, (weight 70lbs) had an extracpsular, suture repair of her left knee in January. There was a moderate amount of degenerative disease in the knee pre-op. She has always been an active dog. Post- op we followed all the rules and kept her quiet for 3 months but she started limping again on the affected side. On xray it looks like the suture has been displaced. Our vet has recommended that we do the surgery again. Same procedure. I have concerns because it already failed once and was expensive. Should we proceed? Consider a different procedure? Should we brace her? Any recommendations on bracing- hard vs soft, brands etc.?

  68. Tracy D. says:

    My 10 yo Golden Retriever was recently diagnosed with hemalytic anemia, the autoimmune type. She has been ill for quite some time, she is responding very well to the Prednisone and Azathioprine (sp.?) RBC is nearing normal, her weight is almost back to normal, energy good. The only problem is, she has been on antibiotics (Flagyl and Amoxy) almost constantly for over 6 mos. As soon as the antibiotics are finished, her temp spikes back up, she stops eating and has diarrhea. She has only been taking the immunosuppressive for about a month, prior to that, was on Pred, Amoxy, Flagyl and the antibiotics w/o a diagnosis (I don’t have a lot of $ for extensive testing :( ( ) I am now giving her Baytril, an she’s fine, but I’m pretty sure her symptoms will return when this is done..What is going on?? Does she have some underlying intestinal or other infection, and is there a powerful antibiotic that will knock it out for good?? Doc mentioned that they still may be intestinal lymphoma undetected..? but this has been going on for close to a year, and she’s a champ when on her meds! PLEASE help!!

  69. Misty Groff says:

    Why is my dog constantly panting drinking water shaking discharging from her vaginal area and throwing up I need help now

  70. KP says:

    It’s my understanding that you approve of raw feeding in dogs. In your experience, have you seen a positive effect of raw feeding on some conditions such as chronic diarrhea or “soft serve” stools, colitis and other random stomach upsets? I am considering switching over to a raw diet, but so many vets are opposed to this and I’m not sure I agree with all of their reasons. Any insight/opinion you may have on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I have a dog that seems to have some food sensitivities (no real allergies) and I am looking for an alternative to kibble.

  71. Lesley says:

    A friend of mine’s Mastiff bitch had a singleton pup, the pup had an umbilical hernia. Pup is now 5 mths old and it’s not looking any better, it appears to be growing with the dog. I’m concerned as mastiffs grow very large very quickly. Shouldn’t it have closed by now if it was going to on it’s own?

  72. machelle says:

    Hi. First of all thank you for providing all us pet owners with honest, reliable information to help ease our minds and provide us with the proper information to make the Best choices for our pet’s individual health care. I have a 6yr old lab/st. benard mix, 111 lbs., named Mac. He usually averages about 92lbs, he just recently gained this weight this past winter. I rescued him at 4 months when he was going to be euthanized at a shelter I volunteered at when his owners discovered he had hip dysplasia. With proper diet, exercise, joint supplements, ie: Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and massage I am very pleased to say he has suffered minimal side effects. He has always been active and thankful appears to enjoy his life at least 90% free of side effects. Maybe, at the most I will see him 3xs a year be a little slow getting up. He has always had the typical bunny hop, but never have I seen any of his activities affected by discomfort or pain. Last Thursday night, he came upstairs to go to bed with me and I noticed he was limping and favoring his left hind leg. I did not see or hear any particular incident that night or days before that would lead me to believe he hurt himself. I immediately checked paw for any foreign objects or soreness, rubbed and moved his whole foot, leg and hip and no sign from him that there was any discomfort. At this point I thought maybe he laid funny and his hip was bothering him. By Friday evening he couldn’t bare any weight on the leg and still wasn’t showing any sign of pain when I inspected, rubbed and moved his leg (paw to hip, lower back and even knee.) Saturday am I took him to the vet, she said possible tear in his ccl. She said his knee was slightly swollen. She wanted me to start him on Previcox 227mg , rest and then call her in a few days. She said if not better she wants me to bring him in and she would sedate him to relax the muscles to do the “drawer test.” After 2 days of being on the previcox he is already putting weight on his leg, but I am still restricting his activity. I understand this is an anti inflammatory/pain reliever, but since he’s showing improvement does this mean he possibly didn’t tear his ccl? I also have heard he may limp again after he’s off the previcox, is this true or common? I just want to have an idea what to expect and what to ask my vet. I did put him on a diet to get his weight back down and I am keeping a close eye for possible med side effects. I am also concerned because of his hip problems and likely arthritis already, if surgery is necessary would his issues complicate recovery and increase his chance of damage to his healthy hind leg? Thank you so much for your help. Sincerely, Machelle

    • Angry Vet says:


      If your dog’s knee was swollen and there was acute lameness, the knee is the likely ACUTE problem, and I would agree with your vets approach. He may have a partial or even a full tear of the ACL, as these are the most common problems of the canine knee seen in general practice. Partial tears of the ACL do tend to wax and wane in terms of clinical signs, and eventually many will completely tear. Most dogs in this weigh range with torn ACLs do require surgery for the best outcomes. I agree with you that the hips will be a complicating factor and need to be taken into consideration. However, most dogs like this that do tear the ACL do have surgery for the knee.

  73. The Sheffer Family says:

    Hi Doctor- We are trying to understand the appropriate age to neuter a new kitten – we’ve read most consistently that 4 months is best – before kittens reach puberty to avoid dealing with spraying and aggressive behavior. Our previous cat was about 4 months old when a switch was flipped and he changed almost instantly from a cute, sweet kitten into an aggressive, destructive nightmare! He calmed down as he aged, and we did neuter him at 6 months of age, but the aggression never subsided completely. We have been told (and have been reading) that the best way to ensure male cats remain docile is to neuter them earlier – around the 4 month mark. Is this true? I called several vets in our area and they all refuse to neuter before 6 months, so I don’t know how 4 months is even an option. Thank you!

  74. Nathan says:

    Being forced to neuter by local law enforcement, can anyone help?

  75. Mardi says:

    There seems to be a decent amount of literature on the effects of spay/neuter on dogs, but less on cats. I have two kittens, one male, one female, around 5 1/2 months old (they and their mother were living in our community garden). I would like to spay/neuter but am having difficulty determining the healthiest age to do so. I know what the research says for dogs but for the female kitten, in particular, should I wait until she has completed a couple of heats (I am able to keep her separated for the duration) in order for her to utilize the growth and immunity advantages full sexual maturity brings? Or should I spay now, before she has had her first heat cycle? The male I plan to neuter as soon as his urine smell changes indicating his full sexual maturity. Comments? Suggestions? Links to research? Thanks in advance.

  76. Andria says:

    I have an 8 yo Rhodesian ridgeback, recently I noticed him being a bit unsteady in his hind legs, he had a partial tear in his left acl a couple of years ago, no surgery just restriction for 6-7 months & he has been fine until now, I have just recently seen him knuckling that foot & so a friend of mine & I (we are vet tech students) did a reflex test on him.. He has delayed pain response in both back legs, left worse then right, has normal righting reflex in all but the back left paw, his panniculus response is very good until you get to the lower lumbar near the sacral vertebrae.. When he walks he is splaying his legs out a bit. He is definitely more weak on the left side, but the right side is not as good as it should be either. No pain when manipulating his joints or pressing on hips, etc. when they did the X-rays a couple years ago there was no signs of arthritis at all. Any thoughts of which direction to think towards & maybe where to start on tests? He is otherwise a very healthy dog at ideal weight.
    Thank you

  77. Doug says:

    Our 13 year old westie suddenly goes deaf. Vet says nothing can be done. We talk him into drops(Otomax) taking for 4 days in he meantime ( the last three days we started giving her Denamarin it seems something is working but we don’t know which and have read of possible deleterious side effects fron Otomax. bTW the Dr did swab and check for infection and found none, however she was on an antibiotic, Carprofen and Rimadyl ( neck pain) and metronidazole , which we feel could have masked the results of the test. So our quandary is what is helping with the hearing improvement? And what to keep her on, Otomax , Denamarin or both ?
    Thanks much,

  78. JB says:

    Nice site so far, and appreciated. My own tendency to question rather than blindly accept dogma has led me down similar trails, picking through what peer-reviewed studies I could find to come to some sort of conclusion about spaying and neutering best practices and see how they compare with commonly accepted wisdom. Unfortunately, since I was only researching for my own curiosity I never bothered keeping notes on where I got my info, so when I found myself discussing the topic with others I had nothing to back up my conclusions. For a long time I wound up relying on the this instead:

    (Not a NAIA paper, that’s just one of several sites hosting it.) Its conclusions were slightly different from my own–I’d settled for myself that altering at about 6-7yo as ideal in most cases–but close enough. And it cites its sources, which leads me to my first request for your site: Cite your sources in your articles! The above paper did a lot for getting my vet to understand where I was coming from because she was able to read the original research. Plus, some of us regular folk are weird enough to actually like reading the studies for ourselves now and then.

    My other request was if, over time, other commonly-kept animals could also be included. I understand you’re both small animal vets, which may be where you’re most comfortable giving professional opinions. If you were able to collaborate with other similarly-minded vets with different specialties, it seems like it’d be useful to have articles, or even addenda to existing articles, pertaining to horses and maybe some exotics.

  79. joyce says:

    I have a 10 year old mini dachshund diagnosed two years ago with canine sarcoidosis. She had a biospy which was sent to Guelph University in Ontario which came back with this diagnosis.
    Our vet has had her on a regime of prednisone and antibiotics along with twice weekly baths of a medicated shampoo.
    We have had a sarcoid removed from beneath her eyelid last October and it has returned also. Her ears are marked with growths which keep spreading and cover the lower part of both ears now.
    Her back is full of these growths or sarcoids and spreading.
    The sarcoids seem to go into remission but return, she now has them growing in between her back paws and now starting on the front paws, when she walks they bleed from time to time.
    We have tried all avenues to see what we can do to help her, the sarcoids have come back lots this time and are again scabbing over forming puss underneath them.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or knowledge of another owner having a dog with Canine sarcoidosis.
    Hope you can help us

  80. Heather says:

    I’ve recently adopted an adult (3-ish) female dog (shep/sheltie cross) who was thought to be spayed but then went into heat. I’m supposed to have her spayed according to the contract with the rescue agency. My concern is that she seems to be a bit “reactive” – it’s not extreme but it’s definitely there, and I want to improve it, not make it worse.

    Do you have any knowledge of this issue worsening (or improving) in bitches who are spayed when fully mature? I’ve found research that suggests that spaying can worsen aggression but it’s more likely when spaying happens too soon. But I’ve also read that it can ease possessiveness (she has some manageable issues with possessiveness).

    As a side note, I’m reading a fantastic training book (Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown) written by a trainer who was inspired to develop expertise in positive training techniques to help her manage her reactive bitch – whose issue worsened after being spayed at 2 years old.

  81. Marilyn Saenz says:

    I understand that you should not normally shave a cats fur but I have a small longhaired cat, about 10 lbs. and about 3 years old, and she throws up some pretty big hairballs. They can be as big around as a nickel and about 3 to 4 inches long. Her poo is so packed with fur its almost rock hard. I don’t know how she’s able to pass it. I brush her several times a day to get out the loose fur but I don’t think its helping. I’m wondering if I should shave her body now and then. She’s strictly an indoor cat.

  82. dee says:

    angry vet, are you a licensed vet? the thought of spaying my baby makes me uneasy for some reason. i’m responsible, i’ll diaper her if i have to during heat. the only reason i’d do this is if it’s TRULY a health benefit, but from what i read it goes both ways. good and bad?

  83. andrea cline says:

    i have a 7 1/2 yr old male pit . He has reacurring issues with bladder infections and my vet said we should “have him fixed” we ar on the fence about this issue due to so many reasons . we do not want his personality to change but want to do what is best for his health. what is your thoughts?

  84. tony chu says:

    i live in San Francisco and my non neutered 12 year old pitbull was recently discovered by animal control when a neighbor complained about them barking at night. MY pitbull is very gentle and has never hurt or biten anyone. animal control wants me to neuter my dog because it is illegal to have a non neuter pitbull. there is an exception if the neutering endangers my dogs health , he do not have to get neutered. i brought him to an independent vet and the spca but vets confirmed that he is healthy enough to neuter and the process will not endanger him. i am against neutering my do, i know my dog will not be the same after hes neutered. i need to find a vet out there that will support my claim a – neutering him dog will endanger his health.

  85. Kirsty says:

    I love this site! I have a 12 year old spayed Shih Tzu bitch who has developed a fabulous appetite! She is a good weight for her breed, has just had her health check with our vet who is happy with her in every way. But she will often finish her dinner and her two housemates if she has the chance. She’s not lethargic, doesn’t have an increased thirst or increased urination – she has just turned into an exceptionally good eater! Should I be looking out for any other symptoms or should I be unconcerned? Thank you.

    • Angry Vet says:

      Probably nothing to be worried about but having annual blood and urine testing is a good idea at her age.

  86. Kristin says:

    Hi Doctor Foley,
    Just wanted to let you know that your other website is down as it says the domain name expired on 7/2/13 (
    I only found out because I was going to write a wonderful review on Thanks for all the wonderful care from you and your whole staff. :)

  87. Mark says:

    I’ve just left the vet who took over for my old vet a few years ago. While the new vet charges more for everything, I don’t think we can reasonably expect a young vet just beginning a practice to remove an imbedded foxtail for just a $10 the way doctor Foor did for my then 4 year-old Aussie Fletcher the day I first brought him home. I’m sympathetic with the financial position vets are in but at the same time need to be budget conscious myself as a teacher.

    Last week with school out I finally brought Fletcher in for what I thought were needed vaccinations. Come to find out it was a wellness exam that I was paying $50 for. The doctor was delayed in arriving and the tech announced that I would also need to pay for a heartworm blood test. I said I wouldn’t be paying for a blood test as I give both my dogs the medication on the first of each month. When the doctor arrived he felt fletchers abdomine and listened to his heart before announcing that Fletcher’s heart murmur was worse and he would need $400 dollars in blood and urine tests as well as x-rays and an EKG, adding he would get the needed heartworm results in the process. When I pressed for how the results of these tests would inform treatment options, he talked instead about the costs instead as if that were the only consideration.

    I should explain that Fletcher -now 14 years old- has had a walk every day of his life in the 10 years he has lived with me. He is often as playful as a puppy, affectionate, in no obvious pain and while he has never been a chow hound, he is holding his weight up at 50 pounds largely due to my sitting and watching him eat. (If I don’t, he is in no hurry to eat and would eat less.) The fact is, I hadn’t brought him in as the result of any pressing concern. At one point in arguing that we needed to address his heart issues, he happened to say “if he can’t even walk to the end of the block”. I had to repeat that he walks everyday. With school out, he has enjoyed a hike off leash in the hills with me, my younger dog and often my wife of at least 2 miles every day. I reminded him that I had only brought him in because I thought he needed vaccinations. Obviously, the doctor was either not listening to what I had said or didn’t respect my powers of observation.

    Fletcher is very senior and is epileptic as well (though thankfully has had only two major episodes that we’ve witnessed). So why all the tests? The dog is 14 years old and likely to live anywhere from less than a year to a few years more at best. His quality of life for his age is good and he is in no apparent discomfort.

    For my peace of mind I ended up bringing to another vet for a second opinion and ended up getting the tests done on him there. I just received word this morning that everything looks good except for his heart which is enlarged and a growth in one of his lungs. She immediately wanted to do $900 more of testing to find out how best to treat the growth. Again I had to bring her back to talk to me about treatment options. I told her he wouldn’t be getting surgery at his age and when she brought up the possibility of chemo, which she assured me was less traumatic than for humans, I told her he wouldn’t be spending his last days on chemo either. I declined the additional tests and while at first she hadn’t been willing to consider any treatment until I agreed to the recommended further testing, she then started suggesting treatments that can help with his arthritis. I had to tell her we’d wait until he actually exhibited any need of treatment. In the mean time I have him on Cosequin DS and am about to start him on fish oil too. He will go on using the ramp in and out of the truck. And I will indulge him all the dalliance he requires on walks. (He actually keeps up better than my wife who is 70.)

    While I am sympathetic about the financial situation of young vets, I do not appreciate their attempts to fan my concerns for my older dog into a pressing emergency. He is suffering from what I suffer from, old age. And the cure for him will be the same as the cure for me. I’m still looking for a vet whose council I can trust to be based on my dog’s best interests and who will acknowledge the primacy of my judgement in his treatment.

  88. joyce says:

    I posted a question weeks ago re a mini 10yrs dachs with canine skin sarcoidosis, I see the post has been taken off, wondered why and wondered why the question was not addressed, maybe I am doing something incorrect

  89. Kathy Lindner says:

    What drugs do you recommend for the most humane and peaceful euthanasia? We recently had a very sad experience with euthanizing our beloved scotty who never hurt a fly and had seizures at 1-1/2 yrs. old (until we took him off Science Diet and made his food for 14 yrs.) Because of his tragic and unpeaceful response, we learned the sedative given was ACEPROMAZINE. If we had only asked and had only known what we know now thru internet research. Please give us your opinion and recommendations not only for us, but for anyone who may have to euthanaise their pet. Thank you.

  90. Barbara says:

    I have a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, appx. 11-12 years old. She is licking the carpets and has a cough. She coughs also when she drinks water. Might the licking be related to the cough? What could be causing each?

  91. Monica Yamauchi says:

    I have a 13 year old dog (SPARKY). At this yearly checkup our new VET said his pancreas was at an extremely elevated level. I should mention he is totally asymptomatic of pancreatitis. So, we put him on a diet & after 2 months & a fast we took another blood test & they said his pancreas was still extremely elevated. Our vet then prescribed DENAMARIN. According to her the pancreas is next to the liver so DENAMARIN will help his pancreas level, although NOTHING is wrong with his liver. I have been giving him DENAMARIN for 3 months, I see no change in him he is healthy, happy the same Sparky before DENAMARIN. Besides his monthly TRIFEXIS year round (we live in Hawaii). I give him from Pet Alive Pancreas Booster. Should I keep giving him $85 per month of Liver meds when nothing is wrong with his liver? Does DENAMARIN help the pancreas, & Sparky is still totally asymptomatic of pancreatitis. I’m take my responsibility of him very serious especially since he is getting older I’m disabled so we’re together 24/7 & I’d would see him if he would vomit, I check his stool every single time, he has great bowel movements no diarrhea, it is solid the color goes from dark brown to a medium brown the same since he was a pup. He can’t hide from his mommy. Does giving him DENAMARIN for his pancreas make any sense or could it hurt him since nothing is wrong with his liver. I really hope you can help.
    Much Aloha!

  92. Lindsey says:

    Hi please can you help me. I have an 11 month old akita x husky who has recently started attacking my one year old spaniel. She started attacking him over food but it has escalated to her attacking him randomly, otherwise her temperament is wonderful. I am extremely concerned about her aggression particularly as I have a 4 year old who finds this behaviour frightening. Have you any ideas about what I can do please?
    Kindest regards

  93. Audrianna says:

    I just got a 2 year old red nose pit bull and for the last two days hes been humping my boyfriend and we talked to his owner before us and he said he has never done it before how do we get him to stop.

  94. christina says:

    I Have two beagles, one of whom is a dwarf (bubba)and was fixed when i got him. my other beagle is an intact male(two-bit). they have been together since bubba was 2-3 and two-bit was 8 weeks old. all of a sudden two-bit is going crazy trying to hump and lick bubba. he is so focused on this and it seems as if his personality changed overnight.whining, barking, and he won’t leave bubba alone. when bubba is outside he whines, when he is outside, he whines. he is even finding this more important than toys and food (although he’s always up for some treats) i am unsure as to what may be causing this behavior. i would rather not get two-bit fixed and have been told that doing this will not change this behavior even after being fixed. i would like to know if anyone else may have encountered this. i’ve been told everything from bubba’s anal secretions is causing this, to just being told that two-bit has hit his prime and even if getting fixed, his behavior will stay the same. this is very distracting and worrysome, since it seems my two-bit has lost his usual personality. is there any chance that this is just a phase and he will calm down? please help, any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Christina

  95. Kim says:

    I’m going to be getting a Cockapoo puppy in Sept. I don’ t have any vets in my area that does Keyhole spaying, so deciding to have her spayed the standard way. But after her 1st heat, my question is should I wait the FULL year before doing so? Which means she may go through 2 heat cycles?? Not sure I can keep intact her whole life.


  96. Faith says:

    I have a 5 month old blue Chihuahua. Shortly after I got her, I noticed thinning hair on her back. When I took her to the vet for shots, he addressed this & did a scraping for mange that was negative. I bathed her weekly & applied vit e oil & it got better. It is happening again so I took her back. Again the scraping is negative. Told to bathe every few days with betadine shampoo. Also that blues are notorious for skin problems. What can I do to prevent this or at least lessen it?

  97. Justin says:

    My 10 year old Labradoodle started coughing out of nowhere last night. At first it was about every 2 minutes then slowed to about once an hour. 3-4 coughs followed by a gag. She is an indoor dog with pretty much no contact with other dogs, never been boarded. I made her drink some water and this morning she ate her treat as usual but when she tried to give her excited bark for the treat she started coughing again. I’m not sure what it could be.

  98. cathy says:

    my 2 yr old dog has a bad skin reaction which only happens in summer i have gone to a few vets and no one can tell me what to do. one vet even told me he had mange and gave me very dangerous medication which i did not give him and by fall his skin was all cleared up and did not start up again until this summer. What can I do for him so he is not so sratchy

  99. Ridgey_Mama says:

    I have a 16-mo Rhodesian Ridgeback. We waited until he was 9 mos. to get his rabies shot. Just 5-mo later, he went in for his next round of shots. When the tech brought him back to me, she said, “We gave him his rabies.” Excuse me? He just had one 5 mo. Ago! She says, “Well, it wasn’t in his record!” Shouldn’t she have asked? The bigger question I have is, what is the impact on his immune system by having 2 rabies shots within 5 mos.

  100. Elizabeth says:

    I have an 8 year old dog who has had 2 ACL repairs to his R back leg. He is now limping again so it did not work. What should I do? I do not want to put him through another operation. If I do decide to put him through another operation, is there a procedure that will work?

  101. Kirsty Tod says:

    Thanks for the great advice you provide! My 6 year old shih tzu dog has suddenly become fearful of the noise of rain on our conservatory roof. It started around 3-4 weeks ago with some thunder – he was panting and almost trying to climb inside my skin – but since then he seems unsettled if it rains heavily, causing noise on the roof. If it happens during the night, I can hear him crying. I’m trying not to encourage it by bringing him upstairs with us at bedtime, but up until the thunder point he was absolutely bomb proof and would even stand in the garden barking during a storm. I’m worried that this has happened quite suddenly – could there be a medical reason for this sudden change?

  102. Douglas Urisko says:

    I have a 15 year old Shih Tsu who I love dearly. Unfortunately he got Glaucoma in one eye and lost his vision in it. I elected to have to have the surgery to have a prostetic eye put in and it came out so well that you cannot tell which eye is his good one. It was performed by Dr. Charle Stuhr in Wilton Ct. Unfortunately my dog now has cataracts in his good eye. Dr Stuhr does not do Cataracts surgery but did reccomend a Dr. John Sapienza in Long Island ,NY to possibly have the procedure done. Dr. Stuhr did say that if the dog did have the cataracts procedure done, it could increase the chances of getting glaucoma in the remaining good eye. I went on-line and read some not so favorable comments on Dr. Sapienza which makes me further afraid to get it done. Do you know of him or have heard anything about his work? Even though my dog is 15 years old he still is good health and if I can help the quality of his life in getting his vision improved , I would. Do you have any help you can give me in regards to this procedure or about Dr. Sapienza? Thank you so much

  103. Amber says:

    We have a 10 month old, neutered Maine Coon mix. He is very playful but gentle (has never bitten or scratched anything or anyone) but he is HUGE (20 + lbs at our last vet visit). We recently adopted a little 8 week old DMH neutered male from an adoption group in town. There was no hissing when we introduced them. The chased each other around and played but our big guy kept pouncing on the little (I mean LITTLE) one and we could tell it was hurting him. We aren’t home a lot and didn’t want to put the little guy in jeopardy so we returned him after a few days of this and he was adopted 30 minutes later! Here is my question….would it be okay to try again with a bigger or older cat? Maybe another Maine Coon who could take a little more rough play? I just don’t want to end up with an injured little kitty. Do cats do better alone?

  104. Kim says:

    I had my 6 month old kitten desexed about 9 days ago. Last night I noticed that he was licking himself and a saw red. At first I thought it might have been his penis but when into up this morning he still has skin colour in the area on closer look it looks like it has come from the surgery site. It’s not bright red anymore, more of a normal skin colour. Wondering if I should be taking him back to the vet. Is this normal thing to happen? It’s a Sunday so don’t really wanna go to the vet if I can get away with it today.

  105. Carol Phelps says:

    I want to thank you for providing breeders with support on the issue of not spaying and neutering puppies. I require my puppy people to wait until the pup is mature before spaying and neutering (one season for a female; 24 months for a male) – but there is so much pressure on these families from so many vets to spay at 6 months of age – as well as from doggie day care facilities – that I often feel I am fighing an uphill battle on this. Common sense dictates waiting, and nice now to have medical professionals like you taking a stand in agreement. I do understand that the medical information is mounting every day that early spaying and neutering is detrimental to the lives of our pets. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. William Askins says:

    I need help finding a veterinary surgeon that has experience doing vasectomies for dogs anywhere in the Tri-State area, or even further afield. I have made dozens of calls to veterinary surgeons and hospitals in Manhattan and Queens with no success. I want my 17 month old, sweet, confidant, athletic Havanese to maintain his normal hormonal balance, especially if I pursue agility training with him.
    The issue is that we now have a 4 month old female Coton in the house and we do not want any “accidents.”
    Please help with a referral or at least a clue as to where I might look for a vet that does vasectomies. I cannot afford to fly to England, but even Oregon or California is a possibility (I have relatives to stay with.)
    Thank you.

  107. Laura says:

    Recently due to apartment manager my 6 year old chiwawha had to be neutered and before the surgery was very loving and passive now he constantly nervous and fights with my other dogs had to crate him or he would be hurt or hurt my other animals serious problem for whole family for my older dog is aggressive with his food and now i am always getting bite and in the middle of fights I am at my wits end the vets office will not help says it is a behavioral problem and they need obediance training I DONT THINK SO!! PLEASE HELP! Thank you and god bless.

  108. Berta Richter says:

    I “adopted” a 7-year-old rescue sheltie eight weeks ago. He was neutered less than a week before I got him, and he has become increasingly fearful. I think he was extremely unsocialized, but I fear the neutering is an important factor. My efforts to desensitize him are bearing fruit, but the progress is extremely slow; therefore, I want to explore all possibilities to help him lead a normal life. Have there been any studies regarding testosterone replacement in dogs that have had very negative psychological results from neutering? I would so appreciate any assistance! Thank you!

  109. Melody says:

    When do you suggest it is appropriate for an intact male to mate?

  110. It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of information.
    I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  111. Gina says:

    Hello! I have a 9 1/2 year old Boxer who partially tore his CCL back in July. We have opted to wait to have surgery for a couple of reasons. 1. He does not do well after surgery with his collar (this dog chews up everything) so we have to schedule time off of work, and cannot do so until December. So for now the surgery is scheduled for December 19. 2. When he was diagnosed, we had his senior bloodwork done, and his alkaline phosphatase was at 439, and that was the only number that was elevated. Everything else was perfect. They gave us Denamarin to see if this would help bring the number down. This level has always been slightly elevated his whole life. He was taking Rimadyl before the test, so we are going to have this checked again in 30 days to see if the Denamarin has helped. I am terrified to give him any more pain meds, so I have not given him any as he doesn’t really seem to be in pain at the moment. So my questions for you are : Have we made a mistake waiting so long for the surgery? He doesn’t limp hardly at all anymore, although he still toe touches when he stands for a long period of time. My vet mentioned that it would be pointless if we waited, but we really didn’t have a choice with our work schedules and having no more days to take off until December. Do you think it will be pointless to have surgery then? I also think it would be bad to do any anesthetic or more NSaids until we know his liver enzymes have come down? Maybe I am just being silly, but I want to do what is best for him and I feel like we have let him down somehow. We have also been taking him to water therapy once a week, and she said that he is using that leg really well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

  112. will says:

    i have 2 female rex cornish 8 months old they are sisters and present the same thing (feed with 1srtchoice and royal canin during childhood i started to feed them with orijen chicken and wished to find the perfect diet i think i will have to fed them raw)they are lossing their fur , first on the spine and tail it’s very short no skin appears but almost, no redness no hitching or scratching the vet is doing fungus tests but have no idea beside that…..and they are changing color to the bottow and now more and more to the body and up (paler) i read on the net that some rex are allergic to chicken so i change the food again to natural balance duck and peas but i’m starting to be worried i’m never sure i give them the right thing, and they are losing more and more fur….(they are sleeping ok seems good and have normal stools)

    I’m at loss to what to do now no one knows anything….

    thank you for your insight.

  113. Eric says:

    Thank you for all that you do!

  114. Eric says:

    Pyloric Stenosis – Is this easily treated? Does it take a specialist to treat this or is this something that any veterinarian should be able to treat? I have an 8 year old Bichon that has never had issues until just recently.

  115. Jacquie Hatfield says:


    I have to female puppies (they are down as mixed breed but I suspect they are pitbulls) that I found in the rubbish bins at less than a day old. They are now 2 years old. Today they had their boosters. The one was OK but the other one become very aggressive and bit both me and the vet. She has never shown any tendencies in this respect at all and I am finding this very worrying. We had to practically chock her to calm her down. We did try to muzzle her but this made things extremely worse. Now the vet is saying that they only need their boosters once every 2 years is this correct ???? And what can I do about the way she become aggressive very quickly. Am I doing something wrong ??? They are corrected when they do something wrong, they are fed dog food not human food and are walked 4 to 6 times a day as they are very energetic. The one that became aggressive is at times very timid and frightened of funny things like carrier bags, walking through the kitchen although we have never understood why. She has never shown any aggression towards anyone or anything before. Please help as this has frightened me..

  116. Billea says:

    I have 2 1/2 yr old intact male scottish terrier. I have only recently moved to the city and started taking him to a dog park. On the average day we have no issues and he is very friendly, sociable, and playful. But the last time we went he was quite aggressive and was mounting all the other dogs (which is not his normal behaviour) the only difference i could think of was that I was on my menses, could that have been the cause of his increased aggression, or should i be looking for another cause to his changed behaviour?

  117. Joan Halcomb says:

    I brought home an abandoned kitten last winter. I took her in to have her checked for feline leukemia to protect my senior cats. The vet couldn’t restrain her and said he had to anesthetize her for the test. When I called to check on her, the test was negative and he insisted on vaccinating her for felv and several other things that day. I had to (respectfully) argue to stop the rabies vaccination. She had some kind of upper respiratory infection(he couldn’t pinpoint) with a fever and mild conjunctivitis. When I picked her up he was angry and sent her out by an assistant with two antibiotics and no consultation. I stopped the antibiotics the first day because of severe diarrhea. She seems quite healthy now but her eyes are still not quite right. Also MY eyes and those of another cat and a dog have developed problems. Any thoughts.

  118. Danielle says:

    Hi I have a staffy pup he is about 9 to 10 months old and we dewormed him yesterday he has been fine all day but all of a sudden he has come up in all these lumps and his eyes are swelling I have a girl staff and she is 3 and nothing like this has ever happened to her and we dewormed her at the same time please help

  119. Justice King says:

    I have a question regarding dewormer. I just got a 7 week old puppy about a week ago, got his first shots then got him some over the counter dewormer, prior to this he was eating and drinking like a horse. Now after a couple of days after receiving the dewormer he won’t eat, even his favorite wet food! acts lethargic, and this morning when I took him to go potty outside he started to squat when I heard a weird noise coming from his behind it sounded like a mini geyser. I proceeded to examine his feces to see if maybe he started passing worms. All that was there was what looked like a pile of vomit… very mucous like and looked nothing like poop, of course at this point he hasn’t eaten for two days. My question is could the dewormer be causing this and if so what should I do? is it normal? should I just let the dewormer go its course? Never had this issue with any of my other dogs…. I am mostly concerned about the not eating since he was already under weight when I got him.

  120. Cynthia says:

    Hello! I came upon your website when i was researching on spaying and neutering and the information that I got from your website was very valuable. Thank you. I have one question for you: what is your opinion about dogs’ anal glands being expressed? My 5 month old puppy started to give off an odd scent from her rear end – on some days it’s there, on others it’s not. Does that mean her glands are being cleared when she poops? I have a weird feeling that manually expressing a dog’s anal glands is not good. Thank you in advance for your advice!

  121. Daniela says:

    My 8 months old cat was spayed on Tuesday and has not been very well ever since. She was okay Wednesday but Yesterday she was responding or walking much, she is normally very active and playfully but since the op she hardly walks anywhere. Today she was hyperventilating when I arrived home and she looked in pain so I took her to the vet. When I got there they said it was a medical emergency and would have to keep her in and run some tests. They rang me back saying she has fluid in her lungs and that they had to sedate her. Her heart was scanned and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I am quite concerned as they has told me it is life threatening and they can not find a cause for it. She is an indoor cat and we look after her very well and she spent the last couple of days in bed. So I can’t understand how this could have happened. Do you think this could be related to her being spayed? Maybe during the surgery could they have perforated her lungs?

    Thanking you in advance,

  122. Linda Paws says:

    My 3 1/2 month old husky/malamute just got his second injections. There were 2 different vaccines and the vet injected them on each side of the puppy, something like at the middle of his body. Now, a day after the vaccines, he wont let me pick him up. Is this normal?

  123. diana says:

    I have a 10 month old border collie. Atlas was spayed at approx. 7 months old. Soon after her stiches came out she started having diarrhea, she cannot seem to hold in her poop overnight and I wake up to 2 or 3 piles of poop. I took her to the vet. Her stool sample and urine sample came back ok. They gave her a script of metronidazole which helped but when it was done the poops came back. We fasted her for approx 18-20 hrs. than gave her rice for a couple of days than added boiled chicken. when her stools got a little firmer we started her out on Now dry food with probotics in it. It seemed to help for a while but the last two days she has pooped Diarrhea in the house again. She does it mostly in the middle of the night. she is feed approx 1cups of dry food in the morning and one cup in the afternoon . she weighs approx. 30 lbs.

  124. Donna Slater says:

    Hi, I have a 15-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and he has been having the following problem. First of all, earlier this year, he had one of his anal glands removed due to tumor and had no complications. Over the past several weeks, I noticed he was scooting and really acting crazier than usual so I figured he needed a trip to the vet to get his remaining anal gland expressed which it did need. Well, he was still acting crazy after he had his anal gland expressed and it seems that it happens when he tries to go poop and cannot. So, I took him to the vet again and she said that his poop was soft and she thought that maybe he could not go poop because he could not get into the stance to go poop due to his age. Well, this is not so. He is scooting and he does get into the stance to go poop but sometimes cannot and then he acts crazy and I just do not know what to do. Please help!! Thanks!!

  125. Savannah says:

    Hi! I’m going to do my best to make this short.. I’m a Doberman breeder in Ohio.. I had a customer buy a puppy that then suddenly died at 12 weeks of age.. a necropcy was done.. and the cause of death is “due to server changes in the heart” I would attach the report but not sure how to.. I can email it.. the report goes on to say he had 10 times the normal about of vitamin E in his system.. there were a few abnormalities but basically saying diet couldn’t be ruled out as the cause. Can you look at this report for me and give me your opinion… I was also told that all animals when they die have a change in heart.. but the cause of the change in heart ifs basically unknown according to the report..

    Thank you so very much
    Savannah Lewis

  126. Karen Gilden says:

    I would like to hear your opinion on late spaying. I have a rottweiler bitch that I show and compete with in many venues (obedience, rally, carting, herding, agility, weight pulling, etc.) She is 6 1/2 years old now. She has had one litter born last February. An added note, we had problems with her maintaining a high enough progesterone level during pregnancy. I am on the fence on whether or not to spay her. We would like to for convenience. It would mean no more interuptions when entering her in competitions and the two boys at the house would be less stressed (the neutered one that is her companion stresses the most). But, I have briefly read about the Golden Retriever studies and am now questioning myself on whether or not I should spay her at this age. In the 32 years of owning and breeding rottweilers, I have never spayed any dog under the age of two. On retired dogs or ones we choose not to breed, some I have spayed and some I haven’t. Looking at only the older bitches (all related) that were spayed between 5 to 8 years old, I predominately lost them to tumors growing on their hearts that were pushing into their lungs. I lost the youngest one to lymphoma and the oldest one had a tumor on her kidney that I talked my vet in trying to remove years ago and the cancer metastisized to her brain and I then lost her about 4 months later. Getting longevity is more important to me than convenience, but it would be nice to also be able to compete with her all year long and not have to pull her from a trial every time she comes in heat. What are the risks of shortening her life? What do you recommend?

  127. Karen Gilden says:

    I forgot to add to my last post regarding the age that the older bitches spayed between 5 and 8 actually died. The lymphoma dog (spayed at age 5) died this summer at the age of 8. The one that I lost from the cancer metastisizing to the brain (spayed at age 8) dyed at age 10. Two of the others were lost at age 11, two at age 12, two at age 13, and one at age 14. The average age of spaying on the latter dogs was at age 7 to 7 1/2 with the exception of one of the 12 year olds that was spayed at age 6.

  128. Abby says:

    Hi, I have a mini schnauzer who has the typical horrible schnauzer teeth and bad breath to go along with it. She’s not a chewer so that doesn’t help. She has had a bunch of teeth extracted, we take her in to have them cleaned regularly plus I brush her teeth, but her breath still stinks. I have been avoiding giving her anything for bad breath from the pet store since it all seems to be chemical filled. Is there anything I can do for her to help her breath and help her keep the few teeth she has left?

  129. Donna says:

    I have a dog who tested positive for grain allergies. I feed her a raw diet and was wondering if the animals we’re feed grain would it affect my dog?

  130. Keith Smith says:

    We have an eight-year-old we think border collie lab mix. Lately she’s been very restless and appears maybe paranoid. She has always had separation anxiety now we can’t be out of the room she’s in. Even if when the same room she will only lay down for a few minutes and then she’ll get up and find another spot in each spot she paws at more than normal. She seems to be eating and drinking fine and she seems be using the bathroom without problem. She has no signs or symptoms of worms or bloat, and I felt her abdomen and kidnys and she doesn’t seem to have any sensitivity. She’s not aggressive and she seems be behaving normally outside of wondering around a lot and switching where she lays down. I believe her anxiety is through the roof but we can’t seem to figure out why new dramatic situations happened. She recently had a vet exam just over a month ago with no abnormal findings on physical exam or bloodwork. We Just don’t know what else to do, not getting sleep she’s up through the night. She does have a long history of yeast external ear infections and it is hard to collect urine to check for a UTI because she stops urinating if you get near her, but she’s always been that way, she does not urinate in her cage when she’s in there.

  131. Mel says:

    My 7 year old shih tzu has started trembling off and on for 3 wks and has no other symptoms. Blood work was great, she eats and pottys just fine so what could be the problem and what tests should I have done on her?

  132. Hi Angry Vet!

    Congrats on the website and the thing you do! I am glad there are people with a different opinion that makes sense out there!

    I would like to ask a question regarding my cat. I found her on the street and took her home (she was a stray). I don’t know her age but it’s presumably around 5 months now. I haven’t vaccinated her up till now nor spayed/neutered. She lives in the house and I rarely let her on the outside.
    I am afraid she will get pregnant when she grows up because I can’t find a home for the kittens. On the other side I don’t want to spay/neuter because I feel it’s unnatural. I heard that if I want to spay her it is good for her to at least give birth once. Is this true and if yes why so?
    What would you recommend regarding spaying or neutering her?


  133. joe says:

    my cat started coughing and throwing up and i noticed that once when he threw up there was a worm in it, so i got some sergeants worm away and treated him with 2 capsuls of the powder, but he is still having a hard time beathing and i cant afford to take him to the vet. now that i treated him for the worms should his breathing get better in a day or so ? i am very concerned about him, i love him very much and if there is a home remedy, please let me knoe………thank you for you time…..joe

  134. Maya says:

    Hi, my 3 year old boxer, recently had been vomiting for a whole day. I continued to check to make sure there was no discoloration or anything strange. It was clear as water everytime. The next day he wouldnt eat and was very week. So I made an appointment with my vet. By that night he was happier and ate boiled chicken . I decided to still go to vet to make sure he was fine. My vet said he looks healthy might be just gastrol intestinal indegestion. She gave me special food. He is eating it fine very lottle amounts, hes pooping, peeing fine and looks a bit better. I got a phone call today saying they believe he may have pancreatitis! How is this possible everything I research says he should have more symptoms and be worse? Is it possible his enzymes and the pancrease can just be eratated from the vomiting?

  135. Jaclyn says:

    Hello, Recently brought my almost 2 yr old non spayed female pittbull to the vet for my notice of her weight . Seems like i noticed her spine protruding around when my daughter was 4 months old..she is now 5 months. she sure lost 7 lbs since last march.Sent out her stool to rule out parasites .It came back she had none and it was clear..She went back the following week for blood work because she lost 4 more lbs in a week. total of 11 lbs..She is 41 lbs now.. She eats just fine acts fine.. she itches a lot..brought up her skin to the vet. She thinks maybe she is stressed out from babys arrival??? I don’t see that much weight is stress related. i could be wrong. She is on IAMS dog food now..WAS on WELNESS but her coat was getting wiry so i switched. Her bloodwork came back now i am at a loss.. what should i do? i do not want her to lose anymore weight..Had her on the rice diet. Frequent liquid aswel. Also last heat was last and FIRST heat was last march..shouldn’t she have had another?

  136. Tiffany says:

    We recently took our 6 month puppy to a vet. He had all his shots, but the vet insisted we got the lepto shot. There was suppose to be two series of shots, they said come back to get the second one. We never went back because we hated how they handled our puppy, but now were nervous we didn’t get the second shot. Will our puppy be okay??? : (

  137. Jackie says:

    Hi vet! I am seeking help for my 1yr 11 month pittbull. Recently noticed her losing weight in November. (Could see spine) brought her in for checkup sure enough she lost 7lbs. They sent out her stool it came back fine the following week they did bloodwork also came back fine. Yet still lost 4 more lbs total of 11.. I don’t know where to go from here . Second opinion? More bloodwork? Other tests? I do not notice her gaining weight at all just losing. Normal diet eating drinking fine . Her eyes seem bloodshot now and sometimes feels warm to the touch to me.. I just want her healthy any advice would be greatly appreciated. I had a baby girl this past July they thought maybe she was sad and stressed from her.. ??? Thank u

  138. SRH says:

    Hi Angry Vet,
    We have an intact male Labrador who’s 2.5 yrs old. He’s totally submissive in nature. He is intact for health reasons – we were advised not to have him neutered by our vets (we moved a few times) because of his intolerance to meds and steroids etc after a long bout of being unwell in his first year and a weakened immune system incl GI issues. He’s a strong and healthy boy now. We are looking to bring another dog into our home. Since our lab should stay intact, would it be best to get another male? We are considering a 5 month old lab. I’m afraid due to his submissive nature that we are likely to have aggressive behaviour by the new male once he’s older? Should I rather be considering a spayed female? What would you do? Thanks!

  139. Michaela mills says:

    My puppy has been vomiting and has watery poop for the past 3 or 4 days now and she want to eat nothing or drink nothing but when she does she throws it right back up what do I do she has been wormed

  140. Rorenmaku says:

    is it ok to spay my 15 months dog because i have seen some abrasion on his testicles? his testicle producing some foul odor

  141. Cathy says:

    I have stumbled onto your site whie researching the behavioural effects of neutering. I have a male staffie, approximately 3 years of age, who seems to suffer quite badly with anxiety. I put this down to having had 6 homes before I got him at around a year old and having been very badly abused and neglected in at least one of those homes. He has always reacted badly to some dogs in the street while being walked, crying and pulling to try and reach them, occasionally growling or barking. He is fine with females and smaller dogs, unless they display aggression towards him first, and even some large dogs don’t seem to bother him. This leaves me wondering if it is a hormonal issue with him. His aggressive behaviour does seem to be getting worse and while walking him recently we encountered another dog on quite a narrow path. The other dog didn’t react to him at all but when I was pulling him away he turned on me and bit the back of my leg. I’d love to say that I just got in the way and he didn’t mean it but I think that he was in such a heightened state of anxiety that in that moment he just forgot himself. Since then I have been feeling nervous of him, although I have had dogs all my life and never felt afraid of any of them, but I do feel that a dog you can’t control is a weapon, not a pet! He is definitely becoming more pushy around the house too, although he doesn’t display any other typical problem behaviours such as humping or marking, so I have put much stricter boundaries in place now to deal with this. He has always been very well behaved and I have him well trained, I think it is just unfortunate that he must not have been socialised as a youngster and is quite anxious due to being badly treated. Even if we visit someone else’s house he can’t settle and becomes very anxious, like he is afraid he is going to be left there. So what I want to know is whether it is possible for me to train this behaviour out of him? I would really rather not have him neutered. I am a responsible owner, I have no intention of allowing him to breed and he is kept on a leash when out so I see no reason to neuter him unless it could help with the aggression. He is very receptive to training but I’m not sure where to start with regards to other dogs? I also think that he picks up on my anxiety now when we see other dogs on our walks and I know that doesn’t help. I would be very grateful for any pointers.

  142. Chris C says:

    I am very much new to this, but would appreciate anyone’s help or advice during this difficult time. My 12-year-old shepherd mix has been in the vet hospital coming on 48hrs. for pancreatitis.

    On Monday (12/23) at 6:30 am she threw up bile and undigested food – had all the normal symptoms of pancreatitis; did not want to move, would not eat, would not drink water and looked to be in pain. I was at the vets office by noon and she was given a pain shot, anti-nausea shot, a fluid pack to be given under the skin at home (200 CC once a day) and Tramadol for pain (100mg twice a day). She came home and slept on her bed and looked to be looking a little better, but at 2 AM she attempted to get up and took maybe 6 steps and collapsed in front of the kitchen. By Christmas day (Wed. 12/25) she had not moved from the spot in front of the fridge and was still not showing any interest in food, on Tuesday 12/24 she had started drinking bits of water that I would give her with pedialyte and did not throw any of it up.

    At 5:30 pm on Christmas night I rushed her to the Vet Emergency room to be treated since I saw no improvement. Once there she was put on an IV and pain meds. Her blood pressure was normal; she had fluid in her abdomen, which they tapped to make sure it wasn’t blood (which it wasn’t), and told that she seemed to have an irregular heartbeat. She was left at the hospital to recover. Blood work was ordered that showed high levels of enzymes in her pancreas (don’t know the exact number). X-rays were done, which showed an enlarged liver. She was put on an EKG to monitor her heart. Was told that she ate some food once she was left there, but then refused to eat food again.

    When I visited her at 2pm yesterday (Thur. 12/26) she didn’t even acknowledge that I was there and would not lift her head. She had been taken out but was not able to walk or stand on her own. She seemed to have no change in her condition, other than the fact that she was extremely scared of her surroundings. I came back at 6:30 with the rest of my family and she was brought to a visiting room on a cart. She seemed more alert then and lifted her head and started crying when she saw all of us. She even turned on her side when we were petting her. I asked for food in an attempt to get her to eat – which she did eat half of.

    We discussed our options with the Vet – (1) Perform an ultrasound to see if there is a mass around her liver or pancreas, which they would then take a sample of to test for cancer. Or (2) Put her down (Which he said wouldn’t be wrong given her age and future quality of life) . After much thought we decided to give her another day and perform an ultra-sound, which would put us very close to spending a little over $4,000 up to this point(these emergency vet hospitals sure are expensive).

    I called this morning (Fri. 12/27) for an update – another Vet was handling her case today (these hospitals seem to change vets on a daily basis). She said that she was still extremely lethargic, would not move/ could not walk without assistance, and was again not eating anything. The only good news is that she had not thrown up the food she ate last night. She would be continued on IV and pain meds. Her ultrasound would not be able to be performed until this afternoon, afterwards they would probably insert a nasal feeding tube. They will be calling me after the ultrasound to explain their findings.

    At this point I am extremely unsure of how to proceed after the Ultra-sound. If there is a mass and it is cancerous than I don’t think I should put her through the pain of treatment – but even so I won’t know this for a couple of days since they have to send the samples out for testing. She is 12, going on 13, and I don’t think it would be fair to expect her to go through all of that. But, what if it just shows that it is a really bad case of Pancreatitis? When do I know enough is enough? Money is certainly an issue, I don’t know how much longer I can afford to keep her at the hospital given they charge close to 1,000 a day with all the meds and tests they run on her. Also, she hates it in there – she has always been a scared dog and I stay up at night imagining how bad she must feel to be in a foreign place and to have all of these procedures done on her – she looks terrified. Any suggestions or thoughts from people who have gone through this? Am I just trying to hold on to my Blanca, even though it’s her time?

    I forgot to mention that she did have a previous pancreatitis attack a little under a year ago. She had all of the same symptoms and it looked really bad then (although I don’t know if that’s just because it was the first time we experienced it). On her first attack she wasn’t hospitalized – we just gave her fluids under the skin at home and pain medication from regular vet. She wouldn’t eat or drink for three days – but on the fourth she started eating bits of rice and we slowly got her back to normal. Since then we have been extremely on top of not giving her human food – other than rice, lean boiled chicken mixed in with her regular grain food. She’s also been on 10mg of Prednisone for severe allergies every Monday, Wed, and Fri for a while.

    Any suggestions? Thoughts? Sorry for the super long thread….

    • Chris C says:


      Got the results from the Ultra Sound late last night. Luckily, she does not have a growth/mass around her liver or pancreas. However, the ultra sound did show an enlarged liver and a “very inflamed pancreas”. They still took cell samples from her liver to test for cancer or any other reason why it may be enlarged. Should get results back today or Sunday. Vet explained that it may just be enlarged from the pancreatitis or we may just never find out.

      As of now they are diagnosing this as a severe pancreatitis case. Treatment will continue with IV, Pain Med and Feeding Tube, if she continues to refuse food. Vet said that there wasn’t much more we could do to treat it.

      The great news is that she did look a lot better last night. She was really drugged up from the ultra sound but she slowly started to come down and act more alert. They brought her in on a cart still, but did say that she had actually gotten up on her own once and took a couple of steps around her cage. She was still refusing food – as a result she had a feeding tube inserted that seemed to cause her a lot of discomfort, but once again when I offered her food in the visiting room she ate up an entire can. This morning on the update call the vet said that she looked even better than yesterday – had actually started eating a bit on her own and had gotten up a couple of more times. They want to keep her another night to wane her off the high dosage of pain meds she’s on and to see if she keeps eating. I of course want to bring her home as soon as possible – (1) because I think she wants to be home and (2) because of the amount of money it costs to keep them hospitalized (probably an additional $800 a night). I’m leaning towards letting her stay the extra night, but will ask again if its possible she come home this afternoon.

      Ultimately, I am hesitantly optimistic that she can get back to her normal self – she’s shown great improvement. I am very happy that we decided to give her a chance to recover. However, I am scared to death of another severe pancreatitis flare up – as next time I probably won’t be able to shell out another $5,000 to $6,000 to keep her hospitalized. Also, this attack must have taken a lot out of her – she really looked like she was ready to leave us. I’m hoping that since we have ruled out a mass and hopefully cancer when we get the results from her liver back, that if it happens next time it can be treated as chronic pancreatitis (i.e.: pain killers, IV, and anti-naseua meds) at a local vet – without the need to run the expensive tests to confirm it (i.e.: Blood, x-rays, and ultrasound). Nevertheless, things are certainly starting to look up.

      Any suggestions on food (I know it should be low fat – any ideas on brands or home cooked recipes would be much welcomed) or questions to ask the vet later today when I go see her would be great.

  143. Jeannette Hayward says:

    Do you have a list of vets that will perform tubal ligations on a female in the Pacific Northwest or northern California? If not do you where I can find such a vet? Thanks Jeannette

  144. Jane says:

    My pit Bull Teva is my life and everything, We exersize her all the time and run her she loves other dogs and people. Teva is two and when we got her she was the runt but lately I have been noticing she is skinny you can feel her ribs and spine. She always has food available, she eats but wont gain anything she is up to date on all her shots and is over all healthy but i dont know if er weight i just how shes built or she is becoming sick. I worried

  145. Karen says:

    I have an 11 year old bull mastiff. The last two days she has been out of it. Two days ago I came home to a throw up mess on my floor. It was just liquid, water looking. I was unsure what it was. But I could tell it was from her. Come to fond out it looks like she drank some toilet bowl water which had some cleaner in it. I am sure she threw it up immediately. She hasn’t eaten food for two days. She has been drinking lots of water though. She hasn’t thrown up anymore either. My concerns are because she isn’t eating and I have also noticed last few times she has gone out to potty and squats when she tries to stand back up from squatting her back legs won’t straighten up and she falls over. After a few minutes she is then able to get back up. She is old and it is cold outside… should I be concerned? ?

  146. Karissa says:

    My 17 month old blue tick walker hound dog mixed with Pit Bull has thrown up 3 times in the past 2 days. She will not eat but is drinking water regularly. She has not had diarrhea of any sort. She is usually very active but has been lying around a lot for the past 3 days. She is not fixed and already has had one litter of puppies. I noticed that she was in heat about two weeks ago and it is possible that her and my male dog might of tied up, but not completely sure. We were in the middle of moving to a new home.

  147. jennifer says:

    My puppy beagle has a bladder infection I have cipro medication can i give this to her to help out I can not afford to go to a vet right now but i don’t want her to get worse please help

  148. Blake Wood says:

    Is it true that zinc neutering can only be performed on puppies between 3-10 months? Is there any physiological reason for this or is it simply a regulatory issue for the currently approved product used in this procedure?
    Also do you know of any similar vets in the So Cal area that subscribe to your philosophies? I like the fact that you are animal advocates and truly care about them. This is a breath of fresh air! Thanks!

  149. We have a 50/50 English Mastiff / American Pit Bull Terrier named Forrest. Forrest is 6 1/2 years old, fully vaccinated, neutered, eats like a horse, drinks like a horse, plays hard and sleeps harder.
    Approx 30 days ago, we noticed he had discharge coming from his rear end. We took him to our regular DVM. She expressed his anal glands (impacted) and put him on an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Two weeks into it, there was no significant change. Our DVM changed him to a stronger antibiotic. Two weeks further into it, we’ve notice a slight improvement… but the problem remains.

    Any suggestions?

    Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training and Rehabilitation
    Denver, CO

  150. Hi, I love my 16 year old boy cat so much & not sure what to do to help him. His kidney tests etc were good & has a grade 2 murmur. Went for surgery to extract canine on 30th Dec but abscess found so root work done too. He started sneezing immediately when got home so more surgery on 3rd Jan to re-suture as fissure appeared. Home same day – Friday & he eats (pate style) with little discomfort but ok. Happy to continue to go out 3 times a day for his ablutions and sleeps for remaining time. Spoke to vet on Monday night as he vomited in the afternoon and lay on me moaning – was concerned it was the Loxicom. Vet advised stop immediately (shame Monday nights dose already in) Tuesday he vomited @ 4am and this morning between 9 & 1pm. He is so lethargic & I believe him to be in pain but how will I know if it’s effects of Loxicom or his cavity ??? It does seem that when he eats 1. His sister’s more solid food he throws that up 2. He gets more docile and lethargic to the point of no movement even if touched. I don’t know if he’s vomiting when he’s out but his left eye has a clear discharge & his pupils appear dilated as if in pain – when he’s not crashed out. Any advice please, I know he had surgery twice in a week and the trauma that goes with it but he’s really not himself, thanks.

  151. tania lopez says:

    Hello- I have a french bulldog who sprinted outside to chase something and came limping back in. I immediately took her to the vet for an x-ray. The radiaologist’s findings are as follows: Mild capsular swelling is identified in the right stifle joint. No fractures are identified. No
    periarticular osteophyte production is seen. Multiple small osseous bodies are present aroundthe lateral fabellar sesamoid of the right stifle. No destructive or productive bone lesions are identified. Both acetabulae are shallow, and the femoral heads appear remodeled. The choice cannot be fully evaluated due to frog leg positioning and obliquity. Conclusions:
    There is mild effusion in the right stifle joint, compatible with intra-articular injury. A meniscaltear or ligament tear should be ruled out. Comments/Recommendations:Palpation of the stifle joints under sedation or anesthesia may be helpful in determining is aligamentous tear or meniscal tear is present. What would be the next logical step? TPLO surgery was mentioned, but seems invasive and expensive with no certain results.

  152. Emma says:

    My dog went to the vets yesterday to have some injections to stop him from getting ill today he hasn’t been himself he has been sick. Is this just a phase will he go back to normal ,?? Please help!!!

  153. Crystal L Price says:

    How do I get my female cat to stop peeing on my furniture she has been neutered? Help

  154. Shauna says:

    2 years ago we took in the class bunny, Flopsie, from my daughters school. We’re not sure her age but I’m estimating she’s at least 6 if not older. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that she was favoring her hind right leg, nothing major just not bearing much weight unless she had to. More recently she has started to do the same with her hind left leg as well. We don’t have the money to take her to a vet. She is still eating, drinking, grooming and moving around to the best of her ability, she still loves attention and I’ve made her as comfortable as possible. We are not picking her up or moving her around and she doesn’t like her back legs messed with. With a heavy heart we are considering putting her down, in the mean time I was wondering if there was anything we could give her over the counter (and at what dose?) or even easily ordered online that would make her more comfortable, I don’t know if she’s in any pain but if she is I’d like to ease/prevent it. I understand how she is currently living is NO way for any animal to live.

  155. Jaquela Bishop says:

    I have an american pit bull we reciantly took in (about 4days now)
    She was very sick, lethargic, and malnutritioned. I noticed she had wormers so we wormed her, but shes been bleeding (not in stool) so which i eliminated parvo..what else could it be and what home remedies can i do to help her since i am located on the navajo reservation with no vet within a 4hour radius? Was concidering possible uteres infection?

    • Angry Vet says:

      if its blood from vulva could be pyometra, stones, tumor, uti…if blood from colon can be colitis, tumor, anal gland issues…get to the vet

  156. Les says:

    Our 6month old male puppy was diagnosed with a UTI. Our vet gave him 21 days on clavamox. He finished the last clavamox dose on Sunday morning and we took his urine in for a urinalysis Monday morning. They said there is still a mild UTI. Is this normal? Should a culture be done? They are suggesting another 2 weeks on the Clavamox.

  157. Danni says:

    A feral kitten arrived on our doorsteps when she was 2 lbs. and seriously ill with an upper respiratory infection, round worms, and fleas. She is now active, healthy, and loves to play w/ our other 2 cats and our dog. She is 8 month old and had an ECG to prepare for spaying. The ECG findings show axis deviation, which they state may be due to normal patient variation. Her heart rate was 240 bpm with a sinus rhythm. Radiographs and an echocardiogram are suggested to see if she is free of heart disease. We are feeling unsure about how to proceed. Are these expensive tests the only way to determine her heart health? Is an axis deviation a risk for anesthesia? We are also considering delaying the spaying after reading your article.

  158. Janet Leslie says:

    In one of your answers you disapproved of all the vaccinations. I had a puppy for three days. 1st day was great, second day sick, that night she died and horrible death from distemper. She had it when she came. At her age ( 4 mts) she should have had her vaccines. Whay do you not approve of vaccine? Thank u for your neutering spaying info very educational. Janet

  159. Danielle says:

    I purchased my puppy at 8 weeks old. He was already neutered. I have a 9 year old dog too, who is not neutered. I just don’t believe male dogs need to be neutered and I was really bothered that he was already neutered! But, I digress…
    Now he is 10 months old. He has always had some “Humping” behavior but it is getting really bad. He won’t stay away from my 9 year old dog and the puppy is the one who is starting it. The puppy is in our room all night, and my 9 year old dog sleeps in the foyer. In the morning I let the puppy go free (he potty trained almost immediately). The past few days I’ve found him going crazy, humping my 9 year old dog! And every night after dinner, the same thing. I’m starting to think he wasn’t neutered right? He didn’t learn that behavior here. I only have my 9 year old dog. And as young as he was, why is he going crazy now?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  160. jessica says:

    Why haven’t you updated your site? I find your views informative and appealing. Just curious…

    • Angry Vet says:

      running out of time to keep up with it….three kids under 7 years old and three practices, surgery for myself this week…

  161. Rose says:

    Hey there! I have two questions regarding two different cats. First: my deaf, all-white kitty Casper is almost 4 years old and he has these off-white gray colored flex on his corneas. They don’t seem to affect him, but since they first showed up (about 3.5 years ago) they have spread to his other eye. What can this mean?
    Second: My 11 year old tabby Spike has been miserable since I brought Casper into the home as a kitten. Casper attacks him every chance, and Spike reacts by shadowing me for a bodyguard, getting very stressed about peeing indoors in the winter (he goes outside in the summer, but he won’t go out in the cold or snow) and scent marking on toys and items he deems “his”. These I can mostly handle. However, he frequently humps my blankets and pillows and then licks himself afterwards. It’s embarrassing when I have guests, but what’s worse is sometimes there is an odor left on my pillow afterwards. It’s not a revolting smell like urine, it’s not even entirely unpleasant, however, it can become a little overwhelming. The surface of the pillow is dry, so it doesn’t seem to be ejaculating (which would be hard since he’s neutered). Perhaps some sort of hormonal secretion? Anyway, back to the point. What is the smell, and how can I get Spike to stop humping?

  162. Bev Silvey says:

    Hello, My 7 yr old cairn terrier has had acl surgery in both of her legs. I am not sure of the procedure that was used, a titanium implant was put in. After each procedure, the pin came loose and a second minor surgery had to be performed to remove it. My vet told me that this was a side effect so to speak of this newer procedure. After the pin was removed in the second leg my dog did not appear to be doing as well. After a walk, she was lame and toe touching, same with a run in the yard. After trying many different things, my vet sent the x-rays to Engand to be viewed by the Dr. that came up with this procedure. The response has been that in 5% of these surgeries the dog injures the meniscus and a second surgery has to be performed to remove the meniscus. I have two concerns, another surgery on that leg and the removal of the meniscus causing more arthritis. I am also confused as to why this didn’t appear to show up on the x-ray. What do you advise, surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I certainly didn’t put her through the other surgeries for her not to use her legs, I want her to have a quality of life and I don’t want her in pain. Thank you for your advice and your site.

  163. chiya says:

    I have a labradour pup he got an injury at his bom and now he poops in less volume after he tri e long. Why is it so??

  164. Andrew says:

    Hi, I have a 5 month old female presa canario and a 5 month old male great dane. Our vet is recommending we spay and neuter them soon. I am certainly not interested in breeding them but I also want to pick the best time so I don’t negatively impact their growth and development any advice you can give is appreciated as I am not convinced I trust my vet is giving the best advice.

  165. Angelina says:

    I have a six year old female Yorkie. She has always had an extremely delicate intestinal track (for lack of a better term). She often will vomit if she accidentally ingests table scraps that fall on the ground. This past weekend I had a ton of people and food for Super Bowl Sunday, and I am certain she some how ate greasy table food. At around midnight she experienced diarrhea. When I bathed her, I noticed that around the anal area she had skin discoloration between her rectum and vagina, and her skin look inflamed. It almost looked like she had developed testicles due to there being two areas, side by side of the affected skin, that were protruding out. The skin looked gathered/wrinkled, darkish in color, and loose (if that makes sense without getting too graphic). It is not inflamed like reddish in color and swollen. It looks like my little girl is turning into a boy. I observed her for a couple of days, and the diarrhea has passed, but her stomach is still making gurgling noises, and she is doing the butt scoot on the carpet. I kept her in her kennel overnight last night to avoid anymore accidents in the house. Her skin still looks strange after observation. I tried to research this and concluded that it is not an anal gland issue (not in the right area), but that it may be a result of hormones, as she is still intact. She also has a dry, itchy skin patch on her hind leg close to her rump that she has been gnawing on the last week, so I am wondering if maybe there is some correlation there. I am taking her to her vet if this is still persisting. Please advise. Thank you.

  166. Rebecca says:

    I have an 8 year old in tact Dalmatian. A few years ago we adopted a neutered 1 year old chihuahua/rat terrier. These two pets have gotten along wonderfully for more than two years. They sleep together, play together, and pal around. A few months ago my Dalmatian began getting sexually aggressive with the little dog. The Dalmatian is typically not the alpha dog and is normally very sweet and loving. He continually and aggressively licks the little dog in the little guy’s private parts and tries to mount him. He wines at him to wake up when the little guy is sleeping. He will not settle down and paces and chases him, which leads to his panting. He’s lost nearly 8 pounds, we think, from being in constant motion. We’ve tried kenneling him, shouting ‘no’ at him 1000 times, and even resorted to keeping his shock training collar on him and giving him a quick shock when he won’t leave the little guy alone. We’ve had the little guy’s anal glands expressed thinking that would help. I’ve taken the dalmatian to two different Vets, and one that specializes in integrative and eastern medicine. His blood and urine tests are fine, although he showed a minor amount of something that could indicate a bit of inflammation in the prostate. His appetite is great. The Vets are stuck and said they really don’t understand what would make an 8 year old male, who’s been living compatibly with another companion for more than two years turn so sexually aggressive. I thought about asking the neighbor if their pet was in heat, but the behavior has been going on so long now, I doubt that is the issue. Fortunately we have a totally fenced in back yard so the Dalmatian doesn’t run away. So, we all seem to be stumped. Any suggestions? By the way I’ve even thought about calling the famous ‘dog whisperer’ – Casaer Milan. The entire household is miserable!

  167. Nixza says:

    I have an 11 year old dog that seemed perfectly healthy and then the next day was lethargic, would sometimes pace while panting and was purposely tensing up her stomach. I took her to the vet where they did xrays and blood work. She had no fever, blood work was good, and x rays showed no blockage. They suspected a UTI. They gave her fluids and a dose of antibiotics and then sent her home with antibiotics. They told me to start them the following day. That night they left a message not to start them until the bloodwork came back, the following day they reviewed the blood work and said not to start antibiotics until the urine analysis. Why can’t I start the antibiotics? Wouldn’t it be helpful in preventing possible crystals if she gets the medicine to treat the UTI? The dog eats once a day, drinks water, struggles to pee but there is no blood in her urine/feces. Please help, I just want her to get better!

  168. Janet Evans says:

    I just yesterday purchased 2 Yorkie females for quite a handsome sum. Im being told to spay and neuter if I don’t wish to breed. I do not. My 13 yr old Yorkie Lizzy passed after a vet took 2900.00 to remove a swollen uterus. Her heart stopped and they called me when it happened and said if I paid them an extra 600.00 they would try to revive her doing CPR or whatever they do. I was heart broken and it only seemed they wanted my husbands debit card upfront and again 5 min after they started to operate on my best friend of 13 yrs.. I believe the gas killed her but she is gone and has left a void in my life. My husband, without my knowing, told me he was repoing a car and would be gone most of the day and drove 19 hrs yesterday to get a new pup because he knew how badly I hurt. To my surprise he came home with 2 females because he didn’t think I would want to separate them. Now we are 7300.00 in dog fees in a matter of 6 days. Money doesn’t matter. I am being told spay they last longer and if they have a litter they will live longer. In 40 yrs of marriage we have had 3 others without spay or breeding. Each passed differently. Please doctor give me the honest truth. How will these 2 new baby girls last the longest under proper care. Thank u so much for ur help. Janet

  169. genevieve says:

    Can a vet check and detect pyometra in my cat?

  170. Leslie Beddo says:

    I have a two year old half catahoula, half blue heeler male. He is a great dog. in the past couple of months I cant get him to gain weight. I have wormed him. He is up on all his shots and seems happy and healthy besides not gaining weight. Do you have any recomendations?

  171. melana says:

    I have a question my cat sometimes starts drooling and.hell.sit in one spot and.poop and Pee himself what wrong with him he also gets very aggresive when he’s not feeling good?

  172. Cristina says:

    My 9 month intact puppy just started to show signs of her first cycle with light bleeding. How long should I keep her away from other dogs -at which point can I be confident that she cannot get pregnant? Are there any visible signs?

  173. Deedrah Hatfield says:

    My 4 year old Picapoo, who is mostly poodle except for the tail, but he has been healthy no problems, jumps like hes on a trampoline. Took him to the humane society where I adopted him because he was stumbling and having trouble jumping up, they thought it was a simple case of he hurt his back gave us pain meds, sent us home.

    Less than a week later he can’t walk, so we panicked took him to hospital where they did 3 Xrays blood work, urine, and still found nothing did a few routine tests to check reflex, nerves, numbness, and found all to be ok, but still won’t rule out slipped disk even though nothing showed in the 3 xrays. They are recommending MRI? He can barely pee without falling over, he has a good appetite, drinking water, and very happy, but immobile. What should we do? They said the MRI still may be inconclusive! Any ideas…..1500$ later we have zero Diagnosis

  174. kimberley cadden says:

    Hi there – love the website – such a helpful resource! I am wondering if I can possibly get some advice on my lab/collie cross regarding spaying? She is just over three years old and has been in season three times so far. My instinct was to let her body go through its natural cycles however I recently read some information saying she has a one in four chance of developing a serious condition of the ovaries now and i am now not so sure that I made the right choice. On looking for answers I came across your website and I wondered if you could maybe give me some advice on what I should do – I see you say that there are indeed risks of both spaying and not spaying, and also evidence that dogs live longer without it; at this stage it would be good to know if you felt there would be a good age to do it if her breed is a higher risk in any way, or if you felt it would be safe to leave her ‘intact’; my leanings would always be against spaying but I don’t want her to get ill either of course, so now feeling unsure what to do…….any help and advice you can give would be so very much appreciated…..thank you!

  175. Peggy says:

    Is it bad to spay a cat when she is in heat. I have had it done before. but now I have a 8 month old female who came in heat and the vet says wait 3 weeks. well at the end of 2 weeks she came back in. she is set up to be fixed in one week from her heat cycle ending.

  176. Michelle Agte says:

    Hi, I’m writing from Guam & Veterinary care is extremely limited so I’m hoping you can answer something for me please! We have a 12.5 y/o mini-schnauzer who was mistakenly given another Rabies vaccination today, when her current vaccination is not due for almost another 6 mos. She seems to be ok tonight, but I’m very concerned, especially because of her age. Is this early Rabies vaccination harmful to her??

  177. clara says:

    I have a 5 month old female mix breed puppy. I’ve noticed a milky discharge on her private area and there is also some red bumps. I’m not sure if this is related to it but she’s also scratching one side of her face with her paw. Do you have any idea of what this might be and how I can treat her?

  178. John Davis says:

    I have a dog with elevated liver enzymes, my vet prescribed denmarin, however followup exam revealed the levels had risen. They then prescribed some antibiotics, following the course of antibiotics the levels returned to normal levels. Followup exam three months later, the levels had risen again. My vet now wants to do an ultrasound and put on denmarin again. What can the ultrasound reveal that would indicate why antibiotics worked, and why put on denmarin again if it did not work the first time.

  179. cindy says:

    Just stumbled across your website….
    LOVE IT!!

  180. sara says:

    have a female shih tzu that started bleeding 6days ago, i my male showed interest at first.then he just lost interest and hasnt try her again.what is wrong ? why are my dogs not mating together?

  181. Tracey says:

    After giving my 6 yr old Lab her monthly Revolution- topical, she immediately started pacing, walking in circles, and is pensive. While she is not in duress, she does appear stressed. This is the second time she has done this, the last time was after Revolution. We go back and forth between Heart Guard and Revolution. I gave her a loading dose of benadryl, and attention. What is going on ? Should I just go back to Heart Guard ? Just keep hearing so much negative over long term Heart Guard use, liver damage, etc. Please someone tell me what is going on with my sweet girl.

  182. Kate says:

    I own a 5 yr old Beagle bitch who has been suffering with itchy ears and skin for 2to3 years now. Her ears exude brown, very sticky stuff which stinks. Her skin is also oily. We wash her weekly and try to clean her ears every other day. She has been given steroids a couple of times over 2 years but now I choose to use a homeopath with no success yet. Her routine vaccination is due, should I vaccinate her. Can you recommend anything that might be effective. We tried raw food with no improvement so stick to Acana no grain kibble. We know she is allergic to chicken and duck and some grains thru food testing, haven’t bothered with environ testing as I don’t see how we can realistically avoid grasses, trees etc. any help or ideas gratefully received.

  183. Diane Watt says:

    I have a 13 year old Bichon, for the past year we have found out that he had cushion disease and was given treatment. Since then he went downhill. He lost weight so bad that he looks abused as he refused to eat. After the vet checked his blood and removed some teeth said he was fine. We took him off his medication 2 months ago and he started to eat very small amounts of food and his weight is just over 5kilos. We went to another vet who did more bloods and they come back better than normal for a dog his age. What is causing this? Or can something else be masked by cushions disease?

  184. Susanne says:


    My dog is actually a patient at your Bayside clinic. She is an 8 year old pitbull mix that we adopted from the city shelter 3 years ago. At that time, she received Bortadella, Distemper and Rabies vaccines. We have not vaccinated her since, and planned on never vaccinating her again. However, we are now forced to board the dog for a week as my parents, who normally watch her when we go away have had an emergency and can not take care of her.

    She will need to have all three of these vaccines again, which makes me somewhat nervous. Since its been three years and we do not plan on shots again after this, do you feel that this is a safe level of vaccine? Just curious to hear an opinion about it, thanks.

  185. Jonathan says:

    can i mate my 6 year old female golden retriever? this will be her first time?

  186. Andrew A says:

    A couple of years ago a question was raised about the product the slobber stopper. Did you every get a chance to review this product and if so what were your findings?

  187. Doris says:

    I have an 18 month old cryptorchid mini poodle. I have read that this condition requires surgery to remove the testicles, since cancer can arise in the dog. I was wondering if this intervention is necessary, and if so, at what age is it recommended. Thank you.

  188. Jose R. Aleman says:

    I do not want to get my cat (3 years old) spayed but i work from her and her yowling makes it difficult to work and live in the same house as her, any remedies that i can give her to sooth her lady pains a bit?

    • Susan says:

      That’s rather irresponsible. Do you know how many cats don’t have homes and are in kill shelters? Spay and neuter your animals.

  189. Jaqueline says:

    My cat has been having a bit of brown discharge from her eye. The eye/eyelids are not swollen or red, and she is not sneezing or coughing so I know it’s not a respiratory thing. Do I need to take her to the vet or will eye wash suffice?

  190. Chloe says:

    Hi my rottie has a spot on her lip and it has got worse what should I do I want to take her to the vets but I want to know if it will get better. Thank you.

  191. kim says:

    I need some help I have a three year old pit bull mix and she will not eat much and she is extremely thirsty. She has some energy and does play. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

  192. cindy says:

    My dog has a black spot at 6 o’clock position on his eye [iris]. Jake is a 11 year old, neutered, GSD. I just noticed this black spot. It’s small, all most missed it [which makes me wonder how long its been there!]. The spot doesn’t have rough edges, rather its round smooth symmetrical & seems to just float in the bottom of his eye. Looks like an ink spot, really. Eye is fine [no weeping, no itch]. He seems to see just fine and acts like his normal goofy self. Is this normal aging? or should I be worried & calling my vet for an appointment?

  193. Shauna says:

    So my dog is a black west highland terrier mix
    For a while now he has been biting and scratching by about where his hips are it’s getting so bad that he’s lost a lot of his fur or hair
    We first thought it was fleas but we checked him and put a flea collar on him but nothing he still bit and scratched
    We really need help so then we know what to go to the vet for instead of wasting our money on a checkup when the medicines are pricey as well

  194. Elani says:

    We are going to be out of town starting Friday, and we have no friends or family members to leave out puppy with. We want to leave him at a boarding facility, but they require bordatella, and parvo distemper vaccines all rounds. We do not want to give him vaccines. What should we do? Thanks!

  195. carrie says:

    My dog started going through weird episodes were he will start drooling, licking his lips a lot, his eyes dilate, he starts shaking a little, he acts like he is paranoid or really terrified when he feels these. I have never seen anything like it. It almost has the same symptoms of ingesting something toxic, but when I go in the yard there is nothing that he would eat that would harm him. his eyes get so big and almost bulge out, the whites of his eyes turns red. Do you have any ideas what it could be?

    Thank you

  196. Daniel Rosenthal says:

    I have a 2 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd, she recently had a surgery for an intussusception and during the surgery they found a small mass in her intestines. Accordingly, the mass was sent to Michigan State University to undergo a biopsy. The results of the biopsy concluded that she has Large Cell Lymphoma. Further testing has been done and has drawn the ultimate conclusion that she has Large Cell B Type Lymphoma. As a young, healthy, happy, energetic dog with no prior illnesses besides a case of whipworms I am in doubt about the results of her tests. A few days prior to her surgery she was diagnosed with whipworms and as a result of this she had a few cases of bloody diarrhea and vomiting. When i brought her into the vet initially with my concerns of the bloody diarrhea and vomiting the vet came to the conclusion that she had worms and needed medicine in order to get rid of them. That being said, her condition worsened after her first vet visit. She was vomiting more, producing more bloody diarrhea and she began to scoot her butt across the ground and whimper. After a day of this behavior i knew that i had to take her back to the vet. The vet decided to take an x-ray and noticed something abnormal in her intestines and instructed me to take her to the emergency room, which i did. As i stated before the hospital determined that she needed immediate surgery and upon opening her up they found the need for an intussusception surgery. It has been nearly 3 weeks since her surgery and she is the same as she always was happy and energetic. She healed remarkably fast in my eyes, within days after the surgery she was back to her old-self. The fact that she healed so fast and had no significant prior illnesses in her life raises my doubts about the cancer she has been diagnosed with. All that being said, i am in a predicament of what to do next. I reside in NYC and Chicago and i am willing to travel wherever in order to get my dog the proper care. She is currently being treated at Blue Pearl Hospital in NYC, and has undergone her first treatment of chemotherapy. Along with that she is taking prednisolone. I am going to make my way up to Cornell university this weekend in order to get a second opinion on everything. My question is do i continue treating her with chemotherapy? Or should i wait until i get a few more opinions? Also, do you have any recommendations as far as doctors to see or types of treatments to investigate? Lastly, do you recommend any specific type of diet regime? She is currently eating Fromm dry food and I have recently placed an order for Hills N/D wet food as i heard that this food is good for her type of cancer.

    Thanks in advance!

  197. Rebe says:

    I have a Collie/Corgi mix dog who has had weight issues her entire life. She can’t seem to gain any weight no matter how much she eats! We’ve taken her to the vet over and over and none of the treatments seem to work. She has high energy, never seems to be in any pain, exercises a normal amount (we throw the ball for her a couple times a week for 15 minutes), pees what I would consider a normal amount, drinks a normal amount of water I would say. Her bowel movements are somewhat runny at times, but that has improved somewhat since we switched her to the Hills Prescription Allergen Free food.

    The first vet we took her to thought she had pancreatitis. So we put her on the medication for a year and there was absolutely no change. She’s been put on corticosteroids and a few other medications that I can remember but nothing seems to really improve her condition. Her hair is soft, but a little dry and her coat is pretty dull and she sheds a lot. Her rump hair in particular isn’t nearly as thick as her chest. She’s able to maintain her weight, but she just can’t seem to gain any weight! Her ribs slightly stick out and her backside is so bony, it hurts me to see her like that even if she’s happy and as far as we can tell pain-free.

    The next vet did a blood and hormone panel, as well as a fecal test, on her and everything came back normal so they thought she might just have food allergies, but she’s been on the allergen-free food for a year (we had to switch the other two dogs to the same food to keep her from eating theirs and setting off her allergies) but there has still been absolutely no weight gain.

    What else might be wrong with my dog? She’s been this way since she was a puppy.

  198. Kirsty says:


    I have a 13 year old Shih Tzu bitch who has acquired very good appetite over the past few months, however she occasionally refuses a meal. A few hours after a missed meal she will throw up a brown watery bile which a friend commented had blood in it (she has always had yellow frothy bile throughout her life when she missed a meal). In all other ways she is happy and healthy – she plays, loves her walks, isn’t drinking unnecessarily and isn’t over/under weight. Anything I should be looking out for? Thank you.

  199. Peggy says:

    I have a 14 year old lab female who has always been in good health. Last spring we had a mass removed from under her ear which was big, ugly and oozing. She could not tolerate the Cipro and Rimadyl which they gave her and kept throwing up even if they were given at mealtimes. She has another smaller mass on her head which is being removed tomorrow. The vet talked me into paying an additional $200 to have her teeth cleaned while she is under anesthesia. Then they called me and told me her bloodwork indicated that she has hypothyroid disease and wanted her to take thyroid meds. So I picked up the meds, started giving it to her (she weighs 79 lbs, they gave her .8mg 2x/day plus cipro to get her ready for the surgery). She is having a reaction to the thyroid meds…her earl linings turn bright red, she gets very anxious and pants like crazy. I can keep 500mg of cipro 2x per day in her, but they want 750mg, which she promptly throws up. I don’t know what in the world we will do for pain management because she can’t tolerate the Rimadyl. I also am feeling very suspicious that she is being over “doctored”. I have spent more on her and my other lab’s vet bills in the past year than on my own medical care. I love my dogs, but I also don’t want to be subjecting them to unneccesary procedures. I just want to find some middle ground here. Also, the vet won’t give me an rx to get what I can in generic form to save $$, for example the Cipro cost $45 from them but I can get it for $5 at Walgreens. I am really not trying to be a difficult client, but at the same time, I am recently widowed, and lost everything when my husband died, his retirement, Social Security survivor benefit (I’m not old enought), had to foreclose on the house, has been a disaster. I am afraid that I might be getting taken advantage of because they know how attached I am to these dogs. How can I figure out what’s real and what is profiteering?

  200. Peggy says:

    Also, forgot to mention, when she got her vaccinations last fall she also got very sick, and the vet did agree that at her age, no more vaccinations.

  201. Susan says:

    I have 3 female, intact cats. 2 are 6 year old sisters and 1 is 3.
    they are all healthy but as I stated I opted not to have them spayed for very selfish reasons, like I didn’t want to risk putting them under.
    the introduction 3 years ago took about a week and they have all gotten along – I left work Thursday and they were cuddled together in a joint grooming session and I came home that night to one of the 6yr olds and the 3yr old in the midst of a stand off which lead to a terrible flight – I have had to have the separated since – the 3 yr old got past me and went after the other – and well lets say, banshee screams, urine, growling like nothing I have every seen. I have been told that it was due (and I have done research about cats and how no one knows what triggers this) is best to have them all spayed or the fighting will not stop. I have set up appointments for each of them beginning 14Apr for 3 consecutive Mondays. 1. should I do the surgery in the first place and 2. should I do them back to back so they all recover at the same time or do one and allow her to recover and then do the other in the same manor. Any advise you can give will be so appreciated…..a very concerned and heartbroken cat Mom

  202. Taylor says:

    My 19 month old Dutch Malinois cross ran away from the dogsitter’s house the other night. We found her after she had been outside in the wet/cold for about 18 hours. Despite that, she seemed pretty much normal (albeit, exhausted). After sleeping for quite a bit of time, she’s back to her normal self. However, she now has pretty terrible breath. This was never a problem before. We have given her a bath and dental chews, but that hasn’t done much. We have had her checked out by a friend who is a vet, but no blood work or anything. Please let me know you advice. Thanks!

  203. scott says:

    I noticed the other day walking my cocker spaniel shes 4 yr old that looks like her hips would pop out and then her but would drop to the grown like it hurt but she never yelpped or stop walking .. was wondering if you had any idea

  204. Alice says:

    I have to take my little Sumo to the vet this week. One vaccine they recommend is for Leptospirosis. Should I get this? I currently live in NYC. I have read that it can cause really bad side effects and even death in dogs in some cases. But at the same time if they don’t get the vaccine, they are super vulnerable. Do you think it is needed/worth it?

  205. Olivia says:


    We have a male Shiba Inu of 1 year old in an appartement, who is very calm because he gets walked a lot. We are getting a second male puppy next month. Our vet says that 2 intact male Shiba Inu’s can be raised together. We asked if we should neuter them and he said (we live in France where there are no straydogs where we live) that he cannot garantee that neutering would ‘enhance’ the fact that they would be calmer or get along better or something like that. He’s seen cases where the behaviour improved and cases where it got worse than before. Do you think we should wait with neutering or not do it at all? The vet said that he’d never seen such a calm and nice Shiba Inu before and that he wouldn’t cause problems with the new puppy. I remain sceptic and my husband is totally against neutering and believes that the right education is more important. Could you please advise me? That would be great. Thanks for your help.

  206. Olivia says:


    I found the answer in other posts, where you say its possible when you have the experience, guess that answers my question then!

  207. Marie says:

    What do you think of the antibiotic convenia? Is this shot helpful in clearing up an ear infection? My 2 year old cat was given this injection by our vet 4 weeks ago, along with tresaderm, for treatment of a bad ear infection. An ear culture was done which came back as staph bacteria. After three weeks of treatment with tresaderm, the ear infection was better, but not cleared, so the vet recommended another shot of convenia and 2 more weeks of tresaderm. The convenia caused really bad diarrhea and decreased appetite , so I told him to hold off on it. After doing my own research of convenia at home, I was horrified by all it’s potiential negative efffects. Should I give my cat this shot again? I’ve been using the tresaderm for almost 5 weeks now, and the ear infection is still not clear. What do you recommend as the next step? Any suggestions would be so helpful.

  208. DD says:

    Hello all! I took my girls to get shots today. My 13 year old Chihuahua is acting lethargic and when I pick her up she yelps. I think it’s muscle soreness and a typical reaction to shots (lethargy).Is it ok to give her some metacam? I have given her metacam in the past for pain and it helped! The vet is closed, I called and no one will be there until Monday.

  209. chantal says:

    does anyone has results with ASEA to heal my horse from cushing disease ?

  210. jamie says:

    hi can any1 help me i brought my dog to the vet a good few times about his ears they have sadated him altogether like 5 times to clean his ears out cause they said he has mites in his ears the first time i brought him to a diffrent vet and they told me he had hay fever and they had done the same thing to clean his ears but my dogs keeps getin it whatever he has and keeps scratchin his ears and does be up all nite with it but noting there doin is workin they gave me stuff to put in his ears but notin has worked and now i dont no wat to do because the vet is jus doin the same thing over and over and im payin over 100 euro every time.. any suggestions any1 tankz

  211. blair says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for your help in advance. I am looking for an informed but impartial opinion. My 10 year old junkyard mutt (australian shepherd/great pyreneese mix) was diagnosed yesterday with a torn ACL. He is having 6 views of x-rays tomorrow. Based on those, it will be determined if he is a candidate for an ACL surgery. I doubt it since he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia 3 years earlier(which we mistakenly thought this new limp was). A couple of questions for you. Once they go over the xrays with me, what is the number one factor that will make him a good candidate with a chance of recovery? I am starting to think the miniscus is more important than the ACL itself. What questions should I ask and have answered so that I understand clearly before I make a decision? And, if surgery isn’t an option (as I stated before, I don’t think it’s likely) the vet said we could do Adequan. That’s fine. We would try. However, if my dog simply cannot get up, is Adequan really capable of improving a torn ACL in a 10 year old 65 pound dog (10 pounds overweight)? Obviously, I don’t want the last weeks of my dogs life to be torture. He can walk somewhat, turning causes falling over, peeing causes falling over too. Is there any hope of coming back from this? His gait was pretty good prior to the torn ACL (which happened 8 days ago while walking – no inciting incident). He does not seem to be in much pain. He’s been on Deramax for 2.5 years with very good results – until now- which makes me wonder if it happened while on this medication, is there really any hope? Thank you again for your help. Any advice you can give will be better than me continuing to spin in my own head. Sincerely, Blair and Shrek, my dog, thanks you!

  212. Ashley Menke says:

    I have a five year old male staffordshire terrier. He was into the vet about three months ago because he was wheezing, dry coughing, and having trouble breathing. This had been happening for about a year off an on but had never gotten this bad where we were worried he wouldn’t be able to breathe. The vet took a chest x-ray which showed a possibly slightly enlarged heart and white spots on the lung. A heart worm test was done and ruled out. We then paid to have the x-ray sent to a radiology “specialist” who came back saying they believed it was a bacterial pneumonia. The vet told us it was cheaper to treat with three different antibiotics for most of the possible bacterias than to do the tracheal swab which may or may not help anyways. We did this and he took three different antibiotics for three weeks and seemed better. Now in the last week it has started again. Last time cost us over $1000 and we really don’t have any more money saved to pay that much again. Really is it likely that the same infection would come back or that the radiologist was wrong in his diagnosis. What else could it be and what tests would actually be effective in diagnosing?? Any help appreciated I am so worried about him and i just dont know what to do. Thank you

  213. Sarah says:

    Hi there,

    We recently took our 7 month cat – Luna – to get sprayed – as she was showing signs of being in season. Luna had a reaction to the anaesthetic (or has a weak heart) and had a heart attack – and was starved of oxygen for 2 minutes. Although we could have given up, we didn’t and Luna is now back home making a slow but steady recovery. She is blind (can react to light) and partially deaf (can hear high pitched sounds). We are really struggling to get her to pee, poo in her litter tray – any ideas welcome? In addition, we think (now she is coming round a little) she may be still in season – is this possible? She is extremely loud and rubs her bum across our rugs! Although she is no way ready to go out now, in the future we would like her to have supervised visits in the garden. Is there any cat pill or way to avoid pregnancy, apart from spaying? As we don’t dare put her through this again. Alternatively, any other session to aid recovery welcome. Many thanks, she means the world to us!

    • Angry Vet says:

      make sure she doesn’t have anal gland issues or parasites if she is rubbing her bum across the carpet. I suppose it is possible if she was really not doing well under anesthesia that they woke her up without completing the spay but they should be forthright with thta info

  214. Mo Theurer says:

    My 9 year old border terrier has had dermatitis on her abdomen over the last 3 years from Spring through til Autumn. treatment has been limited from vet’s advice- Cortisone I agree is not ideal. I have asked about anti histamine but he says that it would be difficult to pinpoint the correct prep for her. This has come to a head now as she had an exploratory laparotomy a week ago for an abdominal mass. she is recovering well apart from developing a rash over her entire abdominal wall and she is itching and scratching with her rear paws and I am concerned about her laporotomy wound. It has bled a little and the vet has reviewed it and given antibiotic cover with advice to apply sudocrem ( antiseptic cream) and its planned for suture removal in 2 days time, but is there anything else we can do over the summer to reduce the itch for her? Many thanks

  215. Birte says:

    Very happy to have found this website. Great information supporting my position on vaccinations (for both humans and animals..).
    Would like to hear your thoughts on worming dogs as well as flee and tick protection products (apart from vaccination).
    Thank you

    • Birte says:

      Further to my last post – we are picking up our 8 week puppy (not vaccinated as yet) this weekend. We live in Melbourne city but right opposite a nice dog park and near the Bay – i don’t consider it to be a high risk for dogs to catch much around here…

  216. Christine says:

    I just saw a 2 inch worm come out of my 2 year old poodle/havanese mix today. So I brought her to the vet in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and I got her some de worming medication. After I got home I was doing some research on line and I have a question if I was to wash her paws and nose after every time I brought her outside will I greatly reduce the risk of her getting worms again??
    Thanks for your time!!

  217. Stephanie marshall says:

    I have a 6 month old Chihuahua bitch. At approximately 11 weeks she showed signs of a cherry eye and it is now established. I researched online and found the general opinion seemed to be: Do Not Cut it Out.
    My vet has encouraged me to have her spayed at 7 months and said he would perform the surgery on the cherry eye at the same time. I stated my wish NOT to have the thing cut out but reinstated to its proper position, the vet replied ‘well I cut them out’. I would very much appreciate definitive, impartial advice on how to proceed.

  218. Gary Wilkes says:

    Would you like to ad a behavior component to your blog? Take a look at this and see. Veterinary medicine is now infused with myths about behavior that always lead to either the wrong treatment or blocking treatment known to be most effective. EG: The literature of behavior analysis contains evidence that the way to stop aggression is with punishment. The modality tested was electric shock. (Ulrich, Wolfe & Dulaney, JEAB, 1969, Punishment of Shock Induced Aggression) I was fired from speaking at CVC conferences by complaints from a vet behaviorist for citing this and other scholarly references and peer-reviewed studies combined with my own experience and live video. You lose clients because of this academically inspired, highly profitable pseudo-science. Look at the video links at the end of my blog post. Do you know a single veterinary behaviorist who can stop OCD within a week without the use of psycho-tropic drugs? (Drugs that do not actually stop the behavior) A final offering – here’s what works with aggression. You will not find a single presentation at any veterinary conference or veterinary journal that speaks to this.
    Love your site.
    Gary Wilkes

  219. Marie says:

    I have a delightful 8 year old female cockapoo who is not spayed. I have been debating the issue on having her spayed or not because the issue has always been pressed by local vets in the area and of course the humane society. I’ve done my research but I can’t come a decision on one or the other being more beneficial. I am mostly concerned with uterine cancer and mammary tumors… I am just hoping to hear what you reccomed for a dog of her breed as far as a decision to spay or not spay. She is healthy, active and about 8lbs. Would it be best to keep her intact or opt for a spay? This has sincerely been a decision I’ve battled with. Please help!

  220. Abbey Decker says:

    My dog has a running nose, has a swollen stomach, red eyes, and is unstable on her feet what could be wrong with her.

  221. Anna Thompson says:

    I have a 9 year old raccoon that is normally active and she has lost her appetite and is sluggish. My vet has no clue and her sister died about a month ago. I dont want to lose her too. Can you give me ideas to try? Thankyou and God bless!!!

  222. Aretha says:

    Why perform negative pressure before tube feeding?

  223. Mark says:

    Hi Angry Vet, I have truly appreciated your advice over reading this blog. I have a question and am hoping you can help.
    I have a year old Doberman who was hit by a car 2 months ago, breaking his radius and ulma in his fore leg. He was pinned, plated and surgery was successful. No nerve dammage etc. We worked hard to keep him calm and rested(not the easiest) and his 4 week x-rays came back with excellent healing of the radius, and the ulma very closely in place. Over the past 4 weeks I’ve seen my dog regain his ability to move as he did before. He would be sore after some longer training sessions we’d do to work on agility and rebuilding his mobility but over the past few weeks he has been his old self. My question is regarding the 8 week x-rays. I am struggling to see how the large sum of money is required for these x-rays is really required(I’m at about 7k + out of pocket so far) Am I going to gain any further satisfaction in seeing an x-ray that shows me what I already know?
    Thank you for your help.

  224. Leticia Louden says:

    Can a 6 month old kitty get worms by drinking cows milk.

  225. kimberly says:

    I have a 15 year old pit bull mix he had teeth problems about 3 months ago and he seem to get better, well his nose started to crust up again and now it bleeds and is very sensitive he yelps when he hits it. When he gets excited he starts sneezing and he acts like he can’t breath through it only his mouth what could it be he’s my baby and I’m afraid its cancer please help me

  226. Steven says:

    I have three unneutered chihuahuas; Kale, Tim, and Gil. They are all brothers. Tim and Gil are both 5 years old while Kale is from and earlier litter and is 6 years old. For nearly all that time they have been fine together, but recently Tim has become infatuated with Kale as he constantly licks and smells his genital and they have started to hump each other. For some reason this upsets Gil and causes him and Tim to bark, growl, and eventually attack each other. This is solved by putting them outside and seperating them from Kale. But then they bark and howl. The only way to solve this is to put Kale outside(which causes fights) or sit outside with. Even if you sit outside with them, they (especially Tim) go from door to door whining and charge the door if anyone tries to come out. They don’t follow commands and correction commands like”N

  227. Steven says:

    I have three unneutered chihuahuas; Kale, Tim, and Gil. They are all brothers. Tim and Gil are both 5 years old while Kale is from and earlier litter and is 6 years old. For nearly all that time they have been fine together, but recently Tim has become infatuated with Kale as he constantly licks and smells his genital and they have started to hump each other. For some reason this upsets Gil and causes him and Tim to bark, growl, and eventually attack each other. This is solved by putting them outside and seperating them from Kale. But then they bark and howl. The only way to solve this is to put Kale outside(which causes fights) or sit outside with them. Even if you sit outside with them, they (especially Tim) go from door to door whining and charge the door if anyone tries to come out. They don’t follow commands and correction commands like ”No!” only work momentarily. They have also lost all interest in playing. I just want to know what caused this sudden change in behavior and any suggestions on how to fix it?

    Sorry I posted twice. I accidently hit “post” the first time before I was done.

  228. maya says:

    is my dog’s back curving because he is crumpled in a cage

  229. Katlynn says:

    I gave my 4 month old lab a trifexis on April 22nd and she threw up once a little while later and she still has 11 days until her next dose is due but she is infested with fleas now. I was wondering if I can give her another one now??

  230. DTHawke says:

    could i please get guidance. I am not sure I am doing the right thing or even if it is possible.
    Earlier this year my kitten got sick, i suspected something was wrong for a few weeks but he was eating/drinking..actually he was ravenous but still thin. the day he stopped eating i had him taken into the vet immediately; i could do it myself because of work, so my mom took him in to a clinic i had used in the past, but was not Hunter’s primary care. but it was very close to home. Using no other diagnostic other than a x ray and physical evaluation, he was diagnosed with gastric foreign body obstruction and needed surgery ASAP (per medical record). I was quoted a price $1000. I had to call to verify that my CareCredit was active and see what was the spending limit. I called back to inform the Vet to proceed with the surgery; I had $1500 available. It was at this time, additional cost were disclosed and cost and cost after cost after cost was added. Overnight ER monitor was the most expensive. All my potential solutions were rejected until all i could do was admit that euthanasia was my only choice. it is at this time, the vet says they will Provide all of the medical care and after-care for Hunter……if i surrender owner of thim. This all occurred in exactly 33 minutes; and over the phone. Soon i was on the phone to give them Hunter; and they returned the favor and gave me a bill for $185. The next day i went to see if he survived the surgery and hopefully say good bye to the little kitty I hadn’t seen since the day before at 7:30 AM. i was not allowed to see him. I was told that did not have permission from his “owner”. If i would like i could leave a note for her with you contact information. i never heard a word

    By the way, Hunter was a 1 yo/ champion/ full breed/ chocolate point/ Siamese cat and now lives with his new owner….a staff member that was only identified as one of the clinics “nurses”

    Long story short, i couldn’t move on after 1 1/2 months. i posted a very honest fact base yelp review. met with the clinic owner. Found out that Hunter never went to the ER (which was the cost that was the deciding factor for surrender), but instead was taken to the “nurse’s” (i think technician) home post op. Angered me which cause me to demand my cat back at no cost. Caused the Vet to retaliate and send a public email to any who inquired releasing my full name, details of the medical record and accusations of threatening and long term abuse and neglect. In addition to enduring a 18 minute phone conversation with the Vet clinic owner in which i was accused of abuse, lying, cheating, and verbally insulted.
    i have since attempted to mitigate the situation by removing the public review apologizing for expecting no payment for service rendered and offered to pay him $1500 in addition to the $185.

    I have spoken with the Vet board in my state; and they were very honest that at most i could prove a confidentiality violation but that would be only a reprimand at most.

    so i am not really sure what to do.

  231. Ily says:

    My West Highland White Terrier has been said to have early cataracts in his left eye by a local vet about 2 years ago. In the past six months he has had pus coming from his eye that makes crust around the eye that is making his eyes very red and raw, sometimes they bleed?

  232. Jade says:

    My one year old golden retriever growls and snaps at other dogs when we are on a walk and now at our first trip to the dog park, he got into a fight with another dog. Everyone keeps telling me he needs neutered. Will that fix this issue?

  233. Rachel says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed hearing a fresh perspective on spaying/neutering. I have an intact female yorkie that I’m constantly having to defend my reasoning for (she has a heart murmur and I just don’t want to risk putting her under- but after reading your feelings on the subject I’m extra glad I haven’t).

    However, I had an unrelated question. My husband and I recently adopted a kitten from the humane society who was spayed at a little under 8 weeks. She’s well under two pounds and I had my misgivings about that at the get-go, but we fell in love with her and the damage was already done, so what do you do?

    My concern is that we’ve noticed her squatting in her litter several times, in several places and not urinating or defecating. Sometimes she will try different spots and eventually go, sometimes she will get out of the box without going at all and then go back a little while later and do her business. Often she meows while she’s in there (but I can’t tell if it’s a pained meow or not and then sometimes she’ll jump around afterwards and send litter spraying everywhere or play with her dried poop :-p).

    We’ve only had her five days and she’s urinated every day (not excessively and not outside the litter). She plays (a lot) and romps and eats and drinks and seems otherwise healthy, but I’ve never seen a cat squat like that without production and since she was so recently spayed and so young I was concerned that something could have come of that.

    She doesn’t lick herself excessively or exhibit any other signs of a urinary tract infection, but I’ve been keeping a close eye on her and I’d appreciate any advice or insight you might have. I read somewhere that a kitten should be urinating three times a day and I don’t believe she’s going that often. But it could be that she’s constipated instead and trying to defecate (I thought she was trying to urinate from her posture, but it’s so hard to be sure).

    We are in the process of switching her from dry food (that they fed her at the humane society) to wet food so she’s eating both (as well as canned pumpkin). She goes very regularly, but I don’t know if that rules out constipation or not. Could something from the spay be causing her to have these difficulties? Or even just the healing from it itself? If she was constipated could that be affecting her ability to urinate or vice versa?

    Anyway, anything I should be looking for/could do for her at home, I’d be glad to know. I’m shopping for vets at the moment because I haven’t been altogether happy with the care my animals have received in the past, but if necessary I’ll just pick one and take her in. I know how serious UTI’s can be for cats and if she had not been urinating at all (or urinating all the time) I would have already taken her in. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and any advice would be fantastic. Thanks!

  234. scott lewis says:

    My 9 month old doxie when she runs has a cough poor little girl i took her in for her check up and the vet i took her to could not see anything what can i do Mr. angry thanks scott.

  235. Belle says:

    Hi — I am researching alternatives to traditional spay/neuter for my cats. When I adopted I assumed I would spay/neuter and even booked the procedures. However, I then started doing some research, which has turned up a lot of repetitive canned information and very little nuanced, thoughtful discussion. This has made me leery of the spay/neuter drive, because it now seems like a propaganda machine. I’m looking into alternatives and am planning to cancel my cats’ surgeries until I can make a more informed decision. I would consider chemical castrastion and vasectomy for my male kitten — do such procedures exist and does anyone offer them? I’m also wondering whether my female cat’s heat cycles can be safely controlled chemically. Thanks for any information you can offer.

  236. Netty says:

    Hi there! We have a 1 year old female pit/boxer. Monday evening we began to see our dog acting extremely lathargic and not eating. She would however try to drink but would immediately vomit or let it roll out her mouth. We took her to the vet the next day and she tested positive for Parvo and she was extremely dehydrated. Unfortunately, we are low income and couldnt afford to have her hospitalized, so my husband asked the vet what our options were. We had the hospital give her some IV fluids and started treatment from home. The vet sent her home with antibitics and dewormer. In addition to this we have been giving her pedialyte. The vet sent her home with some dog food which will help her gain weight. She is currently taking the pedialyte just fine but will not eat. We try to give her very little having it mooshy and feeding it to her from a syringe but she has not kept it down. Is this normal? We are giving her antibiotics twice a day and dewormer once a day. We are giving her pedialyte often. About every 20 minutes (a syringe worth). How long should we see symptoms clear up?

  237. shelley says:

    I ended up switching my heart worm medication for my dog the other day under the advice of my vet. I was looking for tick protection going into the summer months and she suggested going on first shield trio. Before we had been using trifexis with no problems, but I had pulled a tick off my dog and wanted him to be protected. I trusted my vet and she gave my dog a heart worm shot that will protect him for up to 6 months and a topical medication for me to put on him once a month for fleas and ticks. The shot made my dog very sick with diarrhea the first night and he has been fine ever since, but he does continue to scratch at/lick his back where the other medication was applied. I’ve since given him a really good bath and he’s been fine, but I was curious about switching him back to trifexis. If I was to switch him back now so that he would be protected from fleas will the extra dose of heart worm medication once a month would hurt him since he already received that shot?

  238. Syl Van Den Heuvel says:

    I have just brought a shih poo he is 8weeks old now and i just given him a drontal all worming tablet in the morning. The same afternoon i noticed that his stool had blood in it should i be concerned. He has been to the toilet about 4-5 times now and the blood is not there all the time. He is still eating and drinking playing around he is not vomiting. What should i do

  239. Kelly says:

    I was reading your website and just thought I’d run this by you, sorry if I get long winded.

    I had a 2yr old, unaltered, male, basset hound that was nothing but lean muscle. He was a field trail and hunting dog and received tons of exercise. I fed him Taste of the Wild dry food, as I have fed all my dogs for approx. 5 years, and continue to do so today. He was never crazy about eating; even frequently skipping meals, even if it was treats or people food. He had his vaccines (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Lyme) at 8wks, 10wks, 12wks and 1 yr. He had a very high level of energy and could run all day, but was by no means hyper active in the fact that in the house he was very relaxed. He had had a case of kennel cough right around 1 yr old which was treated. He received monthly topical flea and tick and oral heartworm preventative year round. He was never away from me except while hunting and he frequently checked in and was never more than a few hundred yards away at any time. He was in a large dog pen indoors when unattended. Just after his 2yr birthday he began to vomit up yellow and have some loose stool. I didn’t think much of it, as I worked in dog kennels and knew this was a familiar reaction to stress or a minor illness. By the next day he hadn’t eaten and had refused to drink water, was very lethargic, and weak. I called the vet and took him in that day. The vet thought it might be a virus or infection and gave him an antibiotic, an anti diarrheal and an anti nausea medication and sent him home. By the next day he was no better, still not eating/drinking and even weaker. I took him back to the vet who kept him over night for fluids and IV antibiotics, anti diarrheals and anti nausea meds. He spent the next 3 days in intensive care and still refused to eat and if he took in any water he would vomit. During his stay at the vets his kidney blood work was elevated (I am sorry I do not know the exact terms the vet used). On the 4th day he ate a little food and kept it down, and all his blood work was at normal levels. I brought the dog home and continued treatment with fluids and oral meds. The following day he had stopped eating again and starting vomiting again, back to the vets we went. 3 more nights he spent in ICU while his blood work remained normal but he began to pass blood from his rectum. The vet spoke to us and stated he had ran test for parvo, distemper, lyme, lepto, heartworm, antifreeze poisoning, and done x-rays and scans of his intestines and all came back neg/normal. The vet explained that he thought the dog was poisoned, but he didn’t know by what and thought the only chance the dog had was for intense fluid and IV treatment. We brought the dog home to continue the fluids and meds. By that night the dog was so weak I had to carry him outside and hold him up while he pee’d. I kept him warm and as comfortable as I could that night and he did sleep. In the AM I gave him his fluids and carried him outside but when I put him down and even when trying to hold him up he was unable to stay up long enough to relieve himself. I was at the vets door when they opened and had the dog put to sleep to end his suffering. I did not have this dog necropsied. This dog never ran a fever during his entire illness, but did get an ear infection after being on the antibiotics and developed weepy eyes and nose while in the ICU. My other dogs continued to eat the same food he had been on and are still fine. The three other dogs in the house never got a sign of illness. And the dog had not been off my property or unsupervised in 3 wks prior to his illness.

    My question is what do you think it could have been?
    I know without seeing the dog and his test results a definite diagnoses is impossible but I’m just looking for opinions. I feel the dog always had a tumor inside possibly on his kidneys which ruptured and cause irrevocable damage to his intestines but I am defiantly not a vet.

  240. Amanda says:

    I’m sort of doing a postmortem on my beagle mix, who was euthanized this past weekend.

    The short version: he started having accidents in the house (urinary and fecal) and was crying in pain when pooping. Often he would only seem to be able to produce a thick, clear mucus instead of poop. We took him to the vet, who recommended neutering him (he was between 11-15 years old). The neutering was recommended due to an enlarged prostate; the vet suspected that if he was neutered, the prostate would go down in size and relieve his discomfort. (Also, my dog had one testicle that was, upon examination, much larger than the other.) I’ve known he should be neutered, so due to embarrassment at not having done it sooner and hope that it would help him, I consented. The diagnosis seemed to make sense. His blood tests came back normal and xrays showed nothing to be concerned about.

    All went well with the surgery. Fast forward a couple days after, and my dog was unsteady on his feet. He would fall off curbs and stumble when walking. The vet thought it was discomfort from the prostate. This progressed rapidly, and one week post-surgery, he got really bad. Started knuckling. Falling over. It was worse on his left side, but certainly both sides seemed affected. We took him back to the vet, who prescribed a pain med and an anti-inflammatory drug. The anti-inflammatory did nothing. And it became apparent that our buddy had lost sight in his left eye as well. At the vet’s rec, we took our beagle to a neurologist, who suspected a brain cancer/brain tumor on the right side of the brain. By the time we went to the neurologist, our dog could barely walk. The neurologist recommended euthanasia.

    All this to ask — is it possible, however unlikely, that something went amiss during the neutering to cause the neurological issues that he exhibited? The progression in this case just seems so unlikely to me – and unrelated. To go from having pain pooping to being unable to walk in the course of 10 days seems so … implausible. My dog had been relatively healthy up until the pooping discomfort.

    Thanks for your input. I’m just trying to figure out what happened and what went wrong.

  241. M. Bell says:

    Hi. Thank you for your website/forum.
    Today I took my dog (pug) 6 years old to the vet for shots. She received the following: Bordetella, Rabies 3 year, & DHLPPC
    Once I checked out and got outside the office she became very sick and lethargic. I took her back in they started looking back at their cards they have information recorded on and I asked what they were looking for. The vet said they needed to get an IV in her and give her a medicine that was similar to Benedryl. She started to perk up after the IV and seemed a little more coherent. The vet decided to keep her during this afternoon and called me approximately 2 hours after I left stating she had passed away. I am still in shock and just looking for answers. He said it was a reaction to the shot and earlier when speaking to the receptionist she said the doctor was asking if he could perform an autopsy (the type for dogs) on her.
    I keep questioning myself about whether or not she shouldn’t have received the shots:(
    Thank you for any advice.

  242. Toni says:

    my son has a 1.5yr old black lab that he rescued to which has not been immunized to anyone’s knowledge. Can my son get her vaccinated as if she was a puppy or is there different vaccines due to her age?

  243. Katja says:

    What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious know-how on the topic of unexpected emotions.

  244. my chi had one puppie 24 hours ago, but it seems she goes through periods where she starts panting and cleaning herself why is that

  245. Miki says:

    My kitten is over ten weeks old and we gave him chicken n he ate sum of it and today hes panting n having yellowish stuff come out his nose what do i do

  246. Gianna says:

    Hi my dog has been really weird lately he’s been throwing up and he’s been having diarrhea and sometimes he cries in pain when she doing number two. My parents stopped taking my dog to the vet because we couldn’t afford it but I’m afraid my dog has worms is there anything I can do or can only a vet do it. Thank you.

  247. clarissa says:

    Im not sure if anyone has asked you this (I tried to search it but found nothing). Anyway, what is your take on heartworm prevention. Seems to me there is a big money making market out there and not enough facts. I live in colorado and have never given these meds to my three dogs and they all seem to be fine. I dont feel comfortable giving them poison every month when there isnt enough evidence in my opinion that they will get heartworm here. From what I read, its a complicated process that requires quite a bit of exposure to mosquitoes and high temperature. Both of which we dont always have. we keep our dogs close, they dont live outside and we put bug spray on them if we take them camping. I would like to know your opinions on this matter. thanks

  248. jenny says:

    My 6 month old staffy x pup might have swallowed a 50mcg tramadol when my other dog dropped it will it harm her

  249. Afraidtosay says:

    I got a ticket for my 2 dogs for past due license fees $20,000. Yes, only for license fees. Then I was told that was incorrect it is only $3,500. The fees were 4 years past due but still.

    My dogs have never attacked anyone. It is for a license fee only. I live in Los Angeles. My dogs have never have puppies. They are not neutured. I need a letter from a vet saying they are unable to produce in order to get out of this crazy ticket. I have no money. They have threatened jail time, taking my dogs away and even taking family members away. Animal control is out of control.

    Can you make any suggestions on getting this letter? I do not know if I can find a vet that will write the letter. I do not breed and my dogs have never had puppies. I am a responsible dog owner. My dogs have never attacked or bitten anyone.

    Please help.

  250. Donna Ellingham says:

    We’re getting a female American Bulldog pup. We’re not going to breed her so I was wondering what the rule is about spaying? I don’t care if she has her period they have diapers for that. Just want to do what’s right and not spay to early if at all.

  251. adam says:

    my bunny cut his lip and wont eat plz help me

  252. Greta says:

    Thhat is a great tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple bbut very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this
    one. A must read article!

  253. swickie says:

    My newborn baby bunny couldn’t eat well in the last few days and now that he’s ate he is puffed up like a balloon. My mom says he won’t make it because he isn’t developed right.


  254. Aby says:

    My 12 year old beagle Jack, Mango, went in to the vet on June 25 to receive her rabies shot and was also given the Proheart 6 shot. The vet recommended the shot versus the pill and simply stated that it was easier than giving her a pill every month so I agreed. This week I noticed a decrease in her appetite and her mobility has been affected. She cannot move her hind right leg anymore and I noticed what appeared to be a infection where the injection site occurred. She does not even want to go outside anymore simply lays in the same spot. She is in a lot of pain to the point that she is having accidents where she sits. I have called the vet and the soonest they can see me is tomorrow. I’m very concerned after doing research on Proheart 6 that she maybe having an adverse reaction.

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  256. Tiffany Stills says:

    My 2yr old shih tzu has started partly dragging her back left leg you can tell it’s numb.She hasn’t had any witnessed injuries,and I can find no bite marks,swollen areas,or wounds.Is there anyway she can get better?

  257. Sharon Lewis says:

    Have a great 5 month old Labradoodle who began limping after running in small backyard. The vet took X-rays and sedated her to manipulate her knee. Said there was some indication of a partial tear but not complete. Sent her home with vetprofen and said to limit movement for two weeks. If she is still limping then they will operate. The vetprofen caused diarreha so we halved the amount and now after one week she barely puts weight on her leg. Is she too young for surgery?

  258. Sena says:

    I’m writing to you from Ghana, West Africa.
    Last week our vet gave my pet cats a dewormer. On the first day, nothing happened. By day 2, both defecated. The female passed plenty of worms, but I noticed that she was becoming weaker and weaker. She’s been ‘sleeping’ since then. She cant eat and we’ve been told to keep her hydrated with water and milk.
    The male cat is back on his feet, but shaky. There is lots of pus coming out of his eyes and his pupils are still dilated, so in effect, he cant see a thing. Ive contacted my vet and he said its normal, and that the effect of the drugs will subside soon. It’s been a week and I’m getting worried. Hope you can help.

  259. angie says:

    I have had my dog for 2 months and he has never went pee in the house. I got him neutered last week and now he is peeing in the house. He is on a schedule for eating and going outside potty and that hasn’t changed but for some reason he actively pees outside and in the house both. Can you please help me.

  260. Sharon says:

    Trying to get opinions on acl surgery for a 5 month old female golden doodle. Has not been spayed yet, 44 lbs (thin and tall) and just pulled up lame after running. She was xrayed and knee manipulated under sedation. Given vetprophen and put on rest for 2 weeks then to be re-evaluated. Not so sure about this surgery until her growth plates close but I don’t know of an alternative.

  261. Heather says:

    My cat just came to me and half of her face is swollen and watery. Last I seen her was a few hours ago. I have two cats and I was only gone a matter of 15 mins. I did have a bottle of windex on the floor but I dont know what happened. Its 12:30am now and just want to make her comfortable. What can I do? What could be the problem?

  262. Tara says:


    I hope this message gets to you…

    I live part time in Morocco and I’m here for the summer. I found a small puppy hiking through a meditteranean pine forest near where I am staying, not sure his age, abandoned and in a very bad state (emaciated, dehydrated, tufts of hair thinning, full of tics and fleas). This was last night. I’ve taken him in and will be taking him to the vet today. What should I expect? I’m not sure what kind of vets I’m going to find over here…and I’m worried if he will survive or not. Also- apart from rabies- could be transmit some other disease? I’ve been very careful, washing my hands each time I’ve touched him. Otherwise, he had a small amount of vegetable soup, vomited once and then slept. He’s now up and about, shaky on his feet.
    Thanks for any advice!

  263. Shell Briesacker says:

    My daughter got a puppy, Hes about 11 weeks old. Never had shots or dewormed. So I got him his first shots, and dewormed him. After a few days he threw up pink chunky stuff. Then pooped out long white World. Now today hes not eating. Drinkin a little but not much. I live way out in the county and the nearest vet is about a 2 hour or more drive. Is this normal ? Will he get better?

  264. Shell says:

    My daughter got a puppy, Hes about 11 weeks old. Never had shots or dewormed. So I got him his first shots, and dewormed him. After a few days he threw up pink chunky stuff. Then pooped out long white worm. Now today hes not eating. Drinkin a little but not much. I live way out in the county and the nearest vet is about a 2 hour or more drive. Is this normal ? Will he get better?

  265. Gina says:

    Hi There- I have a 1 year old male tabby cat who up until this month has been given Comfortis for cats. This month when I went to my vet to pick up his medicine, they told me that they were discontinuing Comfortis due to allergic reactions and while I waited they went to see if they had something else in a pill form. They came back with Trifexis. They advised that this was formulated for dogs but that they “checked it out” and found that cats could use it, too. I do trust this vet, so I gave it to my cat and all seems to be fine. It works very similar to the Comfortis. My question is, all that I’ve read about Trifexis states that is it NOT to be used on felines. Do I continue to give him the Trifexis? Or try another vet that still offers Comfortis for cats? Have you come across this issue before? Thanks so much!

  266. Angie says:

    My boyfriend and his dog (american bulldog age 7) moved in with my 4 children and I about 3 yrs ago. The dog has always been a very loving and well behaved dog. As a puppy to this very day he had a bad skin problem where his skin gets very dry but in the last yr he his back hips have been very bad. He has hip displacia and arthritis in his hips. Ontop of this about 6 months ago he started a unsitely growth under his chin the first vet said it was just a groth nothing to worry about then after it doubled in size rapidly we got a second opinion and that vet said the same thing. Since then it has grown to the size of 2 baseballs and we went for A 3rd opinion which point we were told it was a tumor which could be cancerous we have just saved up the money to remove it and notice 5 more smaller growths on his stomach. I had made an appt for the vet which is this monday. What I noticed is the last ast wk that ive bedn waiting to get him into the vet his temperament has changed. He used to be great with otherdogs and the neighbors dog (big dog also) has always played with my dog just the other day the neighbor brought the dog past and walked into our yard like normal and our dogwent after the neighbors dog with some barksa snarls once we pulled them away from eachother and assesed the situation both dogs were fine no bites or scrapes of any kind but some drool on there fur. After that we have kept our dog away from other dogs. Now today my sister came by with her children and our dog was running around with the kids (playing very nice) I asked the kids to go upstairs and play and laid our dog at my feet (me standing above him) the kids ended up back in the kitchen by us (our dog included) and I looked down and my dog was sitting by my feet I had my hand around hus collar so he stayed by me and my niece gently put her hand by his nose for him to sniff. He sniffed for a second then out of no where jumped up and I yanked back as quick as possible to avoid my neice from getting harmed and he just nicked her shoulder with his tooth and immediately stopped and sat back down. So it wasnt like he viciously attcked her and he knew he was wrong right away and stopped but I believe that once a dog attacks a chikd that dog has no place in a home with children. My question to a vet is could his change in dimenor be from being sick and in pain and if it were from that if for 7 yrs the dog has been a very nice dog if once not in pain and no longer sick can the dog go back to being his old self or will the dog continue to act worse and worse. With everything thats happened I would really appreciate a professional opinion cause as it standright now I do not want the dog in my home anymore for my childrens sake. Thanks for your time.

  267. Brooke says:

    hi my name is Brooke, and i just got my male cat neutered today on top of all his shots and what not but i found out that he has a tapeworm and was give tabs to give to him so im just curious if it is okay to give him these tabs after just being neutered?

  268. Becky says:

    I have a kitten that I’ve raised since she was 2weeks old she is now 6weeks old… For the life of me I can not get her to use the litter box… The litter box is in a bathroom that is very easy to get to and not a lot of traffic… She seems to have two different spots in my living room she likes to use tho one for pee then other for pooping… I take her to the bathroom and shut the door ever so often to see if that will help… But she either goes on the rug are just in the floor not close to the litter box… Someone told me to get another litter box and put it in the living room to see if that will help… Not sure if it would or not… I need help please I’m a little OCD and have never had this problem with the million other kittens I’ve raised!!!

  269. Becky says:

    I have a kitten that I’ve raised since she was 2weeks old she is now 6weeks old… For the life of me I can not get her to use the litter box… The litter box is in a bathroom that is very easy to get to and not a lot of traffic… She seems to have two different spots in my living room she likes to use tho one for pee then other for pooping… I take her to the bathroom and shut the door ever so often to see if that will help… But she either goes on the rug are just in the floor not close to the litter box… Someone told me to get another litter box and put it in the living room to see if that will help… Not sure if it would or not… I need help please I’m a little OCD and have never had this problem with the million other kittens I’ve raised!!!

  270. danielle says:

    hi my 6 week old pup is bringing her food back up , she is also unsteady on her feet , but has a wet nose and seems to have no appetite

  271. Pauline Evans says:

    I have a Yorkshire terrier aged nearly 3 & I live in a very clean home I don’t have any other pets
    But I regularly treat him with advocate & drontil for fleas & all worms etc but

    He is constantly trying to bite or get to his tail with his mouth & is constantly itching & scratching ????

    I really don’t know what is causing him to be so irritant. ? Is there anything you can suggest or give me any advice about this.

    We live in the UK & it’s been quite hot here this summer. But I am going crazy as what to help him with


  272. We recently moved into a new house and down the road I found a stray Pomeranian/Chiuahaha about 3 weeks ago. She seemed very fine, wasn’t fond of me at first but she got better as I began to feed and water her. After begging my mom to keep her, she finally gave in but she has to be outside. I was giving her a bath the other day and saw that her private area was bright red! And she had to pee way to frequently. For now she is in a kennel until I can afford a chain for her to be out of the yard. I let her out every hour and half so she can do her business, eat and drink. I noticed that she was peeing in her kennel and its a dark muggy looking pee. Really dirty looking. She won’t eat her dog food, only human food ever so often. I am not sure what’s wrong with her. I am guessing she’s about 5 years old? she’s full grown, and the thing is if something is wrong with her, I can’t afford a vet right now because if she hasn’t gotten her shots and if their is something seriously wrong with her from the pee…and poop which is just small droppings that look like it has blood in it. I am not sure what to do at all. I need help and I sure as heck don’t want this dog dying on me or my family…

  273. James says:

    My four year old lady cat got outside a few days ago, and I wasn’t able to catch her when trying to chase her down. I know she’s been in heat recently, but I also know it’s too soon to tell if she’s pregnant. My problem is that she just came back inside around an hour ago, and she’s breathing really hard and cleaning herself excessively. Now, I haven’t been able to get her shots, because it’s been a struggle to keep food and litter for her and our other cats, but I know I need to take her to a vet. I’m just really scared she’s caught something and that it’s serious. Please help.

  274. Susan says:

    Hi Angry Vet,
    My 2 year old male cat was diagnosed with FLUTD several months ago. Now he and our girl cat are on Hill’s prescription diet. I’ve heard good things about The Honest Kitchen as an alternative. What do you recommend? Thanks!

    • Angry Vet says:

      focus on canned food of any sort and managing stress and litterbox management. disease can wax and wane and become frustrating no matter what you do and always monitor for obstruction and get to Vet ASAP if occurs

  275. Claire R. says:

    Hi, my dog is almost a 2 year old Boykin Spaniel and we took him to the vet because fur was coming out, he might have a thyroid issue as well they put him on antibiotics and he’s been fine ever since we went back for the week check up they gave him some type of shot. And he is crazy now he would start barking at nothing and run around. We have an electric fence and we put it under the couch along time ago he was doing fine with it until today. He started barking at the couch and other random places around it. It was a defensive type barking I checked under the house where he was barking and nothing was there. Nothing was anywhere in the area except for non-living things. I thought it was the fence so I took it out and removed it and his collar for it. He still kept barking around there. It started at 7pm and he has been doing it for about 4 hours now when I went upstairs he would keep barking at the same area. And it would be that protective bark. I think he is having some insane reaction to that shot. Can some dogs react to shots and become insane like that or I should say have a behavior of what I described above? I will ask my vet what he gave him in the morning?

  276. Souvik Ghose says:

    My rabbit (male) is lethargic and hardly eating anything. I live in a small town in India. We do not have vets having experience with rabbit. We feed the plenty of green grass. The climate is quite hot and humid. However my other buns are doing fine. This one is a bit smaller in size, does not really have the appetite of the others but used to be very lively. It happened to him before it recovered on its own. I am helpless since I really do not have a rabbit vet around. None of my rabbit drinks much of water.

  277. teresa says:

    I have a 7 year old Bichin, who recently injured her ACL and knee cap. I am told she needs surgery for this. I went to have a 2nd opinion from a Holistic Vet. She suggested I give my dog Glucosamine. And, a friend who onws a healthfood store, told me to add goat whey to her diet for minerals, for her bones? Are these safe to give to my dog after she has had surgery and recovers, to hopefully help avoid these kindof injuries as she ages?

  278. Lynn-Marie says:

    I have two Shelties, male 5yrs – 18lbs, female 6yrs – 22lbs. Both are healthy and spade/neutered. They were always vaccinated on schedule and last round of vaccinations were three years ago and now over due for boosters except for rabies which is up to date. Reason for delay is because the last time they both were vaccinated, they both got very sick (lethargy, vomiting, shaking & male could not stand). Repeat visits to the vet over a month cost us thousand of dollars. Vets solution for next round of vaccinations is Benadryl prophylactic and to space vaccines 14 days apart. I have read many articles that indicate that Shelties are very sensitive to vaccinations. I also have found that many vaccinations are not necessary. My vet disagrees and for that reason, I hesitate bringing my babies to him. I am having a hard time finding a vet who follows your philosophy on vaccinations. Do you know of a veterinarian near Andover, Connecticut that will work with me and who agrees with your practice?

  279. Lesley says:

    We urgently need some ‘Angry Vets’ in the UK to push the important issues you promote. Locally, ALL Vets aggressively promote immature neutering/spaying and annual vacs are still the norm. I find it difficult to believe that all these Vets are not aware of the latest research , which poses the question ‘are they choosing to ignore the research for financial gain?’

    Im hoping you might be able to provide me with some insight, comment or opinion on an issue that I’m still losing sleep over. I will try & keep it brief. Last week I was caring for Milo, a male Leonberger of 10 1/2 yrs ie beyond the normal lifespan of the breed. On Sunday evening he became poorly and during the early hours of the morning was exhibiting (what I now know to be) classic symptoms of bloat ie panting, unproductive retching, restlessly pacing, reluctance to lie down & seeming very ‘spaced out’. Despite trying I was unable to contact the owners ( in Portugal) but called Milo’s Vet at 9am describing in detail the above symptoms & was given an appointment at 2.40pm. To my great regret , I was not aware of bloat or the need to get immediate vet assistance so did not question the delay. On attending the appointment, after brief exam I was asked to take Milo to their head practice several miles away, for X-ray, bloods & possible surgery. Bloat was mentioned, but there was no obvious sign of distended stomach and tapping stomach did not produce ‘drum like sound’. From around 4am until just before the 2.40pm appointment, I would have described Milo as being very poorly, weak & uncomfortable, but not IMO in great pain, but from 12 noon began to show definite signs of improvement ie more alert, would lie down, panting less and more mobile. By the time we got to head surgery he showed further improvement : walking well and climbing steps unaided, fully alert/aware & wanting to linger and sniff at ‘dog pee’ spots. I took him into the Vets & sadly, that was the last time I saw my gentle giant alive. The owner ( whom I had contacted in the interim) had agreed to ‘intubation’ to relieve gas, but not surgery due to age of dog. He was unproductively intubated at 5.45pm and around 6pm the Vet tried to persuade me to agree to immediate surgery ‘ as the dog is in pain and he will die’. I declined and he was put to sleep in my arms, whilst still under sedation from the earlier intubation. The Vet did say that his X-ray showed his stomach was enlarged to three times it’s normal size, but he could not tell if itvhadvtwisted (?) and there was a shadow that was probably a tumour on his spleen.

    I know that the Vet acted unethically as: he was not in pain as still sedated & the chances of him surviving surgery given his age was negligible. I also believe the Vet Practice should have responded more urgently to my initial call.

    I loved Milo as if he was my own dog and will forever blame myself for not knowing the symptoms of bloat and not obtaining vet assistance in the early hours of the morning. But beyond all this, there is one doubt that keeps running through my mind and I cannot shake it off – by mid afternoon his condition had improved noticeably and I’m almost sure he wasn’t in pain. What if It wasnt ‘true bloat’, what if I had just taken him home, might he still be with us , even if just for a short while longer? I would really, really appreciate your feedback on this
    hours of the morning.

  280. Lesley says:

    Re my previous comment – ignore last few stray words of post ‘early hours of morning’ left over from earlier editing

  281. Stephanie says:

    Our “unknown Terrier mix rescue had been on Wellness Core Puppy formula since we got him at just under 3 months old and would also have carrots, cucumbers and the like and always had solid stools.
    22 hours after getting his 4 month Rabies vaccine & DHPP vaccine (at the same time) he started having Diarrhea. 12 hour fasting and boiled chicken & rice would stop it. then over many days we’d start to slowly introduce his wellness core dry dog food back into the chicken Rice. tried this for a 3-4 weeks and every time we’d get to maybe 1/2 & 1/2 he’d get loose stool again. we finally switched to a Natural Balance LID dog food and he’s pretty solid but slightly softer at times, usually more toward end of the day.
    Could the shots of cause a problem with his Gastrointestinal Tract?

    also, We tried to get the Vet to NOT give both the Rabies & the DHPP vaccines at the same time. but she insisted he needed them both then.
    This was strange as at his 3 month visit she did NOT want to give him both of the 3 months shots because he was so little (was like 9.2 lbs) at the same time. (I think 3 months shots were DHPP & Lepto?) Also, we said no to the Lepto and still say no to it. they keep asking, but tell us it up to us. we don’t let our dog run around without supervision and is leashed on walks, etc.

    Also, how important is Heart worm preventative (Heartgard)? esp up here in Minneapolis, MN? Read on some websites it’s be almost impossible for it to get to a dog esp up in the north vs the humid hot south.

    Minneapolis, MN

  282. Jim says:

    My question is in regards to the lyme vaccination?
    My vet currently wants to give it to my 15 month old lab and i am unsure if i should. I am worried about over vaccinating and the problems that, that can cause. I have also researched that the lyme vac is not that effective. I do put frontline on monthly and check for ticks as we are outdoors hiking alot. My only hesitation in saying no per your advice in the vaccination part of this website, is that we live in Connecticut which is one of the worst places for ticks.
    In my opinion my vet tends to vaccinate more than they should , so i have a hard time taking their advice in this subject.

    So, in your opinion angry vet should i get the lyme vac done for a Connecticut dog or skip it?


    • Angry Vet says:

      I personally would skip, make sure that I am vigilant with tick monitoring and control though….plenty of LYme abound in CT though. Most times dogs resistant t

  283. click here says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for deodorizing

  284. Chrissy says:

    My 9mth cane corso had pneumonia a few months ago from inhaling salt water. We did all the necessary antibiotics. He has a slight cough once in awhile and clear runny nose here and there. The vet said today he sounds great and that they think its allergies. But they want to put him on antibiotics for another two weeks as a precaution. I don’t agree with this and don’t understand why I should pump more drugs into my puppy as a “precaution”

  285. IRIS says:


    I am about to adopt a 4 years old siamese cat, I have been told by the association managing the adoption that she has never been to a vet before, no vaccinations at all. I am planning to vaccinate her as soon as I get her. However I would like to know if the fact that she has never been vaccinated could be risky or dangerous for my family even after I vaccinate her,

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards

  286. misty says:

    I have a 10 month old cat that has extra toes. The vet said because the toes where so far down in the groove of his paw it would be best just to remove remove the extra toes plus the one on the outside of his paw leaving four toes on each paw. His right paw is fine, but his left paw has an infection and is swollen twice and a half bigger than the other. They have put him on antibiotics and have done Epson salt soaks but swelling has not moved. He has some drainage from his skin and you can’t even see his other claws his paw is so swollen. Is there something we can do for him at home to help pull that infection out? He still has feeling in his paw which is good, but he is so uncomfortable. Any advice would be great.

  287. Milka says:


    We discovered your article on the risks of neutering while searching the Web as we are considering whether to neuter our Golden Retriever puppy. The more we learn, the more we are convinced that he should not be altered and that our past decisions have been misguided. In general all of the vets we’ve met in Paris have tried convince us to fix our dogs.

    Here is some history:
    - We have a 3 year old American cocker (our first dog). He was neutered at the age of 9 months. We had it done as it was recommended by our vet.
    - We recently lost our 4 year old Golden rescue to post-operation complications – we had her spayed and she bled out 12 hours after the operation. We brought her back in during the night after the operation but she could not be saved. Once again, we did it on the advice of our vet.

    The cocker spaniel has always been “high strung”. He is a very sweet dog and we have taken the time and energy to train him with the help of outside professionals. One of the things we have not been able to change is his aggression on leash to any other dog and general over excitement. We wonder if his incapacity to keep calm couldn’t be helped with hormone supplements. What is your opinion on trying to help behavioral symptoms by reintroducing testosterone?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this topic.

    • Angry Vet says:

      have never had the guts myself to try that. IMHO don’t neuter male dogs in first place unless a problem arises

  288. Stephanie dugger says:

    I live with my fiancé who owns a 9 year old female cockapoo. She misbehaves like crazy! She gets put outside and she doesn’t leave the door unless to poop or pee, and constantly whines and howls at the door. She chews her back side up so bad she leaves blood on the bed and blankets when we leave the house. She purposely gets under my feet and trips me, and I’m 11 weeks pregnant. She tore up my lunch box entirely ate my koolaid packets I take to work and my Tupperware. Tore up the door to the room she was in, and pooped and peed in the room. Tonight was the worst it’s ever been. We can’t kennel her because when we did kennel her she would poop and pee in the kennel even though she used the bathroom before we put her in the kennel, then she proceeds to scratch the kennel base and fling poop and pee everywhere, and then occasionally escapes. I’m very fed up with this dog and I want her gone, but it’s not fair of me to ask my fiancé to get rid of her, she’s his best friend and the last thing his mom gave him before she died and no matter how gross she looks he always picks her up holds her kisses on her and tells her she’s pretty. I don’t want to break that, but I don’t know how to change her behavior. Please help me. :(

  289. chad says:

    I have a six week old pug puppy she is suddenly losther balance and is having hard time breathing and it sounds like fluid is in her lungs but not sure gums are white can not stand automatically goes to her side when you put her downand also feels like she has lockjawand seems like she’s seasonI would like some help with this I don’t know what to do little short on funds to take her to the vet

    • Angry Vet says:

      come on people there are certain situations which warrant a trip to the vet and not a quick ask the vet online free tip….THIS IS ONE OF THEM!

  290. taahira david says:

    My dog just had pups 3 wks now and i think i gave her two much endovet ces tables, now she is drowsy. What do I do now?

  291. Dave Haskins says:

    I have a Miniature Schnauzer who has had very minimal comedown syndrome on his back and normally after he gets groomed. I was using Frontline and Heartguard on him but recently switched to Trifexis because of the mosquitos in South Texas. His comedown syndrome had gotten significantly worse over the last few weeks all over his back, head, snout, and now down the outside of his back legs. Have you had experience with Trifexis contributing to this? That is the only change in the last month that we’ve made. I have some shampoo ordered and Omega-3 supplement and thought about skipping his next dose of Trifexis just to see what will happen and if it will help clear it up? Thanks!

  292. tabitca says:

    I have a two year old female cat ,spayed, who seems very thin compared to my other two cats. She is a tall cat . I feed wet and dry food and food is always available. She likes her cat treats. gets wormed and deflea-ed via drops on neck. I live in the country so she is out hunting a lot. She was a little feral cat found as a kitten so don’t know if her mother was a tall thin cat. She seems happy and is good natured. Her coat is glossy. should I maybe worm more often than 3 monthly with her hunting so much? I can’t see any evidence of worms but she did have bad worms when she was found. she gets distressed if caged so don’t want to take her on the long journey to the vets if I am worrying over nothing. thanks for your time

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  294. Carrie Gaspard says:

    I have a little chihuahua and she is 14 months old. She is scratching and is so miserable. We have picked lots of fleas off of her and i have done some research and i think she has sarcoptic mange or something like that, she has scratched so much that her skin is so red and she is just lying around and real weak. I need to know what i can give her to pick her up until i can get her to the vet. Please let me know something soon.

    • Angry Vet says:

      if you have fleas and flea allergy that could be the whole issue…sometimes need some steroids to take the edge off…see your vet

  295. Xena Saunders says:

    I have a almost 1 year old Chihuahua/rat terrier mix. This morning/afternoon she got into a stash of gum and ate some.
    And since this morning she has thrown up about 5 times, and can’t control her bladder and been peeing all over the house. But also has blood in her urine. She hasnt ate or drank as much as normal either. We are going to take her to the vet i the morning but I was wondering if you have any advice or suggestions on what she could have? Could the gum be a factor into this?

  296. Tiffany Marko says:

    My daughters cat had fleas really bad she didn’t tell us right away we noticed that the cat was just laying around and not eating much so we took charge of helping the cat we gave her wet food with a lot of vitamins and water to keep her hydrated we used a safe flea bath but the thing is it’s been almost a week since we defleaed her and she’s still out of it and really skinny despite the food vitamins and water we gave her. what else can we give her to heal her better we have been reading on sites that fleas also carry tapeworms should we deworm her as well I’m just not sure. We don’t want the cat to die.

  297. Kristi says:

    i have a three week old puppy that im having to bottle feed due to her losing her mother , my question is , shes lost weight over night and has started pooping blood , what does this mean ? please let me know if there is more i can do !

  298. mebmcg says:

    I rescued 2 dogs 5 months ago both from very bad situations. One is now fine and loving her new home, the other is loving her home but has several health issues. She’s a 10kg some kind of hunting dog coarse hair mix and somewhere between 3-6 years old. The problem is that when we got her she was covered in scabs and had almost no hair. We obviously took her to the vet, got her her shots, chipped her and was prescribed corteisone for 7 days. Se stopped scratching, her skin cleared up but she started shaking her head. We took her back and started on the long st of weekly visits for different ear treatments…the first few weeks did nothing to help her, then the medication got stronger and she seemed to improve. We put her on a fish diet, she takes herb supplement, oil etc and she was ok. Then she started to scratch again, the ear problem came back and here we go again. She also suffers from inverse sneezing but not always. I then noticed she had worms, so we treated both her and the other dog with Dontral and this seems fine now. But her skin is starting to itch again and she sounds all blocked up like a head cold, there’s no mucus or anything, so we’re guessing allergies… the vet told us we may never be able to fix her allergy as because we don’t know how she lived it could be caused by any number of things. I feel so bad for her because since we managed to get her better for a time it seems that she now suffers more because she knows the difference! Is there anything we can do to help her…. we live in the country so grass and pollens are abbundant. Thanks in advance

    • Angry Vet says:

      allergies (if that’s what we are dealing with) can rarely be “cured” but certainly can be managed

      • Jas says:

        I was checking for a response to my question. It appears that this is the last Tim angry vet responded to a post in this column. Wondering if the mission continues, it has been a good year then since a reply.

  299. Hi, i have a yellow labrador who is 10 years old, who has been acting strangely. He is pacing around panting, is very hyper and is becoming agressive towards my other dog.
    Do you know why this is??

  300. Al says:

    I have a 12 yr old female papillon and she is due for her distemper vaccination. Is this vaccination required at her age/

  301. Jonas says:

    I am looking vaccine to my dog he is very angry
    Could you advice me something ?
    Thank you

  302. Kathy Davis says:

    My 20-pound Lakeland Terrier is a happy 11-year old with no health
    issues . . . except an occasional ear infection brought on by swimming. Last Thursday she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection (no yeast) of her ears and prescribed Mometamax. Two days later (one dose daily of 4 drops) we noticed she was less responsive to our talk. Yesterday, she was completely deaf in both ears, so we immediately
    discontinued the medication. Today I’ve read horror stories on the
    Internet about this medication. I’m in utter melt-down mode and will
    contact my vet immediately in the morning. In the meantime, is there
    anything you can tell me to give us some hope that her hearing may be
    restored. I’m guilt-ridden and crying. She’s been prescribed this
    medication for prior ear infections with no ill effects; but her most
    recent course of treatment with Mometamax was about 2-3 years ago when she was younger. Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  303. Sharon Boies says:

    Chocolate Remy ‘D my 3 year old intact intact Chocolate Lab has an unpleasant odor coming from his nether regions that smell like vomit or bad cheese it is very strong and very unpleasant and he licks his penis and anus quite often. His stool sample was negative for parasites however when he goes to the off leash dog park he has one or two normal B.M.s then after that has diarrhea, he has no fever, has had his anal glands expressed, did a 10 day course of antibiotics and given a topical spray from the vet in case it is an allergy but it doesn’t relieve his discomfort. He gets daily 1-2 hour walks on and off leash, swims in both salt water and fresh water. He is very active and masturbates several times a day using his faux fur bed pillow as the object of his affections. I have two questions: what is causing his unpleasant odor and itching (mainly on his anus) and what will help him be well. Also is his “love affair” with his bedding unhealthy. I have kept him intact because I want him have the hormones that may enable him to develop more lean muscle mass and hopefully keep him from gaining too much weight as is often the case with perpetually hungry Labs. Thank you Sharon

  304. Doug Rees says:

    Hi, I was delighted to read your article on spaying and neutering. I’ve had dogs and cats much of my life. I always had them spayed/neutered, but always felt bad about having to do it. But I was told by my vet that it was the only responsible thing to do. Now I’m wondering. I’m considering getting a registered female Maine Coon kitten from a reputable breeder. It occurred to me that when the cat is old enough, I could arrange with a local breeder to allow my cat to have kittens by a registered Maine Coon male. I could care for my cat during pregnancy, and take care of the kittens until they were weaned. I could then turn them over to the breeder to be sold. I wouldn’t expect to make any money on the deal–just allow my cat to enjoy a fairly normal sex life. Is this a responsible option? Are there any groups that facilitate such an approach for owners of registered animals?

  305. Lyssa says:

    My dog had ACL surgery, 11 days ago, she started vomiting 3days after surgery(very dark brown in color)She has had no appetite. The vomiting continued for 3 day, then she was admitted into the hospital. the X-rays look normal. 1st. set of blood work looked good regarding her liver & Kidneys. Her body temp was high. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days, and has been give IVs, amoxicillin(250mg), Baytril(136mg), Cerenia (60mg), &Sucraifate. They let me take her home for the weekend in hopes that she might get her appetite back and get her to feeling better quicker. Before she left they did more blood work, & call the next day with results, saying shes having so issues with her pancreas and wanted her to come in for an IV as well as a fluid bubble they placed in her back. she is not wanting to eat anything AT ALL…We have been force feeding her, after trying to get her to take it on her own. she has been off pain meds since the admitted her due to the vomiting. but after ACL surgery i feel like she needs something for pain. She really seems very sad. plus she is 11yr old. Is there anything else I should have my vet look into?

  306. Jennifer says:

    Hi I have a 7 year old French poddle and recently I saw in one of his balls he has a big black spot and that ball is hard and his other ball looks normal and squishy, is that bad ???
    And he hasent popped in 3 days and has been licking his but hole all day long I tell him to stop and I catch him doing it all day long, and I saw his but hole and it’s really red and a little swollen what would it be ? Please help

  307. Natasha Weimar says:

    I give my dog trifexis he has been on it for the last 6 months with no issues I just walked him and he had 2 worms in his poop I thought trifexis was supposed to prevent things like this

  308. ali says:

    I have a male bunny he is really healthy but i have noticed he has had a bump on the back of his head in between the ears , its a bump under the skin or part of the skin and today i noticed when i felt his head again the bump felt bigger. im not sure whether to worry about it or just let it go?

  309. Ade says:

    My rabbit is weak, won’t eat, I think one of his fore limb has an issue cos he hasn’t move it for a while now, it looks like he’s in pain, he’s only about 2 months old, what can I do?

  310. Keeley Walker says:

    I have a male black GS/Airedale mix, dad is Shepherd mom Airedale. He is 1 year 9 months old. I had him in obedience classes, good citizen training, agility classes, fly ball training for almost a year with no problems with other dogs. He is super intelligent, playful, he likes rules and discipline and responds well when given orders. We have walked him on lease in town since he was 3 month old, however in the last 2 month he has become aggressive towards other dogs while on a leash. We still take him to the community “yappy hour” which is a dog socialization even ever other week, he does just fine off leash but once we put the leash on and leave if another dog passes by he lunges. He has food aggression as well, which i am trying really hard to break. I feed him alone, i take his food while he is eating then make him eat from my hand then i return the food to him, he has no problems with people only dogs. Now he is starting to lung and bite our other dogs. Its very unpredictable as he plays with them all the time, he shows respect to them and is submissive, then out of nowhere he attacks them. is there anything i can give him or do to modify this behavior? I am willing to try anything, i do not want to get rid of him, i love him very much. He is NOT aggressive towards people-though sometimes when he is laying on his bed he will warn if he doesnt want you on there. We live in a remote area and finding a behavior specialist can be pretty tricky. thank you for any advice you can offer.

  311. MDAccount says:

    This isn’t about animal health, but about the business of vet practices.

    I’ve been going to the same clinic for 17 years, which is part of VCA, a national chain. Initially the practice was still run as a local clinic with minimal corporate input, but in the last three years the corporate side has gotten overwhelming — branded drugs, strong pushes for treatment packages, higher prices, a sense that excess testing is being suggested, etc. The longtime office manager has left as have several of the long-time vets, and customer service has deteriorated badly. In addition, we moved a few years ago, and getting to the clinic is a 30-40 minute drive.

    We’ve stuck it out because the medical director of the practice (a Cornell man!) is tremendous — widely recognized for his diagnostic skill, which has been a literal lifesaver more than once over the years. He’s increasingly hard to see, however, and we’d rather find a new vet closer to our home and turn to him as a specialist when needed.
    So my three questions are these:
    1) Is it acceptable to contact one of the vets who has left the practice to ask for recommendations of another practice to use in my home area?
    2) In selecting a new vet practice, how do we spot business practices that can lead to poor treatment or service? What are the models of vet compensation, for example, that are a red flag, and can we ask about that when talking to a potential new vet?
    3) What are the clues that a vet is staying up to date and open-minded about new treatments or changes to established practice? At our current vet clinic, the medical director has always offered new and experimental treatment options and fully educated patients about choices. What questions can we ask to help us spot an equally thoughtful new vet?
    Thanks for any input or guidance you can provide!

  312. Ginny says:

    Hi there,

    My 6.5 pound Chihuahua/Terrier mix got into a baggy of ibuprofen I had on my dresser this morning. I didn’t see her eat any, but I was in another room, heard something that sounded like ripping, and when I ran in I found the bag ripped and pills scattered on the floor. I found two half chewed up, but I couldn’t guarantee she hadn’t gobbled down more. I think she may have had 3, max.

    Anyway, I rushed her right in. The vet induced vomiting, nothing came up, so she gave her fluids and two large syringes full of charcoal. Also she gave me two prescriptions, to help prevent ulcers and stomach tearing.

    When we got home, she was happy as she could be, eating, playing with the cat, being her typical self. But about 2 hours ago, I noticed she seemed to be in some pain. It started around her shoulders, where she still had the lumps from fluid. But after I took her out to go to the bathroom, as soon as we got inside she started shaking, didn’t want to move, and literally started screeching at the top of her lungs when I pet her anywhere except her head and feel. Her belly seems okay, too…I was able to get her to walk to her crate but had to lift her inside, and my hand on the belly didn’t seem to bother her too much. But her entire back, from top of the shoulders to rear, and down both sides, she seems in terrible pain.
    I called the vet again, she said it could be pain from the injection site, or she could just feel really odd due to the movement of fluid, and thus is more uncomfortable than in pain. She told me to keep her quiet and comfortable, and keep an eye on her, but no need to rush her back in.
    I’ve never seen discomfort cause this kind of reaction in an animal. Is this normal?? She’s a sensitive dog to begin with, very nervous, and prone to yelping over the smallest things (including someone new just knocking on the door, she starts screeching and hides behind the couch). But I’m just so afraid that this is more than being uncomfortable. What do I do?? Please help!! Thanks!!!

  313. Margo says:

    I have a 12 1/2 yr old Pomeranian keeps getting upset stomach about every 2wks. Took him off chicken based food and worked for a little while he won’t eat regular door food so I make him food and try to add ground up dry food to it. Try lamb &beef and seems to rich because stomach still acting up. Have had X-rays, lab wrk no other signs of any other health issues. Don’t know what else to do vet is suggesting ultrasound of the stomach. Need help on how to feed and help him gain weight. Also what can I give him for the upset stomach. Right now I’m give him peptobismol. I’m looking at balance it product and seeing what receipes I can get from them. Do you have any suggestion

  314. Linda Shultz says:

    I cannot find any info on your website about using braces for a stifle injury.
    Am i not looking in the right place?

  315. Dawn says:

    My indoor cat got outside today and found a live baby rabbit. She picked it up by the neck, breaking the skin and brought the bunny in the house. Should I be worried about my cat getting rabies?

  316. Tina Dunlop says:

    My 8 year old Airedale bitch had suspected pyometra. To make sure, the Vet did blood tests and an ultrasound. It all came back clear – just a uterine infection fixable by 2 injections (like an abortion) and two weeks’ antibiotics. One month later she starts a season and I take her in to check it is a normal season. They say yes, but say she should have two weeks’ antibiotics with this season and every following season and ideally she should be spayed. Is this two weeks’ antibiotics advice right? Could there still be something wrong with my bitch’s health. Thank you any reply.

  317. Ashley Lawson says:

    I took my rex rabbit to the vet yesterday to check on a urination problem. He started jumping when urinating and it seemed to be painful. So I took my rabbit to the vet to get this issue checked on. He apparently had crystals in his pee and the vet told me to try to cut back his protein and to begin a specific feeding regimen. I visited the vet yesterday and today his front paws (more the right one) have turned grey in spots. I am so worried and then I thought it might be bruising? He received anesthesia and was put in a thing to make him pee..I’m not sure what that is called. Do you think this is normal or should I contact my vet?

  318. ginger says:

    MY CAT is 13 years old and IS DRINKING A LOT OF WATER TO THE POINT WHERE SHE THROWS IT UP and is peeing on my floor in the bathroom she only does it at at night i don’t know why she is doing this i have change cat box and have changed back to the original cat littler that i was using but she is still going pee on my floor and it is a lot she is eating just fine

  319. monali agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Rob,

    I read your article on Zinc Neutering. My question is would you advise my golden retreiver Max (11 months 80lbs) to be zeutered. Before reading all about Zeuterin, I had decided that Max would be neutered once he is fully mature and developed. However with Zeuterin, the procedure requires a cretain testicle size, if not age. Please give me your honest opinion. Also can you provide data on this procedure such as health of dogs post procedure (done by you) and the success rate.

  320. Amber turner says:

    i have a 9 year old female dauchaund. while i was at school she had a seizure, is shakeing her gums a pale and she has not eatten today. she also has a large hard mass on her abdomen looks like it is one of her tits. it has me worried. she is not spayed what do you think could be going on

  321. Madison says:

    HELP! I found a kitten when he was 3 weeks old, he was doing great other than his expanding belly and not really growing. We called our local veg and he said it was worms and to get a liquid dewormer. We gave it to him when he was around 5-6 weeks old and the morning after he can barely walk, can’t meow and is acting very ill. Please help me!!! Thank you!!!

  322. Donna Fuentes-Londberg says:

    Dr. Rob,

    I have the most wonderful little kitty named Bullet who is exactly four months old as of yesterday. He has several symptoms that I cannot seem to wrap my head around and I’m concerned it could be seizure activity. Here is the list of symptoms I have compiled:

    Aggressive behavior in the past two months towards strangers
    Abnormal breath sounds
    Excessive drooling (which smells as bad a halitosis)
    Watery left eye that he will close half way
    Extreme tiredness
    Irritability towards strangers
    Loss of skin color on his nose (turns white)
    Swaying when sitting
    Turns paws in when standing
    Excessive tail wagging
    Sweaty, clammy paw pads
    and finally, while sleeping on three occasions the past two weeks, loss of bowels.

    As you can tell I definitely pay attention to him, and after these four months, I am totally in love with the little devil and it’s breaking my heart that he is going through this. I’m not sure of his breed as his mother was a stray, but he has 7 toes on each front paw. I am making an appt at your clinic, but I was hoping you might have some peace of mind to calm my nerves. Any possible thoughts you have are appreciated more than you know.

    Thank you so very much!


  323. Irma Munoz says:

    I have a 8 month old male chichuua I noticed a small round dry spot with hair loss on his side about 4 weeks ago. It is now the size of a quarter and does not seem to have a itch. The skin is dry with bumps, they are not red bumps. What do you think this may indicate.
    Thank You

  324. Helga says:

    why is my cocker spaniel shaking and scratching at the whole body

  325. Helga Slavens says:

    I just adopted my sweet Buddy 11 years old ( cocker spaniel ) why is he shaking and scratching at the whole body.

  326. Maggie Johnson says:


    I have a cat who recently fell off of the bed and started limping. I took her to the vet who just x-rayed her and gave us some onsior. The next afternoon she seemed worse so I thought the heating pad might make her feel better. However, she started shivering and not wanting to be touched. I took her back to the vet and they said she had a 104 degree fever and was given some more medication, fluids, steroids, and started on antibiotics. She had several blood test performed, including FELV and FiV and both came back negative. She was sent home on steroids and antibiotics. She stopped limping. Two weeks later the fever and limping returned. I took her back to the vet and they gave her pain medication and gave her an injection of convenia. The next day I took her back to my original vet and they suspect something immune is going on like FIP. But they cannot perform a PCR test because of the antibiotic injection in her body. 12 days have passed and for the first several days she ran a low grade fever complete with limping and shivering. However, the past several days she had not ran a fever, no limping and no fever. I have also not given her any onsior. The vet did send off the pCR test today. He seems to think that she caught something in the environment as she was found in a ball park field and was rescued. What are the chances of her having dry FIP? Or do you think she could have something more curable like taxoplasmosis or Lyme diseases? Thanks!


  327. anthony ferruccio says:

    I believe my 6 month old puppy has distemper and has not been vaccinated. i just rescued her and was not aware of this at the time. My question is can i still get her vaccinated for the distemper if she currently has been infected with the virus?

  328. Stephanie Ortigoza says:

    Hello, I am a student at Columbia Journalism School and I am interested in writing about the spay and neuter program and how they potentially serve as methods to control the pet overpopulation problem in New York City.

    I want to know what you think about the surgeries and if you think there are other strategies or alternatives to reduce the animal overpopulation. I read your spay and neuter post and I want to know more about your side of the issue since most vets in New York City seem to support the spay and neuter program.

    I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

  329. Katie McCoy says:

    Hello, I have a 6 month old bitch French Bulldog and I acquired her 6 weeks ago from a friend so I’m still learning the ‘what’s being a puppy sign’ as opposed to ‘is she due to take her first season’ I’m getting conflicting answers in the web and your site came highly recommended. Apart from the obvious swelling of the vulva and bleeding what other common signs within Frenchies are most common? I’ve previously always had Boxer Dogs over the years but after my last dog sadly died of a brain tumour aged 8 I decided to get a Frenchie, a breed I’ve loved for years. As a bitch novice any help/advice would be most appreciated. I do want to get her spayed for health benefits as have no plans to breed her she is solely a much loved family pet. Thank you in advance

  330. Michelle Garrett says:

    I just got my cat fixed yesterday and now she has worms when she didnt before can u please help me and expexplain why.

  331. Stephanie Mayfield says:

    I noticed my cat Jackson was acting sluggish last night, he won’t play, he has a small scratch on his head where he scratched himself, last night he ate, drank a little, and urinated, then straight back to sleep. This morning my daughter said he didn’t eat but drank some water, walked normally, but when he stopped his back legs would shake. He also had a bile movement throughout the night. He did act like he had a tender spot on his stomach. He’s an inside cat. What could be wrong? Could an excess of cat treats do this? They were hairball control.

  332. Arianna says:

    Hi… My cat tends to wheeze and he has a little lump on his chest, but it clumped a little bit of fut on it so its difficult to see but you can feel it. Do you know what it is? Thank you :)

  333. Marlene says:

    I have a 3 year old hound mix, last week all of a sudden she started to gag and spit up white foam and thick mucous. She did this for 90 minutes before I took her to the Emergency vet. The dog kept doing this during her appt. and the vet suggested an xray. He told us there are 6 spots on her lungs and that she has cancer, but he’s never seen this in such a young dog. He ruled out pneumonia, kennel cough, etc. She hasn’t been vaccinated or heart worm tested. He gave her a shot to calm the gagging and send up home with an antibiotic. The dog has not gagged again since that night. She is actually acting quite fine now. I am not sure if the vet was right about the cancer, but still wonder what the spots on her lungs could have been. First I thought it could’ve been some plastic wrap she got out of the trash that had lunch meat in it, thinking maybe she aspirated it. Then I wondered if she aspirated some of her dog food she was trying to eat that night when our other dog was in the hallway and she started to growl/bark at him. I am just not sure what we are dealing with and my daughter is heartbroken to think it might be something so serious. Please advise. Thank you !

  334. Vivien Jobling says:

    I have 2 x18 month old springers brother and sister . Pip the male dog is so thin ,he has plenty energy eats well but his poops are so small . Were his sister tess is of great build and her poops are normal but not as much energy . Is there something wrong with pip

  335. Laura Addyman says:

    We have an Irish Terrier, just over a year old and are in the middle of the dilemma – to spay or not? I’m not really in favour of spaying or neutering for the sake of it, in fact it makes total sense to leave an animal intact. However, Ruby has had a false pregnancy straight after her first season at 6 months. only now has it settled back to normal. Our vet advises having her spayed to prevent any potential related illnesses and more phantom pregnancies. Would spaying be the right thing to do in this case?
    Thanks in advance

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  337. Mitch Libunao says:

    My dog just had her 5 in 1 shot yesterday. 15 hours later, i noticed that her eyes moves weird from right to left. could it be an allergic reaction? what should i do?

  338. Paige Genoe says:

    My Schnauzer got ran over by a truck. I took him to the Emeregency Vet and they put him in a cast. I picked him up from the ER and took him to my regular vet I gave them everything they had given me at the ER including and IV bag….Now my question is they gave the IV bags back to me and told me they were no concern. He still has the IV in his leg but not hooked up. I see fluids coming up in it today. What should I do? Also he has peed a couple of times but still no poop? Its been 4 days now. He is eating very little with his meds, and drinks plenty of water. I need help on saving my lil baby boy please help. Thank you so much!

  339. whoah this blog is wonderful i love reading your articles.
    Stay up the great work! You know, lots of persons are hunting round
    for this info, you could aid them greatly.

  340. Dave says:

    Question about deworming. I have a 12 year old Springer Spainel she is around 50lbs. I gave her a over the counter dewormer Pyrantel Pamoate 11.3 mg tablet 12 hours ago. many worms game out of her but now she is very weak and sleeping . Is this normal?

  341. maria says:

    My dog has 9 years with me and she’s shevering that means she going to die soon

  342. Judy Burton says:

    Hi: I have a Yorkie who is 4 years old and had his teeth cleaned & 8 teeth removed approx. 5 days ago. This evening he keeps licking his paws/himself as if there is something in his mouth that he is trying to get out. The vet who did the extractions advised that there are souchers in his mouth as well as stitches which will dissolve. Just wondering if you might have any idea as to why he would be reacting in this manner. Would it be pain???

  343. Araceli says:


    I had my dog neutered and after this procedure my dog has lost his appetite has become lethargic and is also always sad. He also vomits the little food he does eat. Is there a vitamin or something I can give him?

  344. Hope says:

    Hi Dr. Foley,
    I don’t know where I read that it is acceptable to give heart worm preventative meds every 40 days rather than monthly. I can’t find anything supporting this now. What are your thoughts on this practice?

  345. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am going through troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody having
    the same RSS problems? Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond?

  346. nonya bidness says:

    My 3 month old kitten is having vaginal bleeding! I know cats/kittens don’t bleed when they’re in heat. She’s not fixed yet but there’s only 1 male cat here n he’s fixed. I’ve had cats for 30+ yrs n have never seen this before. Help!

  347. Nat says:

    Can I give my puppy a worming tablet when she is on antibiotics?

  348. Joe says:

    I have a 2 year old Chihuahua who is extremely weak and can’t walk. It almost seems as if her bones are hurting. About 3 weeks ago she started with a limp so we took her to the vet and they cut her nails and gave her some anti-inflammatory. After the first hour I gave her the meds she was fine but later that day she just stopped eating would sleep all the time and it sounded as if her throat were closing. We went back to the vet and they did a parvo test and it was negative so they said it was kennel cough. This time they gave her anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, and something for the cough. Again after I gave her the meds withing the first hour she seemed to get better but all of a sudden she got worse. Now she’s weak and it seems as if her bones ache. She can’t walk, doesn’t want to eat, and her throat still sounds like if it were closed. The vet said to wait 2 weeks because he couldn’t treat her anymore till the kennel cough is gone but the meds don’t even seem to be working. I just wanna know what is wrong with her or how I can help her. I hate watching her in pain.

  349. Silvia says:

    My cat is 8 years old, she has a cyst in one of her breast, she is an indoor cat not spayed, I have been treating her with an ovulator when she is in heat, it calms her down, the vet want to spayed her and remove the cyst or tumor for the biopsy.

    Is it safe to do both surgeries?, I am very concern, I thank you from my heart for taking the time to give me your opinion.

  350. bhavana says:

    i was just scratched by a two month old puppy while i was taking a stone out of its mouth. a little scratch lead to a little blood.should i be worried about it because the vet doctor told he will give vaccine to dog at its fourth month since it is very small.i had just cleaned that little scratch with handwash and should i consult doctor about it.

  351. matt says:

    Dear AngryVet,
    My APBT is 2 years old and I just got him microchipped. He’s been eating normal up until he got the chip. Could a loss of appetite be a negative side effect from being microchipped?

  352. Laura Morrison says:

    Hi there!
    I am looking for a veterinarian who would perform a cat vasectomy in Oakland or nearby.


    Laura Morrison

  353. Jennd says:

    My cat was attacked by 2 dogs yesterday an has several bites on him I took to the vet and they shaved the area cleaned out the wounds and and then put him under for X-rays to make sure there was no internal damage. He is home now but won’t eat or drink. Is this normal, or should I take him back to the vet?

    • Peter says:

      I’m no expert by any means, but my sister has a cat who was attacked. I believe for the first 24 hours the cat didn’t eat or drink. In the 2nd 24 hours the cat did start drinking but still didn’t eat. She consulted the vet again and was told that it was a trauma in the cats life and she would rebound. And sure enough she did. So I would give it time, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Good Luck

  354. Peter says:

    So I have a 14 month old american bulldog. Up until about a month ago he was a very active and happy dog. But then something changed and he started vomiting on the the floor, and having diarrhea multiple times a day for almost a week straight. I took him in to see his dr. and the dr. figured maybe some type of infection and gave him antibiotics. At the same time he took blood for testing. He called me a couple of days later and said the blood work looks normal and all organs are functioning correctly. No signs of worms. He suggested a change in diet because I was feeding him Pedigree dry dog food. He suggested Iams lamb and rice . So I did buy it and did a gradual change and now he is eating just the lamb and rice. It seemed to help but not really. He still vomits every other day. His stools are still very runny not quite diarrhea but not normal. He has lost ALOT of weight to where his bones of his ribs and hips are showing. And he lays motionless unless he needs to go out. I want my dog back to normal. And when I say normal I mean a healthy weight, active, and being the pup that he once was. Please Help!!

  355. jal Bher says:

    My six yr old English Bulldog seems to be constipated, he tries and tries to poop and can’t his stomach is getting bigger, swollen. He eating and drinking somewhat, normally, he vomited twice is 5 days and his poop is yellowish and liquid like. His condition started 2 weeks ago,Please Help. Thanks!

  356. Treva says:

    My 10yr old french bulldog is having spells of weakness. Can’t stand or walk. If I feed him it seems to pass right away. He normally eats two meals a day. Feeding times have not changed. Nor food. I did start him on dinovite. Noticed the weakness two days later.

  357. Ashley Simon says:

    I have a 6 month old Hound Mix and for the last couple of weeks she only seems to get sick at night, all day long she plays, eats, uses the restroom. But come night time she needs to go to the restroom ever 2 hours and she seems to vomit one time, i have noticed that the vomit is food like only and then her fecal matter runny and we dont see any warms (i know sounds nasty) but we did check it. I dont know what i should or could do and want to know if you know what i can do.

  358. Kara says:

    My friend’s dog’s back keeps popping when he moves. Is this normal? Or is it something serious?

  359. hannah says:

    what should i do about my dog? she got shot in the hind leg and cant move it. I believe that it is broken, but we don’t have the money to go to the vet. I am worried about her.
    thank you,

  360. Emily says:

    My 8 year old cat has has what seems to be a cold and this has been going on for awhile now. He constantly sneezes, and when he does its like a orange red color and it has a odor to it. When hes sleeping I notice that hes breathing really hard and last night when he was sleeping blood started coming out of his nose. I don’t know whats wrong with him, but i’m so afraid of not having him any more.Can you help me?

  361. michele hague says:

    I fed my teacup chihuahua puppy chicken and rice wet food last nite and this morning he wont eat or drink and is kind of making little moaning sounds wants to sleep and has his ears laid back. I listened to his heart beat its kind of irregular? whats wrong with him?

  362. Emily says:

    I have a 6 month old female Netherlands dwarf bunny. We just went to the regular vet and she weighs 1.94 lbs. The bunny specialist said she was a good weight for her size. I had scheduled her to get fixed at a separate humane society (Its the only thing I can afford) but they said she needs to gain weight in order for them to take her… Should I be concerned? How do I help her gain a little weight? Is there anything else I should know before proceeding?

  363. milagros caceres says:

    hello please help me im freaking out my bunny is near me i found it in the morning covered in pee so i took it a mini shower now its head it loling to the side amd it shows slugish movements its hear is still beating and it moves every about 10 minuets please help answer to 7862903200

  364. cameron glaister says:

    my rabbit lives outside. he ISN’T a sociable rabbit when it comes to humans. he WILL run away all the time. one day i walked up to him and his head was shaking. he wasn’t running away from me and he cant walk. we put him in his hutch and he fell other and struggled to get back up. he kept hitting the wall when he walked. please help?

  365. Elisha says:

    I put a call into the Animal hospital, and i’m patiently waiting for a call back at work.

    Last night / early this morning something very strange and frightening happened with Lola (my 8 yr old Chihuahua).

    I have been noticing that her “wheezing/reverse sneezing” has be come more frequent then in the past and often it seems she’s choking on something and then seems to be fine).

    At aprox 4:30am, while Lola was sleeping on a pillow on the floor next to my bed. Something started her and she barked 2x’s, then right after that second bark she was screaming and crying. I looked over to see what had happened and she was on the floor on her back not moving and crying. Lola never cries or screams for that matter so this really startled me. Seeing her not moving but crying was very upsetting. I picked her up carfully and carried her into the hallway (better lighting) as I picked her up she was losing her bowls (again this NEVER has happened) she was also covered urine, more poop was coming out. I tried to clean her best i could without applying to much pressure anywhere, I wasn’t sure what was hurting her. I cradled her in my arms, she was still gasping for air and crying. her eyes didn’t look right, her body was limp, but her gums looked ok.

    I put her on the floor to see if she would stand, Instead she laid on her belly, with her legs splayed looking at me with fear. She didn’t even try to stand. I picked her back up and cradled her some more. Then after about 45 mins, I laid her on a towel so I could clean up the mess in my room wasn’t to bad- but she, did pee all over her pillows.

    after I cleaned everything up, I held her again, she seemed exhausted but still not right. I tried to get her to drink water she had no interest. After another hour, I stood her on her legs, and she was able to stand but slightly wobble. Then another few mins went by, I coxed her to take a few steps, and praised her. she was walking.

    after another 25 mins, she walked back into the kitchen and pooped some more some hard the last bit of it was soft. She tried to lick it- I got her away from it.

    by the time I had to get ready for work (3hrs later), she had an appetite and had slept on a bean bag. She seemed “OK” but this entire situation has me rattled and quite concerned.

    could that have been a seizure? stroke? constipation? what would cause her to bark- then fall over and cry in pain, losing her bowels?

    I’m hoping she’s OK when I get home. What should I do?

    • Helen says:

      I’m not a vet but I’m wondering if she might’ve blown a disc in her cervical spine? Go on google and search for “Wendy Blount DVM” and “screaming chihuahua”. My chi has spinal issues so I’ve been doing a lot of searches. Wendy Blount has a powerpoint presentation where that memorable phrase appears on one of the slides. She doesn’t explain it in the presentation but you could contact her for more info. Good luck! That IS scarey!

  366. Irene says:


    My 4 year old Lab is being treated with Doyxcycline for Lymes Disease and he is due for his Rabies(at our towns clinic) shot can he get the shot while taling the antibioctic? He’s been on the antibiotic for 10 days so far.

  367. Concerned says:

    My almost 7 year old rabbit has what appears to be “cherry eye”. His left eye is really dull and grey, and his “third eyelid” is red, swollen, and basically falling out of his eye. I did a lot of research, but none of the symptoms of cherry eye include what my bunny is experiencing. My bunny’s whole left side of his face is swollen, and his left ear (and now his right as well) is flopped over. He keeps falling on his side and can’t seem to hold his head up very well. I’m extremely concerned, and I fear that it may be a tumor or cancer. I did research, and cherry eye seems the most obvious, yet he has all these advanced and critical symptoms. I am unsure if I will be able to take him to the vet or not. Please help me and Clover!

  368. stephanie says:

    My 16 week old pit puppy was outside the other day and when I brought her in the other nite her face was really swollen I gave her some meds but now 2 days later her back end is really weak! She can walk just a Lil but she don’t want to. She will eat and drink if you bring it to her! She’s normally really hyper pup but she’s just laying around now. What could be wrong with her back end.

  369. marie says:

    My poodle has a bloodshot his left eye on the top left corner is red i can’t afford to take him to the vet anything I can do for him at home?

  370. jane says:

    My shitzu has been vomiting for 2 days now, at first his vomit was white, then it went to yellow. He is laying down with no energy and recently vomited blood. He is breathing loudly, what should I do. I am no where near a vet. Is he dying? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

  371. Janet Bownes says:

    Hi, my one year old Chihuahua/Papillon has picked my 10 week old kitten up in her mouth, is this safe please, can she hurt the kitten? many thanks, Jan Bownes

  372. Jackie Morgan says:

    My dog has fleas but don, t mix with other dogs only goes on my yard or out when walking.

  373. Brianna says:

    I have a 5 or 6 month old Siberian Husky, and whenever I went out to play with him he’d always jump up and just be really active. Today my mother called me and said he doesn’t become happy when he sees her or hardly moves and drinks little water. Also my sister stated that his stool is almost like water, but of course not as clear as it, have any idea what could be wrong with him?

  374. Helen says:

    Hello Angry Vets! I’m looking for a vet who will work with me to give my 12-year-old neutered male chihuahua hormone replacement therapy (testosterone supplements). He’s got bad knees and some early spinal degeneration, and his reluctance to be active is affecting his muscle mass. It’s a cycle because reduced muscle mass makes the joints less stable. I’ve heard testosterone (e.g., Winstrol) can help, but I’m having trouble finding a vet in my area (California) willing to try it. What are your thoughts on it and do you know of vets in California who are using it?


  375. Roxana says:

    Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon). I have book marked it for later!

  376. emilee says:

    hi my dogue de Bordeaux is 14 weeks old and had her 2nd needle 5 days ago. Today she snook out passed me when is was opening the front door she was only outside for 5mins will she be okay? and when will it okay for her to be out? I know that she has to wait 9 more days , but what would you suggest?

  377. Sarah says:

    Hello, I chose to Zueter my dog instead of traditional neuter, I wanted to preserve some of his testosteronein order to keep him healthier. However, I wanted to know if the procedure can fail. He lives with his mom, and she is in season, he doesn’t act at all like a dog who has been sterilized. He is trying very hard to get to her, he even tied to her once. I’m very upset (tying was my husbands fault. lol, he allowed them around each other while I was making breakfast) Any ways, he acts like and ties like a dog who is very fertile. Any help understanding this would be great. Thanks.

  378. Wendy says:

    I have a 2 year old lab/Retreiver mix. Yesterday he came inside and he looked like he had gotten into something that made his face swell. I gave him a Benadryl and swelling went down. Today he is extremely itchy and scratchy. He does not have fleas. I have 4 dogs and he is the only one affected by it.

  379. Alex says:

    Hi I’m wondering about my puppy he’s and english bull terrier and he’s seven months old we got him around ten weeks so he’s been with us quite a while now , however today he hurt his leg at the park I called pdsa as soon as it happend we brought him home and he almost seemed to want nothing to do with us (me my partner & my 3year old son) he turned away when we tried to comfort him didn’t want to no us when we finally got our appointment it turned out he broke his tibia bone so he has to stay in for 3-4days they have put a muzzle on him and caged him up not in a bad way , but my question is when he is home will he be the same with us isit like we have just left him there after he’s been hurt because it almost seemed like he blamed us ?? would really appreciate some help with this many thanks Alex xx

  380. Shawna says:

    Hi, my daughter brought home I am guessing an 8-10 week old kitten. He has virtually no meat on his bones…no body fat…but has a big round belly. He also seems to have no energy. I have other outside kittens I have tried to get him to socialize with but he has no interest in them. I’m wondering if you could tell me what is possibly wrong with him. He eats very little if at all and I can’t really get him to drink much. Seems like he is eating only enough to survive. He has been treated for round worms.

  381. Mark says:

    I have a Great Dane, male, approximately 8 years old. He is a house dog who is house trained and very gentle with small animals and children. He stays in the house year round and gets exercise on a daily basis. He was neutered when he was approximately 12 weeks old. He has recently started “marking” various items inside the house (furniture, laundry hampers, etc.). Nothing has changed inside the house and his other activities and actions have not changed; he’s simply started marking. There are no new animals in the household or people, so this new behavior has got us scratching our heads. It makes matters worse because of his size; his markings are like the size of a small dog peeing. He’s approximately 190 pounds and his vaccinations are up-to-date. His health is great and we have no other problems with him. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  383. J. Williams says:

    I just got my 8 week old tea cup Chihuahua three days ago and they told me he had already been dewormed but I have found worms in his poop but are they dead? Or do I need to deworm him again?

  384. adenia says:

    My shih tzu has soreness to the touch of her belly, won’t eat or drink, shivers, pants heavy and when i walk her she gets scared to walk, she rather be close to my daughter, she can barely sit on her bottom and just wants to lay down. What could be wrong with her? What should i do? I have no money to get her to the vet…

  385. Kaylyn says:

    hi everyone! so my husky just had a liter of puppies and one of them has been coughing for about two days is he okay and should i move him away from the other puppies?? (please lmk asap)

  386. Dori says:

    I have a 11 year old chihuahua and the past week she has been acting like she is vomiting but very little if anything comes out….today her stomach is swollen up and she is walking weird like she has to poop but it wont come out…her butt is down and her legs are out to the side, she is pacing and shaking but eats and drinks just fine.

  387. Marcelino Ramos says:

    I gave my dog a dewormer because he had worms I gave him the right amount a derected and its not expired or my dog woke up covered in bumps/hives.he must of caught an allergic reaction to it…hes 7months old and I dont have the money to take him to a vet is there anything I can buy myself to treat him?

  388. Ebbi Jo says:

    My 6 or 7 wks old kitten, i gave her dewormed medicine mixed with wet food.. i seen three white worms in runny poop. So today, she isnt really hungry and not eat. She is still playing and sleep alot. Is that normal ??? Is she would eat again tomorrow ? Please help ty

  389. Keira says:

    I rescue dogs. I currently have 12 and we’re moving to a property with acreage so we can opn a no-[rpfot no kill shelter.

    Recently we were given a stray. I searched all over for its owners, advertiements, flyers everywhere… Nothing.

    Well, two of my dogs I had for almost 3 years do not like him and there is severe Dog on Dog aggression. They’ve bitten each other. I’ve gotten bitten by accident (not by trying to get involved).

    That aggression is getting worse and I’m afraind they are going to really hurt, if not kill each other.

    I would hate to give this dog up as he loves me and and sleeps right up curled next to me.

    But I have children and h’e almost bitten them, too. My husband told me he was also bitten but I don’t know the circumstance.

    These 3 dogs hate each other. Do I need to give the latest one up? For his safety, our safety and the other dog’s safety?

    Thank you. My heart is torn.

  390. Tony says:

    My son’s pit bull was run over by a truck a month ago and he completely lost feeling and use of his front right arm. The vet told us that the swelling had to go down and now it did Alek is back to normal and he still has no use or feeling on his arm and drags it. My question is if there’s a chase of him getting his arm back because if not as much as I hate having to make the decision I’ll have to have his leg amputated. I’d really appreciate your opinion in this matter and suggestions to treatments.

  391. carmen says:

    hi I just got my 5 month old husky spayed today, actually im starting to worry cause they actually gave her back to me really early after the operation. they said she had been vomiting from the anesthetia cause she must of ate something, when I picked her up she was drooling all over didn’t look like herself.

    so know its 2:23 am and I picked her up 12:00 pm and she vomited 2 times since then, is that bad sign?
    what can I do to help her get better sooner. it makes me said to see her like this. if she was vomiting after surgery could that of affected the surgery? I been giving her small amounts of water, ice chips, cause she seems really thirsty she has no saliva ,why is she vomiting water I give her? im scared please help do I have to take her
    back in?

  392. kole says:

    Good Day !

    11 year old chow mix, has been on Levothyroxine for a bout 6 months,
    for hypothyroid , it worked wonders! Her hair grew back, her energy came back, the oily smelly from her coat & skin vanished. But she suddenly has relapsed ! Her hair is falling out in patches, losing her energy & beginning to scratch & smell again ? The T4 test says she is reading high normal ? She in on 8 milligrams a day ( 2×4 a day)…so disappointed .Thanks

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  394. Stephanie Hansen says:

    We have a 7-year-old neutered male tabby who is an indoor/outdoor cat. Recently he began losing weight even though he was eating three times a day. He was cleared by the vet as being depressed because our other cat passed away. Last week he began roaming the house, circling furniture, and staring at walls. Then he started with the plantigrade walk (the crouching on the back legs) and seemed to be overly tired and lethargic. After another trip to the vet, he was cleared of diabetes, kidney failure, thyroid problems, and blood clots in his back legs. He seems not to be able to see well, he is a bit anemic, and he is still lethargic. A dose of steroids seemed to perk him up, but even with a daily small dose, he is failing. He is not eating or drinking, can’t seem to stand upright, crouches, and is very lethargic. He wobbles when he walks and he can barely walk. Help- could this be a brain tumor or a stroke? I think he is suffering, but he does not seem to be in pain.
    Any ideas?

  395. terri haas says:

    my cat is 21 when i come home from work i noticed he had a huge lump on his head so i took him to an emergancy vet and thought it was an absess tooth he wouldnt let them drain it so they gave him a antibiotic shot he is not eating much im scared what can i do

  396. Shari says:

    A friend took her small terrier mix to vet for a Lyme test today, 4 weeks after they were in a high deer population locale and ticks were pulled off the pup (current on topical flea/tick preventative). Friend asked techs to also clip her nails and express her anals. When they brought the pup out, they told friend they’s administered a lepto vaccine. “Why” she asked? She just had lepto vacc. in July, then at vet’s recommendation was titered in October for other cores to avoid unnecessary vaccines. Later, friend was told it was a mistake based on error in pup’s regular vet’s (practice owner)’s record entries. Well, absence of indication of lepto vacc having been administred within last 4 months from records might explain why supervising vet would suggest a lepto shot today (and she spends much time in Central Park where sitting puddles are not uncommon), but they did not even consult with dog’s human! Primary question: Does this double dosing portend higher chance than usual of more severe side effects? And, is there any circumstance under which a vet should administer a vaccination that the records indicate is called for without consulting pet’s guardian?

    Many thanks,

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  398. Lizz says:

    I have a unique problem. My fiancee and I have a 3 yr old rescue pittbull and two rescue kitties. I am permanently disabled and this situation allows me to spend almost all of my free time with them. Maizie the pitbull came first from the humane society. She seemed to be well trained, never pottied in the house and doesn’t chew on anything except her own toys. Char the now 1 yr old cat came next, rescued from a burnt out condo where we live, when mamma kitty abandoned her. The third, Zevon 3 mos old, seems to be a sibling of the first cat from a later litter. All are wonderful to us and each other. They are best buddies!
    Recently, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and needed extensive surgery and will be starting chemo soon. I try to take Maizie with me when I go to my Mom’s, but she is still a little rambunctious and I don’t want her to knock my Mom down or hurt her. I have been traveling back and forth to make sure Maizie gets her walks and food at the appropriate times so that her schedule is disrupted as little as possible. However, she has to stay outside while I am gone for long periods.
    I have read that dogs are not capable of spite and mostly that the issue I have would be due to separation anxiety. I find this hard to believe given the circumstances.
    Maizie has taken to coming inside with myself or my fiance when one or both of us comes home. On a couple of occasions, she has followed us in, looked us right in the eyes as she hops on the bed, squats and pees. All the while maintaining eye contact.
    Lately, it has become even worse. She will wait until we are busy, and she slinks off to a different room, before we know what has happened, she has pooped not once but two or three times. This all comes after she spends her days outside.
    She sleeps with one of us usually, as we have different bedrooms. She seems to have caught on that we are watching her more closely indoors while we are awake, and now, waits til we are asleep to make her displeasure with us known by pooping in the room she shares with either one of us. When we notice the problem, she perks her ears and stares us on the face. As if to say, ” this is what you get when I don’t get what I want”.
    On a day with a normal routine, she never does this, and had never done this before. For the first 9 months we had her, she was well trained and a perfect angel, with the exception of going Cujo at the fence when the mailman delivers to our home.
    Is spite something a dog is capable of? It just seems so odd that even tho I have made the best possible effort under the circumstances to maintain her schedule, that this still seems to occur.
    How can this be remedied? I want to do what is best for her, but I can’t be here every minute to watch her and I really don’t want to give her up. Dog trainers are expensive and I would have a terrible time affording service of this type. Since this is NOT her normal behavior, I feel there should be something I could do. I am at my wits end.
    Just for reference, she doesn’t seem to be playing the alpha female card either, she is perfect with us in every way, except for this. We know nothing of her prior training or existance as we rescued her from the Humane Society. The only exception to this is that we were told she was rescued by EAMTs due to the fact that the family had too many various animals that they could not care for all of them sufficiently.
    Please Help!

  399. Lizz says:

    In an addendum to my above note:
    I have owned dogs all of my life, from pure bred labs to the most mixed up mutts. I am not a furst time pet owener by any means. We recently had to have my last yellow lab, Buck, put down because he was pushing 15yrs and couldn’t walk or eat by himself any longer. He did not live with us, he lived with my parents. I am sure Maizie knows by smell that something happened but she has not been to my parent’s home for 3 wks now due to my Mom’s illness.
    I am NOT a novice dog owner and I have NEVER had to deal with this issue before.

  400. Danielle says:

    My dog has been getting increasingly skinny over the past few months. At first we thought it was because she had more room to run around, but last few weeks we noticed she was too skinny. At first we thought it was just worms but after a few days of watching poop, no worms were to be found. We noticed a few days ago, she wouldn’t eat any food we offered her, and so we brought her inside, and now she seems to not be able to walk. I suggested we take her to the vet, because worse case scenario we had deduced is she has some sort of cancer or internal issue. Money is tight, and my mom is scared that if we take her to a Vet they will accuse us of neglect?

    The Dog, Eva, is a wiener-mix dog we saved from the pound. She was around 8-10, maybe older, when we got her and we have had her since 2010. She has been overweight and a happy eater, until recently.

  401. AmberMcCraw says:

    Hi. We adopted our 6 month old chihuahua/dachshund mix the two days ago, yesterday he got neutered before he left the adoption center, he is having to wear the E-Collar for a week also. Now this morning he has been coughing and and gagging every now and then. Is it usual for this to happen after being put under amnesia or from wearing the E-Collar? If not do you know why he would be doing this?

  402. Lara Croft says:

    Apologies in advance should my post appear twice, i just posted but i cannot see it…so here it is again:

    Dear Angry Vets,
    Firstly, thank you for existing :-) re: castration.

    I am contacting with regard to my 6y.o. male American Bulldog, he is un-neutered and i had him since he was 8 weeks old.

    He was born at the beginning of March 2008 and at the age of 5 months he showed skin flare ups, this was successfully treated with Ceporex vet tabs (250mg, 2 tabs twice a day, total of 100 tabs) and Ibis scrub (Chlorhexidine). He was OK in the following autumn and winter too. In the spring 2009 and especially in the summer his skin flare ups occurred again and the vet decided to treat him with ceporex and Ibis scrub again any time this condition came back. This treatment proved to be successful up until the end of the summer 2013.

    In the spring of 2014 the flare ups begun to occur outside the ‘hay fever months’ and therefore the Vet admistered cortisone based steroids and ceporex again.

    The cortisone produced a miracle in 3 days…..but my dog was only on a 1 or 2 week course of cortisone, i don’t remember now.

    I was told not to use Metacam in conjunction with cortisone.
    My dog needs metacam on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, and he is has never used Metacam for more than 5 consecutive days at any given time.

    Until the spring the above treatment worked.

    At Easter (2014) the condition worsen to the point where my dogs paws (upper and at pads’ level) were bleeding any time he was on a walk, even a short one and the flare ups begun to look much more serious since they presented as violent skin eruptions and lacerations with serum and blood discharge, they begun to disfigure my dogs lower legs and paws with occasional flare ups on the main body and more seriously on the inner thighs, around his anus and his scrotum appeared considerably reddened, but the greatest damage was on the legs and paws (in between his toes includeed) to the point where his paws became deformed.

    Also, the glands on the back of my dog’s thighs were seriously inflamed to the point that they were clearly visible.

    At this stage ceporex, ibis scrub and piriton had ceased to produce any positive/successful result.

    Therefore i asked the vet whether a course of cortisone could help. The vet this time was reluctant to administer cortisone again because in his opinion cortisone would not produce any effect and therefore he would only harm my dog.

    The vet performed first a ‘scrape’, the result of which was inconclusive since all it showed was an off the scale stapphylococcus reading.
    Subsequently the vet performed a biopsy which only showed again an off the scale reading re: stapphylococcus, and was termed as deep pyderma (deep deep skin infection of unknown origin?).

    I again enquired about a course of cortisone and the vet replied that in his opinion and in the dermatologist’s opionion cortisone was to be totally avoided.

    Therefore the vet admistered 2 types of different antibiotics (not at the same time, two different courses of broad spectrum antibiotics, from memory: Baytril flavour tabs, 150mg -100 tabs in total, 1 tab once a day; subsequently Noroclav 250 mg tabs- 50 tabs in total, 3 tabs twice per day).

    I got seriously worried due to the fact that not only my dog’s condition didn’t improve but it actually got much worse to the point where i decided that although i am not a vet i totally disagreed with the treatment in view of damage becoming more extensive despite so many antiobiotics.

    At this stage i asked my vet to administer cortisone, he refused by saying that cortisone wouldn’t have worked at best and would have only made things worse for my dog.

    The vet explained that following the results of both the scrape and biopsy and the recommendation of the dermatologist he adminstered two types of broad spectrum antiobiotics all intended to cure the condition.

    I have known this vet for years and i always agreed with his M.O..

    On this occasion due to the severity and worsening of the condition, i disagreed with the treatment and took my dog to the RSPCA (the UK based largest charity animal hospital organization, with several branches in the UK). By now it was August.

    The first question the RSPCA vet asked me was: ” WHY IS THIS DOG NOT ON CORTISONE?” to which i replied that i had asked the previous vet to fax to the RSPCA all my dog’s notes, treatment and test results. The RSPCA vet acknowledge receipt of the above and strongly advised me to put my dog on cortisone ( IMMEDIATELY along with an antibiotics called Trimacare.

    From 4th of August 2014 my dog has been on:
    1) Prednicare (cortisone) 5mg, 4 tabs twice a day for 2 weeks, then 4 tabs daily for 2 weeks, followed by 4 tabs every other day (total tab intake = 200 tabs)
    2) Trimacare (antibiotics) 80mg, 3 tabs once a day (total tabs= 42).
    (the condition improved like it never had before…i.e. CORTISONE WORKED, but due to the severity of the laceratin and the depth of the infection, althought visibily and drastically improved it didn’t clear the condition completely, like it had the first time my dog was administered cortisone)

    Followed by on 19th September:
    1) Prednicare 5mg, 4 tabs twice a day (total quantity of tabs= 112)
    2) Trimacare 80mg, 3 tablets once daily (total quantity =42)

    By now the condition had become systemic and therefore curing it wasn’t an option anymore. The managing of this condition became imperative since neither the cortisone or the antibiotics administered cleared the condition, the flare ups disappeared (but any time cortisone was stopped they reappeared and quickly but not as severe as before i took my dog to the RSPCA) the disfigured paws and lacerations improved.

    On 17th October my dog was put on:
    1) Prednicare 5mg, 4 tabs daily (total quantity= 60 tabs)
    2) Trimacare 80mg, 3 tabs once a day (total quantity= 21 tabs)

    Following my concerns about my dog being on cortisone for so long i was told by the vet at the RSPCA that a medication called ATOPICA 100 mg, soft capsules for dogs (ciclosporin 100mg – for dogs from 15kg up to 55kg, my dog is 50kg, a healthy body weight for his height and age, i.e. my dog is not fat, but rather athletic since he is a SCOTT’s American Bulldog, not a Johnson’s) is availble but that the RSPCA doesn’t stock due to its incredible cost.

    The vet also advised me that ATOPICA presents virtually no side effects (although when i read the leaflet in the box i was a bit concerned about the cited side effects) and that it is a much better type of medication for this condition.

    The vet gave me a prescription for ATOPICA, due to it being a better medication, and to keep the ghost of diabetes away…and other things linked to long term cortisone intake.

    I purchased ATOPICA online and today is the beginning of the THIRD week of treatment.
    To date the treatment has been as follows:
    Atopica 100, two capsules a day and Prednicare 5mg, 4 tablets daily
    Atopica 100, two capsules a day and Prednicare 5mg, 4 tablets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
    WEEK THREE: (started TODAY)
    Atopica 100, 2 capsules a day and Prednicare 5mg, 4 tabs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
    Atopica 100, 2 capsules a day ONLY

    (the above weekly day-breakdown of tab intake was what was written on the vet’s instructions, however i had to amend the days since i bought the medication on line and it arrived before my dog finished his previous cortisone and antiobiotics course, therefore the ATOPICA WEEK ONE started on a SATURDAY).

    I am seriusly worried due to the fact that although the condition was stabilized, flare ups occurred and occur anytime the cortisone is either withdrawn and/or alternated (around my dog’s anus, on his legs and now that cortisone is being alternated the paws are beginning to show mild but sure signs of bleeding again).
    I realize that medication needs to take its course, the leaflet advises that visible improvement is to be noticed within the first 4 week’s mark, but that if after 8 weeks of Atopica (only) doesn’t keep the problem at bay, to discontinue the use of Atopica.

    My very basic understanding of Atopica is that it is an immune-suppressor , just like cortisone, but unlike cortisone is non-steroid based.

    My question is:
    If any time i discontinue or alternate cortisone, mild but sure signs of either skin eruptions and/or flare ups and/or mild but sure bleeding (the latter in the last 3 days only) occur what i am left to conclude is tht Cortisone works…Atopica on its own MAY NOT….in a week’s time i am due to start the 4th WEEK of Atopica..and only Atopica, and i am really concerned.

    Obviously, i will take my dog back to the RSPCA vet next week, well before the start of WEEK 4, and will ask him the same question.
    HOWEVER, i thought that there was no harm in asking you for advice, guidance and suggestions, since the RSPCA vet, unlike the private vet i used for years, is open to peer’s experience and diversity, so perhaps you may have further or different experience of such conditions and medications, and could offer alternatives or treatment or similar?

    I thank you in advance on behalf of my AmBull and myself. I am REALLY concerned because i lost my 10y.o. best friend (my Rottweiler and my current dog’s best friend) last march due to his immune system collapsing IN ONE MONTH ONLY, my Rottweiler was the only castrated dog i ever owned, due to the fact that the rescue place i got him out of, wouldn’t release him unless castrated.
    I never bought a dog in my life, i only rescued them from rescue kennels and apart from my AmBull, all my previous dogs were between 1 and 2y.o., but after seeing my Rottie dying in one month, i.e. a month before he was his usual self and running a month later he had to be put down due to total collapse of his neuro system.

    Needless to say that unless rescue kennels change their practices i will from now on buy dogs from breeders of family litters, because i will never own a castrated dog ever again.

    The first vet assured me that my AmBull’s condition is a ‘nuisance’ but not a ‘structural problem’ that he can die of, i cannot afford to lose my boy, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US?
    Many thanks,
    Lara and Blade

  403. Lara Croft says:

    ADDENDUM to my previous post:
    The patches on my dog’s legs and by the paws where disfiguration and deep lacerations occurred resemble NOW alopecia patches i.e. in the past when months ago the cortisone seemed to have handled the situation the fur grew back, now they seem to be permanent alopecia’s patches. Thank you.

  404. Lara Croft says:


    the Popliteal lymph node (i referred to the glands on the back of the legs in my original post re: being highly visibly inflamed) are ok now in the sense that they are not clearly visible but very slightly noticeable when touching that area.

    However, in the last 2 weeks i have noticed that the medial iliac lymph nodes are quite visible. At first it looked like when looking at an overweight dog (which is not the case of my dog) from above, but on touching the area they feel as if they are inflamed as they visibly ‘stick out’ in a round form….i hope what i say makes sense to you, i am trying my best to describe where the inflamed ‘glands’ are but obviously i am not a vet…so i hope you can make sense of my poor description.
    If you believe that i should take my dog to the vet tomorrow or ASAP please let me know however, as said i would be most grateful if you could provide me with your take on all of this.
    Many thanks

  405. Paul says:

    i have a 10 year old Chocolate Lab. She was fine Friday, barking, playing.
    Saturday, she woke up, had a very hard time walking on her front paws, she has no energy, very lethargic, has a blank stare and very hard breathing. I dont know what to do. Cannot afford a vet, any suggestions? All happened suddenly overnight

  406. James says:

    Hi! Hopefully you can help?

    I have 4 x cats (2 x boys and 2 x girls). The eldest girl is the mother of the other girl, and the youngest boy.

    Moved into a new house about 8 x months ago, and have had no problems with them settling in (they were kept in for a few weeks after the move).

    Myself and the cats have lived together for the last 3-4 years (the youngsters (boy/girl) are about 2 years old now, and (with the exception of some additional ‘brothers and sisters’ along the way – before they were neutered/spayed), they have all lived with me since birth.

    They generally come in for breakfast/dinner, but sometimes I don’t see them for a few days (up to a week) at a time (fields out the back of the house for them to explore in).

    All was fine until about 3 x weeks ago, when the eldest boy went ‘missing’ for nearly 3 x weeks. He is the most placid/laid back cat you could ever meet.

    He eventually turned up for his dinner the other evening (smelt as though he’d been living at an ‘elderly persons’ house – don’t think he’d been locked in a garden shed or anything). But almost immediately started snarling at his sister (eldest girl), then the two youngsters. He has NEVER (not that I have seen anyway) attacked his cat family. After a quick ‘stand off’ (and some food), he stormed out. He has been back in the house once since (a couple of days after returning), but just walked in, snarled at the other cats and walked out through he cat-flap again.

    The only ‘changes’ to the environment (between going missing and returning) are ….. I have a Feliway (pheromone) plug-in plugged in, which they are used to smelling from time to time, and I did put some anti-flea product (again, his normal brand) on him when he came in.

    Not sure if this warrants a trip to the vet, or if it’s just a case that he’s found a new home, and ‘settled’ into that environment or something?!

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

  407. Eleyna Felix says:

    I have a Male 21 yr old pug. I have noticed recently that he is loosing weight and his urine has a really strong ranset smell as well as a discoloration such as yellow with some orange. His appetite is good and he is still pretty alert for his age but I am concerned with his recent symptoms.
    Thank You For your feedback.

    Concerned Mom :(

  408. Larry says:

    I have a 14 yr old German Short haired pointer and a few yrs ago he had a growth in his ear and my Vet said that it could be removed by Lazer Surgery (Which I found out later that he just PULLED it out My Niece worked for him) but that it might come back. It has not but he does have Drainage and a bad oder from the ear.
    Recently he has been drinking alot and wven more recently he has started peeing in the house as if he doesn’t know he is doing it.

    Just a little back ground I have had this dog since he was 6 weeks old and he used to go on the road with me (I was a Over the Road Truckdriver) and he has NEVER messed in the house or in my truck when we were on the road.

    I have ALWAYS feed him Quality Dog food I currently feed him Blue Buffalo, and have off and on feed him Beneful.

    My wife (she’s a Nurse) seems to think that he has Cannine Cancer and if so what are the treatment opptions if any?

    Thanks for your Time Larry

  409. Seth says:

    I rescued two male rats a while back from a bad home. They were in their cage, never picked up and socialized. The cage was in a basement, cold and damp, not to mention dark. The lady who owned them didn’t like them so she never gave them attention. They are still flea ridden since I have not been able to pick them up. I have successfully pet them some and felt their fur. It’s rough and their skin is a bit scabby. What can I do to get them to warm up more?

  410. samantha hicks says:

    i have a girl husky that has been in heat for like a month now and she started where she wasn’t bleeding at all but she started bleeding again like 2 days after she stopped and now she bleeding alot worse when she lays down or even when she sits down when she gets up for where she was theres a big pile of blood i was wondering if thats is part of her being in heat or if i should take her to the vet

  411. Amanda Darling says:

    Hi i have a well almost 10yr old sibrian husky she got out of the house a got into the naigbors trash the other night and ate something that was not good within a couple of hours she was vomiting bone like fragments and the next day was pooping it out slowly and painfully now on the 3rd day she is vomiting bio yellow liquid and is now bleeding from her woman parts and she hasnt been in heat in 5 yrs i dont have the money for a vet for atleast another couple of days what should i do?? This would be the first time she has gotten into the trash for me to be scared

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  413. dylan wheeler says:

    I have a 1 year old male red nose pitbull not spayed or neutered and I am very concerned about his health the past 2 weeks. When he lays down and goes to sleep when he wakes back up he yelps in pain when he first starts moving around and has a hard time moving. But once he moves around a bit he’s good, what could be the problem here.

  414. Cassandra says:

    My cat has always been very healthy, she isn’t one of those breeds that have common breathing problems, and we have never had any problems. She is approximately 13 years old, and lately her sleeping has increased, and this generally wouldn’t concern me considering her age. Along with the increased sleeping though, while she is sleeping every now and again it’s like she is gasping for breath. It sounds like she is slurping up drool in her mouth, or a kind of gurgling gasp that will wake her up a bit. It doesn’t seem to alarm her as she quickly goes back to sleep. Should I take her to the vet, or is this just old age? She doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything.

  415. staci says:

    my great dane is 4 weeks old the mother quit feeding her .. the lady i got her from gave her about 1 oz of 1 % milk she has dirrhea and i am scared .. is there any thing i can do for this sweet baby

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  417. sarah sax says:

    Hi I have an adorable Pyrenees pup who is four months old. I also have an unspayed 3 year old pyr who was in heat in October but didn’t get pregnant. She is a bit feral but I am taming her. Had her for three months and just now able to pet her but she is distrustful and can only touch her if I get down on the ground and no sudden moves. So I can’t get her in the car to the vet to be spayed or I will lose all my taming and wouldn’t be able to muzzle or leash her anyhow. When can I neuter my puppy. I wouldn’t want to do anything harmful to him and know the breed should mature before neutering as they grow slow. She will probably be in heat in April as she was in heat in October and it is every 6 months. Pup will be 7 months then. Can he get her pregnant at that time? Is 6 months too early to neuter him?

  418. last month I took my healthy 6yr old pit bull to vet for annual exam and vaccinations.During exam vet mentioned she needed da2pp booster and Bortello and then she if I take my dog outdoors much?I said yeah we take all our dogs to the river and nature preserves.She then suggested the Leptsporosis vaccine and she never mentioned side effects or the fact it is only effective for 6 mos. I agreed thinking more is better and I have been going to clinic for 2oyrs.She got the da2pp booster, Bortello and Leptosporosis vaccines on 10/03/14.O 10/24/14 she retuned for second Leptosporosis shot. On 10/27/14 I came home and took both dogs for evening walks and then fed them dinner. About 1/2 hour later she vomited only once and laid down .I thought she just ate too fast and that has happened before. About 1/2 hour I tried to take her out again and she didnt want to go and seemed depressed and alittle lethagic. which I never noticed before and I thought maybe its just a bug .20 min later her breathing changed and put her in car for 45min ride to emergency vet.She then went into shock and died on route.I even tried CPR. Next dayI took her body into vet and asked them to cremate her and asked about a necropsy since she was just in there 72hrs before and they said dont do a necropsy because they are accurate 50% of the time. Meantime I had heard about vaccine problems and sent them an email with my concerns. They then said they were sorry for my loss but if it were a vaccine reaction it would have happened within 1 to 3 hrs and since I didnt get a necropsy we will never know and new vaccine was safer and purified. I just wish they would have discussed risks vs benefits and they should have known better to give 3 vaccinations at once. I just wish I had known more is not always better.Less is better . She was 6 and she could have easily lived to be 12 to 14. My other dog misses her and I hope to get the word out so this doesnt happen to someone elses dog. Don in Cincinnati For Roxie

  419. margaret says:

    my 12 year old black lab just started today panting drooling with thick long silvia hanging from her jows shes been drinking some water and uninated outside today but did not eat any food

  420. Truly when someone doesn’t be aware of afterward itss uup to other people tht they will assist, so here
    it happens.

  421. Vicki says:

    We have a Pomeranian, roughly 6-7 years old. He’s been with us for almost six years with no health issues ever. Gets a checkup each year, gets vaccines every other year. This year, for the Furst time, he got itchy when the cold weather started back around
    Oct to Nov. I didn’t think too much at first. Thought it might be winter fur coming in or dryer air. But it never went away. On the edges of one ear are little tan colored dandruff type things and there is some fur loss on the ear tip edge. I’ve never seen any red areas or inflammation. No sores. Just itchy. He licks his paws some too. It’s not fleas, not ticks. I started him on omega 3 for dogs and added some olive oil to his food….no difference yet. Any thought or ideas on what might be causing this itching?

  422. megan says:

    My 1yr old female pit mix was spayed 2 days ago and today she is breathing really heavy, what does this mean??

  423. Diane rhea says:

    I have a dog she is 4 months oldcatahoula . she had to fight for her food when she was a puppy and we took her in we’ve had her now for a couple of months and even after she eats she doesn’t chew it she gobbles it down and still acts like she’s starving to death. will she grow out of that or what else possibly do you recommend

  424. Vanessa says:

    my dog has recently had pneumonia and was treated in hospital for 3 days she has been on a course of antibiotics since she came home she still has a slight cough is she infectious to my sons dog and she is due for and x-ray a spaying on Wednesday is she safe

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  426. cece says:

    I have a 3 year old chihuaha and poodle mix . And recently she has been vomiting alot and there was blood in it she threw everything whole, she wont come when i call and dosent like to move. she is also salivating and is moaning i dont know whats wrong plus i have no money to go to the vet …. please help

  427. chloe says:

    my male 4 year old staffie cross has scabs on his back and ears the ones on his ears only came up a few days ago and the ones on his back have been there for a very long time ever since his had them every time i touch him i get really itchy his always itching

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  429. Leila says:

    I have an 11 year old, male yellow lab who has arthritic hips being treated with Meloxicam and Prednisone. For the past 7 days he has been retching and vomiting. At first the vomit was mucous and bile and he could not keep this down. Yesterday, I cleaned up one emesis with his food. He retches often and but is now swallowing whatever comes up. He didn’t eat for two days last week, now he will eat but 1/2 as much as he was eating two weeks ago. He drinks water but prefers to eat snow. In the past week he has developed diarrhea with bright red blood. His activity level has decreased this past fall due to his arthritis but he is still interested in smelling and meeting new people. He was last wormed in the fall 2014. Our vet thinks he has an obstruction, could it be worms, like tracheal worms? Are those common? I’ve never heard of them. We live in Northwest BC, Canada. Any suggestions?

  430. gail yandell says:

    I have a small dog all most 3 years old but she keeps pooing at night when I am in bed I put her out a lot but she still dose it what can I do

  431. garry ryder says:

    please can you tell me if my vet was right we had to have our leonberger dog put to sleep today but the vet had to give 1 sedative and 4 injections before the dog was euthanised . The vet came to the house to do this as i quote “he didnt want to put his back out” is this vet competent or not if you can please let me no many thanks in advance.

  432. Angie says:

    I have a girlfriend that just received her 8 week old puppy and I was looking at the vaccination schedule from the person that she bought the pup from and the puppy was given a combo vaccine with Lepto in it at 6 weeks. Isn’t this too young? Could there be problems for the dog getting this vaccine at such an early age?

  433. Charles Alley says:

    I have a male miniature schnauzer that is just under 2 years old. he has always been protective of me, but, has recently gotten more aggressive towards my wife if she gets too close to me. He growls and nips at her. Some people have been saying that he needs to be neutered, something I have never had done to any dog of mine. What do you think? Does neutering have any real value in stopping aggression?

  434. Diana says:

    Hello, I have a 4 month old Dachshund pup. The vet recommends that we give him a flea=antiworm treatment every month, Advocate. Is this really necessary? I must say that I am not too worried about flees, specially in the winter. But I am worried about lungworm (I live in London where there are many foxes). Should I not be? Is there not a product that targets strictly lungworm? THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR EXCELLENT WORK.

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  436. william spesshardt says:

    our female dog snatched a treat that contained 1/2 tab of 7.5 mg meloxicam that was intended for the male dog who was recently neutered. She had 6 puppies 3 weeks ago, we were told to not allow her to nurse because of this. how long until she can resume nursing the puppies. We have been bottle feeding them and using a breast pump on her to try to reduce her milk but it’s not been easy.

  437. Danny Sullivan says:

    My French Bulldog has red paws (he licks them a lot) and is loosing some hair. I took him to my vet and he gave me an antibacterial shampoo to use twice a week and 3 days of steroids. The problem hasn’t gotten any better.

    I’m not sure what to do next. I’m rubbing some Aloe Vera into them everyday and he’s not licking as much, but they are still red.

  438. Melanie says:

    My kitten is only four 1/2 months old and for the past two days I’ve noticed she’s experiencing her first heat cycle already! Unfortunately, I live in China and it’s very difficult to communicate with vets but the one I’m currently seeing thinks she is too thin/small to be spayed, despite that she’s going through heat already. She’s at least four pounds by now but does have a leaner body shape and is small. He won’t spay her until she’s 7 or 8 months, meaning I have to wait two or three more months! The problem is that I’m worried she will escape from my apartment (which has a lot of crevices and unsecured windows). The last thing I need is a litter of kittens in China where there are already so many strays running wild.

    Is it really that risky to spay a kitten that looks thin? And is there anything I can do while she’s going through heat in the next two months? I’ve already seen numerous vets here and haven’t been very impressed. Help!

  439. Orysia says:

    Dear Angry Vets,
    My 5 yr old spayed female Rottweiler excreted blood from her anus this morning and then moments later had a relatively normal bowel movement. Her urination was normal. She is acting normal, no vomiting, no lethargy, stomach is not bloated. During my younger years I spent about 5 yrs as a vet tech so I know it’s not anal glands, & she does not strain to have a bowel movement. She has never displayed any IBS symptoms. White of eyes is white. Gums are pink. Nose is cool & moist. Anal area looks normal. I pulled out my stethoscope from back in the day and unfortunately I’m not hearing any gut sounds (unless I’m not listening in the right places). Upon palpating her abdomen & intestinal area it seems to be a bit tender & hard. Any ideas? She is notorious for eating tissues & paper towels & my underwear so I’ve become hyper diligent in making sure everything is thrown away or down the laundry shoot.

  440. Jackwolf says:

    I have a 12 year old male Golden Retriever who has an englarged testicle and our Vet thinks we should neuter and test for cancer. I am not sure because of his age if it is a good idea. What do you think?

  441. Amy says:

    I recently lost my 11 year old male dog to cancer. We still have an un-neutered male who very much misses his “brother”, and we are looking to adopt a new dog soon. The dog I am drawn to is a spayed female. I am very interested in her, but I worry that our male will bother her and cause fights. He is a very easy going dog, and well socialized with the dogs of friends and family, but since he is not neutered I worry about a female in the house with him on a daily basis. My husband refuses to neuter him, and I am not here to debate the pros and cons of neutering, I just wonder if a spayed female could live peacefully with him?

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  443. kesther says:

    my older dog now passed had odd symptoms that i said was antifreeze poisioning in small amounts over a long period of time I couldnt prove it but i knew it. her kidneys didnt receive messages from the brain telling her to urinate. she did try and hold it but….so the vet said nooooo its not antifreeze that is a neurological disease that the brain cant communicate to the kidneys. but he failed to grasp the physical symptoms were incontinence, a progressive disease, anyway, bonnie stopped after a few weeks of incontinence and was able to hold her urine until she got outside, a disease does not just stop, however, if it was antifreeze and it stopped being supplied to her then her brain would return to normal, she also had a dow dow attitude like she was aware but unresponsive, her balance was off, kinda drunk , “shes a senior” everyone said. what overnite?
    no. something more was to it. . this went on for 2 years the vets, i saw a couple. thought i was paranoid. i mean who would poison a dog slowly? what would the point of that be? she was my heart and soulmate, it was killing me. now my little dog. after leaving her for 5 days in the care of my life partner. has all the signs that bonnie did. i knew in my heart of hearts but denial is far underrated, i have her on charcoal and real chicken breast. shes taking a bath in a bit, i dont think the vet would be of much help. 5 days before bonnie died he saw her said she was in great shape for a 14 year old dog, 5 days later she woke up and her throat was closed she couldnt breath. the attacks came in sets of 3 minutes then 15 minutess then 20… i put her on my mothers old nebilizer machine for oxygen and gave her valium to relax her, when she fell asleep i sent her to God. bonnie also had a cough, so does little blake, i left home after bonnie passed. blake started the weird cough… that was july 2014 and blake came with me everywhere. ii made her a service k-9, i had to leave her for 5 days ,,,,and now she is a wreck. wide eyed like cataracts, her balance is way off. she is so skinney…she drinks lots of water and now cant hold her urine, again like bonnie. what are the chances…? i cant prove it, my x partner has a jack russell and i can tell he is not normal in the head anymore and so depressed,,,,,,and now im infected with tons of flukes and my eyes look ill,,,,,and my partner is sooo sweet and generous with money and,,,FOOD yet she doesnt eat ,,,im not in denial… she got us all. im leaving today. i live now in my car although i own my house.which i keep saying that suv-rv is only temporary…only temporary. i lost my other dog in august,,he got hit, we finally relocated,my car was working, had a savings we made it to the beach and had a few solid job possibilities then while im grabbing the lease BAM out of nowhere a woman speeding passed the elementary school on the wrong side of the street hit him, no blood no swelling broke his neck instantly and broke my heart, i cry every day…i was so in love with him barely a year old, damn this joss (luck in shogun language) so if you just know something is not right with your animals take them out of the environment that is making them sick. keep lots of activated charcoal on hand and go with your gut, your pet will fight to the end to save your life do the same for them. good luck and God bless all our little sweeties, and stinkers too! kesther
    p/s that woman didnt stop or return to the accident. blake and i were alone with jeriamya. it was the worst day of my life. i drove him back home and buried him in the family cemetary…with blake.

  444. Jasmine says:

    My roommate has a dog that had parvo as a puppy. I want to get another puppy but Im afraid to bring the puppy home knowing that the other dog is a parvo carier. I know the puppy has had its first busters so my question is, is it safe to bring the dog home with just its core busters?? and if not how long would I have to wait?

  445. Jim says:

    My chihuahua has stopped eating and is drinking water excessively. Blood tests came back normal.. Can I give her vitamin water?

  446. Cheryl says:

    Hello, I am finding each visit to my local vets very stressful atm, I have 4 dogs, 3 females, 1 male (neutered at 5 years ), my girls are ages 1, 2 & 3, the two oldest are Bostons and the baby is a French Bulldog, the oldest one was taken to vets with a discharge and general malaise and they said it might be Pyrometra, so did what they called an emergency Spay, I was sad, and have noticed a change in her personality she is a bit more aggressive and nervous..
    Now, everytime i set foot into the vets, I am asked ‘so when are you bringing the other two in for spaying, I think its time we booked you in’ I’m not too sure what to do, I have no intention of breeding my girls, and I understand that’s a problem if you don’t want to spay them. I have read that this is what causes the problems.. Is this true?.. Am I putting them at risk for not etting them have a litter should I want to leave them intact?. Also they all have luxating patella probs, Grade 2, again I am reluctant to put them up for surgery even though I have been practically told I am being neglectful, they all run about like nothing is wrong with the odd limp and flick and seem fine.. I’m getting tired of all the pressure, I am a very responsible pet owned and I love my dogs to bits, could you please give me some open minded non profiteering advice? .. I love this site .. Thank you x

  447. Jenn says:

    I have a 1 1/2 YO NFC. Got him at 6 mos., at that time he traveled to live with me, having his shots just prior to travel. On arrival, he exhibited tremors and a weak gait. After much testing, all that was found was coronavirus. Through the past year, he has improved greatly, to the point the tremors and gait were barely noticeable and is generally the picture of a healthy, high energy cat.

    Last week, he had his shots (rabies & distemper). 16 hours later at 10 AM, he went sharply from “fine kitty” to kitty hiding in unresponsive lump on the floor. Took him to the vet, he had dexamethasone and fluids. 2 hours later, much improved, although somewhat weaker than normal and seemed to have some of the gait/tremors back. Day two, same thing happened at 8 AM, with same treatment, but this time he did not recover until 6:30 PM and was much weaker still. Day 3 blood work was done, diagnosed with pancreatitis, given zenequin and prednisone. Did ok Day 3 and 4.

    Halfway through Day 5, he is unresponsive again. Gave him fluids and took him to specialists. They say he is slightly dehydrated, has a slow heartbeat sometimes, and some missed beats. Day 6 he has a MRI and I am told he has the worst case of hydrocephalus they have seen.

    Coronavirus test done again and sent out for results. Meanwhile, I am told prognosis is very bad. I wonder if he has a chance of recovering again since I am told he has had hydrocephalus a long time and had recovered from his tremors and gait issues. I also wonder if it should be looked into (or if there is even a way to do so) to see if perhaps some sort of head injury during his travel to me may have caused this a year ago. He has always been terrified of traveling – pees, pants, and drools, but does not get sick as if it is motion sickness. Other than the original gait issues and tremors and the fear of travel, he has always been very well in the year I have had him.

    Any thoughts/insight much appreciated.

  448. Jett says:

    Our lab has sourced and imported it from New Zealand.

  449. Savanna Wolfe says:

    My 1 and half year old female black calico is coughing really bad and has trouble breathing. She trembles when she does take a breath and can’t purr without coughing. She wants to play but doesn’t have the energy and eats very little. And she sneezes a lot She got a antibiotic shot on Saturday but hasn’t felt better only got worse. I’m really getting scared for her now please help

  450. Jessica says:

    Hi. I have a female rabbit and she’s been acting really mean ever since we bought a male rabbit. Im unsure why she’s acting like this and im really worried about her.

  451. Skip Cercelletta says:

    I brought my dog in for shots at a discount vet that does this twice a week but no other services, it’s just a vaccine place. i ha d ask her if she would look into his ears because the last week he was favoring his right ear. she told me he had a foxtail in his ear and to take him to a vet to have it removed. this dog could hear perfect, walk normal and was EXTREMELY active before he went in. when he came out he is now timid, totally deaf, can walk normal and in general an absolute mess. the only thing he does is drink water non stop. i had the vet clean his ears while he was there and he said something to the effect he flushed and sucked out the dirt, never heard this before; did he suck out both eardrums because there is no other explanation for this turn of events. the other vet said the foxtail was sitting close to the eardrum so i know his eardrum was intact at the time but the butcher said his eardrum may be perforated. if you walk up on this dog he is freaked out because this is the first time he can’t hear you approaching. what a damn mess!
    another Josef Mengele on the loose!

  452. vivienne boardman says:

    Hi.. i have a lhasa apso female,, who has developed very sore red raw patches on the eye corner next to the nose not in the eye but on the bottom and top lids.. proving to be really difficult to clear up… they crust over and scab then when the crust comes off (if bathed) they are red and sore again.. also her right ear has had this black stringy looking gunk in it.. i have been to the vets 1st of all they took her in and sedated her and washed/cleaned the ear out, then gave her antibiotic ear wash and did a culture on the ear and from the results they got back they had to give me some antibiotic (baytril) to put in the ear,, which i have done,,every day.. and the ear still has fluid in it all the time you can hear it sloshing about in the ear even before i put anything in it, its as if the stuff isn’t dispersing at all and just staying in the canal… they gave me antibiotics for the eyes which didn’t do anything so he changed them to marbocyl antibiotics and after a week they are exactly the same. no difference, i am wondering if there is anything else i can do, as i hate to see her like this can you suggest anything else please….. thanks

  453. Lisa says:

    My 15 month cat presented with a runny eye in November, along with asthma in November (she was 10 months old). A short acting methylprednisone shot. I have been able to keep her asthma at bay with Newton Homeopathics Cough – Asthma and Only Natural Pet Bronchial Wellness Herbal Formula.

    My vet’s initial dx was Feline Herpes Virus. He suggested I give her L-Lysine, which I did. Her eye cleared up briefly, but leaky eye became two leaky eyes, sometimes with white discharge (never yellow, brown or green). Her appetite, playfulness and general mood is always great. My vet did an eye stain which was negative. Her eyes are never red, puffy or swollen. I am leaning toward dry eye syndrome, but I am not a Vet. Thank you

  454. Susan says:

    Hello, Are their health risks associated with a lot of white on a Border Collie? This is NOT a merle to merle breeding. Both parents predominantly black, two known, healthy white dogs in the pedigree, one is the grandsire. Looking at a pup from the litter with a black head, white blaze, all white body with a black spot on rump. Being told it could have health problems because of the white body, but I see no reason why this would be the case. Thanks!

  455. Vincent R says:

    Hello Sir, thank you for revealing so many facts. Opinions are left to people, I can see it drives passion, and mostly stupidity and aggressivness.

    I want to know, read, that study about longer life for intact dogs? Since I thrive on facts, not what I or people can do or doesn’t let their animals do…. We won’t change the world here, let them debate about: ” I do it right” and “if you do this you are…”

    Thank you for share your source on that study.

  456. Max says:

    My puppy max died of a heart attack he was only 5 months old
    My questions is can a 5 month old Rottweiler die of a heart attack?

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  459. Jenny says:

    Hi, i have a female cocker spaniel.
    She had a pseudo pregnancy and thus we got her neutered.
    She humps on my leg and lets out a smelly discharge from her vagina.
    Even when she is sleeping this occurs sometimes.

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  461. Dayle says:

    Hi, I have a lovely 15 yr old Blue Heeler Doberman Pinscher mix. She’s ben wit me since da day she was born @ my brothers. She’s had an episode that started about 7:30 pm (mountain time). Its now 3:30 am & she’s barely laying her head down. Her eyes are both fully dilated, she was drooling, licking her chops, back left leg moving back & forth, head kept going around, & occasionally pacing back and forth. Eyes both still dilated and constantly looking around. Plz tell me if this cud be from her count being way high. Thank~U

  462. Larry says:

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  463. Linda says:

    I have a 6 year old American Bulldog. He has had a prostate problem twice now with dripping blood from his penis. My vet wants to neuter him. I do not. I also want a healthy dog and made the appointment but it is two months off. I do not know what to do. Should I neuter or not. I have read neutering causes so many problems. The vet argues that it does not. Help please. Thank you

  464. Ron, Mary, and Koa says:

    Sorry if you’ve answered this already, we scanned your Q&A and didn’t see it. Our 16 month old Boxer Koa is taking Trifexis for flea & heartworm. She doesn’t tolerate it completely. She has diarrhea for a day and seems listless. Our vet suggested we cut the dose in half and give 1/2 in AM and 1/2 in PM. That has helped but we’re concerned about long term health impacts if it is that poorly tolerated. Our vet says there is no literature that suggests any long term issues but the internet is full of layperson horror stories. Looking for confirmation we shouldn’t worry or whether we should look for another flea solution (heartworm risk is low as we live in so. cal near the beach and mosquitos are not generally a problem). Thanks.

  465. steph says:

    How can I tell the difference between hip dysplasia and pano in my 8 month old rottie?? He’s been pretty sore over the last few weeks but appears fine once he’s out and about, once rested becomes stiff again, some advice would be appreciated!!

  466. laura mcleod says:

    does your dog bleed as much after it has two sets of pups. i bought my dog a few months ago and she has had two sets of pups i dont want to get her dressed. i am not planing on breading her again but i dont want to put her through the operation if i dont need to

  467. Dogowner says:

    Hello, my bitch is 11 years old, she has small (one has clearly grown, is about 1cm) tumors in several tits, is mastectomy mandatory, or there are some people who choose not to do it, as the tumors may appear again?
    The vet says she should also be spayed because of the tumors, and I wonder if her behaviour will change, if she will lose her energy and become apathetic.
    She also has an inguinal hernia, so vet said the mastectomy, spaying, and the hernia should be operated all at once.
    Should I go forward with all this?

    Thank you so much for your attention, I agree with your critical approach as angry vet, greets :)

  468. Karla Pizano says:

    My kitten is very bad….he can’t poop, won’t eat, has very slow movements, and has pus in his eyes. What treatment is there for him or what do I do?

  469. Kay says:

    So, my Cat had kittens on the 21st of May. All fine & healthy. Then 2 maybe 3 days ago. I noticed that one of the kittens had a hole in the shoulder, like if an abscess opened? It drained & the kitten seems fine, very vocal for a week old, always eating etc , my worry is the wound & should I separate this kitten from the mother & other kittens … I know the go to answer is “take it to the vet” well, I’ve had perfectly healthy animals go in for check up & come out in a box, so I’m asking you for the best home care, that I can do … Thank you

  470. Jas says:

    I have 2 questions,
    1) What is your experience with Zeuterin and thoughts on this procedure? this would be in reference to the new companies procedures.
    2) what other “humane” options are available for sterilizing a male dog? While border collies are smart, he just can’t seem to get the hang of putting on a condom. no thumbs I guess.

    And now my story:
    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’ve been talking to all the vets around here including the one I use about options to neutering. they of course are indoctrinated into the church, the cult of castration and closed to the idea that there may indeed be humane options. Choice is a good thing.

    In my search for options the only two that I have found thus far are vasectomy and Zeutering. Sadly with regards to the Zeutering the testicle size can be no larger than 27cm, 31 max. thus they recommend up to 10 months of age. My Border Collie/Shepard is now 18months old.

    Sadly none of the vetranarians on this island are interested in the evolution of consciousness. ah, I mean offering more humane choices.

    I hope you can help me with direction and further options.

    Mahalo for your efforts and support.

  471. I have had 2 cats within 2 weeks where inside their ears ( one ) was really puffy and swollen. I cauterized a razor and place a small cut on the puffy spot, blood spurted all over the place. I cleaned the incision with peroxide then put neosporian on it. Then I gave them both antibiotics. Any word on anything going around? My cats are indoor cats. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Bob R

  472. tina says:

    i just curious my dog got hit then ran over by a f150 kind of truck a week ago luckily he’s still alive took to vet and said didn’t seem to have any broken bones just a lot of road rash on private area. Yesterday woke up to not wanting to put pressure on front leg/paw and today i noticed a white discharge coming from penis area. Vet put him on antibiotic,pain med, and a wash for road rash. Should i return to vet or are these things part of healing after such severe trauma? Thanks Staines and Tina

  473. Hallie McArton says:


    My 10 year old Japanese chin has developed 2 white drops of dischange on her outer lower lip(mouth). He also has developed a little cough but it is seldom. He has always eaten cooked chicken but now is not very hungry. He has had teeth removed and an abcess about 3 mo. ago. The white discharge looks like 2 little white teeth-very strange and disturbing. I don’t think my town has vets that could figure this out. I am very worried. Thank you.

  474. gary says:

    I have a five year old male pit bull who has suddenly begun groaning when he is laying down,his breathing is a little weezy and suddenly he goes off into a side room to lay down instead of on the bed with his sister,he was just in for his shots and checkup a month ago and the vet said everything was normal,his eur has also begun to lighten down his shoulders should I be concerned and what can I do ?

  475. Dana says:

    My 3yr old Chihuahua has pus pockets all over his body after giving him a bath with this Sergeant skip flea and tick shampoo what can I do he hurts real bad and they’re opening up

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  477. Debra Lawrence says:

    I have the sweetest yorkie and she has Cushing’s disease. Does anyone have any ideas (I’m pulling my hair out) as its getting worse and her muscles are having a problems holding her up (she’s not over weight) when she eats.

  478. Roxanne Latham says:

    I have a 14 month old male Doberman. He is skittish in temperament but improving. Following what I had always been told I made an appointment to neuter him, to hopefully calm his fearful aggression. Kids and my husband may end up on the menu. Then after taking into account Dobermans and the cancer rate with the breed, I decided to cancel his surgery. The thought of increasing his risk of an aggressive deadly cancer in an already higher risk breed didn’t seem worth any possible benifits. Is this descion fitting with the facts available?

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  482. danielle says:

    My 8yrold pit has steadily been loosing weight he caughs a lot and had bad breathing problems. He also has a huge knot on his neck what could all this mean

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  485. Iñaki says:

    Hi there. I’ve been following your advise as it makes a lot of sense to me regarding vaccinations. I am a bit lost as I don’t know what to do. I went this morning to my vet for my 14 months old bitch to have the last boots of vaccinations at 12 months of age since the las vaccination. I clearly said my vet I DIDN’T want to have any other vaccination apart from the distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus and rabies. When I got home I double check the dates for put them in my diary and I realised she has got more vaccinations than normal. she had Ultramune Duramune Dap valid until 27/08/16 since today, Bronchi Shield same dates valid until and the rabies which is for the next 3 years.
    As I’m obviously not familiar with the names I looked on internet for information and realized that the firs one Ultramune Duramune covers the 3 I first mention (distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus) and the second one is for the “Kennel cough”???? is this correct?? Do you think Bronchi Shield is another vaccination I overlooked??
    I went straightaway to the vet to ask for it but the vet was busy with other customers and it was going to take a while.
    Can my vet override my wishes of not vaccinating my bitch against anything else but what I said?? Does she has any rights I’m not aware? any code of Deontology I have missed???
    What can I do if it is a vaccination I mention not to have?
    Please anyone could help me what to do?
    Thank you

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  487. heartbroken says:

    I am writing because you have not recommended the leptospirosis vaccine, and I am trying to come to grips to what has happened in our family. We had an 8 month old irish setter / poodle mix, and at our last vet visit in Brooklyn, the vet said we could do Lyme + lepto but didn’t insist, saying we were moving to the Texas Panhandle anyway and to check with the vet there first. We did, and they didn’t recommend either. Our dog contracted lepto probably within a week or two of us arriving (early July) and we put him down yesterday after he developed acute renal failure and hemoperitoneum due to coagulopathy and liver failure. Angry Vet, I am a surgeon and my husband is an engineer. We are both well-educated people who tried to do the best for our dog using the recommendations we got from 3 different vets, and in the end our dog suffered because we didn’t vaccinate. We are utterly heartbroken.
    The question we have is – should he we have ignored our vet and gotten the vaccine? It seems like a lot of vets are unaware that the number of cases has skyrocketed and lepto is no longer a wet marshland, rare infection. Please help to answer this question, we are feeling so awful as dog parents for not having protected our innocent puppy from this horrific preventable disease.

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  489. Rita says:

    My dog has been limping for over a month. i have taken her to the vet twice and she has gotten x-rays done each time. The vet says theres nothing wrong with bones, etc. and just to give her some time. I am worried that too much time is passing and she’s still limping. Should I get another opinion?

    Also at first she wouldn’t put her leg down at all now she does use it but she is still limping.

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  491. Becky Knighton says:

    I have a 12 yr old Irish Setter that seem to get diarreha everytime she eats, including in her Kennel, which is odd to me. Should I change the type of Dog Food she eats. Currently we are feeding them Pedigree dry dog food! Thank you for your time!
    Becky from Colorado

  492. Darlene says:

    My 6 month old kitten chewed into a phone charger while plugged in she can eat and come when I call her but she isn’t active could she have gotten shocked and hurt her somehow.

  493. Ruth Kewitsch says:

    Our 9-year old 80 pound black lab mix has a torn cruciate ligament. He suffers from arthritis and has had difficulty getting up or laying down. He’s slowed quite a bit in the last year, but decided to chase a rabbit and got hurt. We’ve been told surgery is the only option. One costs $2500 and the other $3500. We simply do not have that kind of money. Advice???

  494. SH says:

    I have a bit of a situation and was wondering what your take on it would be. My cat has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and to keep him comfortable, I’ve been giving him a pain killer 2x daily. (Buprenorphine.) Anyway, I’ve been getting it from the vet for 84.60 every 8 days (16 doses) for the last three months or so. I stopped in to pick up some more, and the vet was there, so I wanted to check in with her about whether it’s okay to continue keeping him comfortable since it seems he isn’t getting worse. She said yes, and that I could possibly get it cheaper at a compounding pharmacy. (!!!) She also said she hadn’t brought up that option earlier because “we didn’t think he’d live that long.” (!!!!!) (“We” being her and me. How would I know how long he’d live? She’s the vet and made it sound like he’d have to be put to sleep a week or two after diagnosis.) Anyway, at the compounding pharmacy, they gave me a month’s worth of meds for about 22 dollars. 22 dollars for 30 days versus 338.40 every 32 days that I’ve been paying the last few months. I don’t understand why this option wasn’t brought up earlier. I feel like she’s been exploiting my feelings for my cat. I’m upset and plan on taking my business elsewhere. My boyfriend, however, is furious and is planning on taking them to small claims court. This whole thing is very upsetting. What do you think?

  495. Sonny Rocco says:

    My male cat is spraying all over the house. He is approx. one year old and I don’t want to get him neutered. Is there something or someway you can recommend to get him to stop? Thanks.


  496. Lorraine Kaczynski says:

    We found an adorable not neutered male cat about a month ago. The vet is estimating that he is approximately one year old. He was given all his shots, tested for diseases, and chipped. He is spraying in our house and cries all night to go outside. We let him out in the morning for a few hours on his own and in the afternoon under supervision. We are hesitant to get him neutered but the vet says it needs to be done ASAP. Any suggestions to stop the spraying and crying at night and generally living with a not neutered cat? Do you recommend neutering? Thank you

  497. Dana says:

    My Greater Swiss Mountain dog has been diagnosed with an ACL injury, with financial issues on the rise and horrible timing I decided to push off the surgery restricting activity to only necessary activity. After approximately 3 weeks the limping has stopped and shes back to her old self, but when she gets excited and does more vigorous activity (against all my attempts to stop her) the next day she will be favoring the leg again. I’m looking into considering a brace to prevent a re injury from occurring and I was wondering if that is a good idea/not a good idea?

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  502. Peggy McNamara says:

    I have a 7 yr old Australian Shepard/Black Lab mix that had ACL Surgery. After a few weeks her knee swelled up the size of a baseball. The vet told me her body was rejecting the foreign objects and needed to be removed. She had the foreign objects removed and her left leg is doing well. She is now limping severely on her right leg, not even wanting to put her foot down. I was told it was her ACL but they couldn’t do surgery because she rejected the foreign objects before. Is there anything I can do for her? Pain meds and aniti inflamatories just make her sleep.

  503. I would love your opinion (and your follower’s opinions) of what you think of pet owners “crowdfunding” or raising money by asking for contributions from friends and family to pay for higher cost, non-urgent procedures. The funds raised would be paid directly to the vet before the procedure. Do you have any objections to accepting payment from a crowdfunding campaign or to the concept in general?

  504. hi sir
    i hope you can help me my 13 week old shih tzu puppy has ate one of my epileptic pills and i dont know what to do can you please help ? xx

  505. Faye says:

    I am curious… what is the benefit of giving my 15 yr old cat 1 tablespoon pedialyte and 1 capsule cosequin once a day?. This was recommended by the vet.

  506. len brauer says:

    we have given a home to a staffy, black brindle, recently as he walks around we can observe part of his penis o show, this is new scenario, he also ahs swarms of flies hanging around hie hind end
    can you help please

  507. Liz says:

    I really enjoy your website. I have a 6 month old labradoodle. He is incredibly good natured and has never shown aggression towards any dog. Ideally, he would play with every dog but the feeling is not always mutual. I would like to wait at least 2 years to neuter him or potentially not neuter him at all. Recently, neutered males have started to attack him. He never fights back, so I’m afraid for him. Previously he was the happiest, most confident dog. Now, when dogs smell him, he will sit down so they can’t smell his balls. Is there any kind of spray that can mask the testosterone smell he must be giving off? I won’t take him to dog parks anymore and many people tell me their dog is friendly but their dogs become vicious after they smell my dog. I don’t really want to neuter but I’m worried that being intact is becoming dangerous for my dog.

  508. Jamie Molling says:


    I have a 2 year old Blue Heeler that is good but if the daughter(10 year old) pats his neck or someone grabs his collar he can become very aggressive and lands a bite to the arm, a lot of this behaviour happens indoors, we have stopped letting him sit on the couches, and it seemed to stop some of this but last night the daughter was patting him and you could see him eyeing her off and then bit her and growling what do we do

  509. Evette says:

    Hi! My pet carpenter frog hasn’t eaten since Friday (almost a week now) and she’s super lethargic & always lying down, most times with her eyes closed. She’s pooped once since. A week or two ago, I saw her swallow two pieces of gravel so I suspect that she is impacted, but she has no feel-able lump in her belly or anywhere. We’ve been force-feeding her rice water/milk because I read on that could help. The first time we did it, that was when she pooped. So I don’t think she’s impacted, but then she’s got the symptoms of an impacted frog. She was a bit better (energy-wise; she struggled more the next day we force-fed her the rice water), but she’s still not in good shape. I don’t have enough money for a vet. What should I do? Oh yeah before this, she had a very limited diet: freeze-dried crickets with the occasional backyard grasshopper, cricket, or moth. I’m super worried about her please help!

  510. Marie says:

    I need help. I’m at a complete loss. Killer (my 5 year old boston boxer) has a history of seizures but I haven’t witnessed any in a while. I’ve been finding foamy spots of puke when I get home and the vet says he could me having seizures when I’m not home. He bit a woman for no reason Monday night. He charged out the door faster than I’ve ever seen him move before and bit her. She’s not pressing charges but the vet said if he’s having seizures he could become more aggressive. Everyone recommends I have him put down. I scheduled it for Friday but I’m having second thoughts. I love him so much.

    He has always been aggressive towards men and loud toddlers and I’ve always kept him away from them. He has nipped people, snapped at people, but never bitten to the point of puncture until Monday evening. I don’t know what to do, a behaviorist I spoke over the phone with said training and medications for anxiety and depression could help. But I don’t want him drugged up. Please help. Am I making the right decision?

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  512. billy turner says:

    I took my dog to the vet this morning to have a tooth extracted.They did some kind of presurgical test to make sure everything was working right before they put her under for surgery.They wouldn’t do the surgery because her liver enzimes wasn’t right. They said they had to send the test to the lab. What could it mean?

  513. L P says: