Can we make our pets live longer?

We are all attracted to sites like this one because we are inherently interested in the health and well-being of our pets.  The question is how much of the control of our pet’s health lies in our hands.   We are bombarded with premium pet foods and supplements, all of which purport “better health” for our pets.  Which diets do we choose?    Many of us are vehement advocates of feeding our dogs raw, and avoid commercial diets altogether.  We angst over whether to vaccinate.  Which vaccines are necessary, how many doses of those necessary vaccines bestow immunity,  and for how long does immunity last?  Is neutering really the “healthy” choice for our pets?  If so, when? » Read More

The Miracle cure….Poop????

One of the frustrating things about medicine is that most of our focus in treating disease involves making a symptom list and then giving a list of medications to alleviate these symptoms rather than having a true “holistic” approach to treating the animal, at least in terms of my definition of a holistic approach.

Autoimmune diseases, for example, rely on steroids and other potent immunosuppressive drugs to alleviate symptoms.  These drugs often work but also come with a litany of side effects, and sometimes we are unable to wean patients off them.  Most of the time, when we use immunosuppressive drugs, we have no idea what is causing the immune system to go awry.  We are treating the symptoms, not the disease.  Our treatment of most cancers involves nasty chemotherapies and tissue destructive radiation in an effort to destroy the rapidly dividing cancer cells faster than the destruction of surrounding healthy tissue.  Lysodren therapy for Cushing’s disease relies on destroying  just enough of the adrenal glands to control symptoms within the patient.  Too much lysodren can kill the patient.  Itchy skin is treated with topical and oral steroids often times without a real understanding of what is causing the itch.  The list goes on and on. » Read More

Neutering and Behavior

2/4/13 Dr. Rob   Neutering Dogs and Behavior.   When someone purchases a new puppy they have been conditioned throughout the years to take the puppy to the vet, get their series of boosters, get their rabies shot, and then schedule their dog to be neutered.  The first question that I always ask, much to the [...]

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The Heart of Veterinary Practice

Well, I’ve been practicing in the new office (The East Meadow Veterinary Clinic) for a little over a month now, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress. I have been blessed throughout my career. Not only was I given an opportunity to continue the legacies of my grandfather and father, but I also had [...]

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Those Pesky “Ear Infections” Part 2 – Treatment Options

If you have read the first part of this series, you probably realize that not all ear diseases are from infection alone, and each individual may have multiple problems occurring at the same time. After performing my initial examination (which includes an examination of the rest of the body, otic cytology , +/- a culture [...]

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Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Sue

1/6/12 Dr. Rob   Part 2 of Interview with Dr. Sue:   Part 2 with Dr Sue:   Question: Many of the goals of an oncologist are to treat (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy etc.) cancer.  Is there any research being done with regards to cancer prevention?  Has diet been looked at?  Has supplementation been looked into [...]

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